All-rounder Healer Chapter 152: Clan Discussion

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“Well… Did my old man look alive and well?” (Kevin)



 The dwarf man, Mr. Kevin, took the letter from me and sat in the chair, looked it over carefully, then asked me this.


 If I was asked if Mr. Borok looked healthy, I would say that he looks healthy now, but he also looked like he was going to die if I didn’t cure him, but he could also be said to be healthy now because I healed him, and I thought about that for a moment and half-heartedly replied, “Well, yes.”



“Really.” (Kevin)



 Hearing my words, he mumbled and began to think about something while touching his black beard with his hand on his chin.


 In the silence, I was thinking that his gesture was similar to Mr. Borok’s, truly they were father and son when Mr. Kevin looked at me and opened his mouth.



“Okay, I accept you into the clan. For the details—Mimi, can I leave it to you?” (Kevin)


“I understand.” (Rabbit Maid => Mimi)


“No, no, no, wait a minute! What am I about to join!?”



 As I realized the conversation began to move quickly, I noticed it started running in a direction that I couldn’t make sense of, so I immediately put a halt to it. I just don’t know what’s going on.



“Hmm? The letter said to take care of you. Isn’t this a conversation of having you join the clan?” (Kevin)


“I didn’t ask! In the first place, I don’t even know what a clan is.” (Rook)


“You don’t know what a clan is? Aren’t you an adventurer?” (Kevin)


“I’m an adventurer… I’m F-rank, though.” (Rook)



 No, I’ve been at D-rank. But I’ve never heard about this…



“F-rank? …Well, sit there.” (Kevin)



 He said, pointing towards a row of sofas that looked like a reception area.



 The woman who led me here, a girl with bunny ears called Ms. Mimi, stood behind Mr. Kevin.



“Well, to explain it simply, a clan is a group of adventurers.” (Kevin)



 I listened to them, feeling a sense of dread with the conversation that started with a very brief explanation, but I was relieved by Ms. Mimi’s exquisite supplementation and listened to their explanation while digging deeper into what I did not understand.



 Well, in short. A clan is a group of adventurers.


 I inwardly felt that the most appropriate explanation would be. It’s a gathering of people who are adventurers…


 But, to be precise, there are non-adventurers as well.



 There are many things in this world that cannot be dealt with by a single adventurer. And even if you’re in a party, there are many things you can’t handle. The Stampede is a good example. In order to actively handle such requests, a large group of adventurers called a clan has been assembled.


 But isn’t the guild supposed to organize and gather the people for jobs that require such a large group? But then I thought about it and realized that during the stampede, there were adventurers who, if things went badly, would just run away for whatever reason.


 By nature, adventurers are free beings. A request is a request, and cannot be forced. They have no obligation to risk their lives. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. At the time of the stampede, most of the adventurers who stayed behind were related to Rankfurt.




“That’s about it. What do you think, why don’t you join us? Join our clan.” (Kevin)




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