All-rounder Healer Chapter 151: Home

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 I left the guild and proceeded through the town, relying on the map.


 I decided not to do any work at the guild today. First, I wanted to deliver the envelope containing the letter that Mr. Borok had asked me to deliver.


 I proceeded down the main street, turned south at the crossroads, and proceeded to my destination, asking passersby for directions several times along the way.


 The map that Mr. Borok had drawn was, to put it bluntly, a bit inadequate or …… very rough. The starting point on this map is at the gate, but of course, there must be many gates in such a big town. If you don’t know which gate is the starting gate, the map is meaningless, but this map didn’t have that written on it as a matter of course.


 In the end, I had to look for my destination by asking passersby about the distinctive landmarks that were drawn on the map.



“It this it…?” (Rook)



 The building was located on the southern side of the town.


 It was just off the main street that runs through the center of town, in a residential area. Surrounded by a hundred-meter-long stone wall, it was more of a mansion than a house. Anyway, it was huge. I heard that Mr. Borok’s son lived here, but I wondered who he was.



 By the way, the starting point on the map seems to be the west gate, but I came through the east gate, and this house was on the south side of town. What was that old man thinking? Is he harassing me by writing the road from the west gate, which is on the opposite side of town, when he should have written the road from the east gate since I would have arrived at the east gate following the road straight from the village?



Thinking about this, I checked the statue of a dragon sitting on top of the gatepost that was drawn on the map as a landmark and opened the iron lattice gate to enter the site.


 After passing through the gate, I saw a garden. At the end of the gate, I saw a large three-story stone house.


 I was pressured by the size of the house, and I wondered if it was safe to enter without a gatekeeper, or if it might be the home of some kind of nobleman. I walked down the cobblestone path towards the house. Feeling anxious, I slammed the circular knocker on the heavy-looking door twice.


 A few moments later, I heard footsteps pattering inside the house, and the door slammed open to reveal a woman in a dark maid’s uniform with rabbit ears.



“How may I help you?” (Rabbit Maid)



 I was a little surprised to hear her clear voice and to see her rabbit ears for the first time, but I gave her the letter I had received from Mr. Borok, saying, “I was asked to give this to Mr. Kevin.”



“Delivery, huh? Thank you for your hard work. …Oh?” (Rabbit Maid)



 She took the envelope, turned it over to check the back, and was about to take something out of her apron pocket when she stopped.



“Do you know who this letter is from?” (Rabbit Maid)


“Well, it’s from a dwarven man named Mr. Borok…” (Rook)


“I see.” (Rabbit-girl Maid)



 She looked down at the letter for a moment, as if considering something, and then continued as she held it out to me.



“Please hand this letter directly to me. This way.” (Rabbit Maid)



 I naturally accepted the letter, and she led me into the house, through the entrance hall, and up the stairs, where I passed a human man.



“Oh, someone new?” (Human Male)


“I’ll make introductions later.” (Rabbit Maid)


“Okay, I’ll see you later.” (Human Male)



 Before I could say anything, a mysterious conversation took place, as if something was going on without my knowledge, and the man waved lightly to me and disappeared downstairs.


 I don’t know what it is, but something is off.


 I checked the letter in my hand again.


 I hadn’t done anything rude like reading the inside of the letter, but I had checked the envelope from the outside several times. On the front, there was the address, and on the back, there was something that looked like Borok’s signature and some kind of mark, but nothing unusual. But when she saw the back, she changed her mind. Was it Borok’s signature, this mark, or the existence of Borok itself that was the problem?


 As I was thinking about this, the rabbit-eared maid who was walking in front of me stopped and knocked on the door at the end of the hall.



“Come in.” (Voice)




 A man’s deep voice came from behind the door.



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