All-rounder Healer Chapter 154: Dalita

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 Ms. Mimi took me on a walk through the building.


 The second and third floors were mostly private rooms for the members, while the first floor had the archives, storage room, and cafeteria. I was guided through them, listened to explanations, was introduced to people I passed from time to time, and finally came back to the cafeteria to sit down facing each other at an appropriate seat.


 The dining area was larger than the restaurant in the hotel where I had stayed yesterday, and it looked like it could accommodate more than fifty people at the same time. The large rectangular wooden tables lined up in a regular pattern reminded me of the cafeteria in my high school days.



“As for the future, you are free to go as you please for the time being. The clan will provide you with room and board, but you can also live outside the clan. In that case, please let the office know where you are. In a few days, we will be giving you a short examination, so please stay here at the clan home until that day.” (Mimi)


“An examination?” (Rook)



 Listening to her explanation, I heard that it was a test to see one’s ability and aptitude in order to assign the right job.


 It’s true that we need to know the abilities of our members.


 But if it’s a test that really measures our abilities, it might be a bit of a problem



“That’s all for the moment, is there anything you don’t understand?” (Mimi)



 I thought for a moment, wondering if there was anything I needed to know, and then I remembered.


 I reached behind my head, grabbed  Shion from inside the hood, and picked him up.



“Can I bring him into the room too?” (Rook)


“A servant monster? If it’s that size, it’s fine, there are others like it. If you have a large servant, you’ll have to put them in the stables.” (Rook)



 After that, I asked a few questions while pacifying Shion, who seemed to be in a bad mood after being woken up from his sleep. Finally, I was led to the room that would be my bedroom, and I parted ways with Ms. Mimi.





“Phew… I’m so tired.” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)


“…Shion was sleeping, weren’t you?” (Rook)



 I exclaimed, “I’m tired!” as I sat down on the bed while looking at Shion who is in a fit.


 The room assigned to me was in the middle of the second floor. It’s a simple room with a desk, a chair, a closet, and a sturdy-looking bed, about the same size as the usual inn.



 I met a lot of people today. I didn’t know all of them, so I had to learn their names. I was recruited by the clan and had to make some important decisions, which was mentally exhausting.



“But I guess I can’t take my time. Shion, let’s go.”


“Kyu?” (Shion)


“I’m going shopping.” (Rook)



 I need to buy some consumables and I want to get a good grasp of the city. I also want to check out some of the stores that Ms. Mimi told me about.



 I put some of the unused items in my backpack into the closet and walked out of the room. Then, from the other side of the corridor, I saw a familiar red-haired woman and a large man walking toward me.


 Those people… Who are they? I feel like I know them, but I can’t remember.


 I twisted my neck and kept walking, and when I was a few meters away, the woman opened her mouth.



“Hmm? Your face doesn’t look familiar.” (Woman)


“Huh? Ah, I’m Rook, and I’m a new member of this clan starting today. It’s nice to meet you.” (Rook)



 I didn’t expect her to speak to me out of the blue, so I was surprised when she introduced herself. “I’m Dalita, nice to meet you.” She smiled


 Dalita? … Ah! Dalita is the one who was beating up the thugs in front of the gate when I first came to this town! Was she also a member of the Golden Dragon’s Claw?


 As I was thinking this, a large man walking behind her said, “I’m Trisun Tristan. It’s nice to meet you I hope we get the chance to know each other better,” he said.


 He was about 190 centimeters tall with metal armor on his upper body and a large sword on his waist. At first glance, he appeared to be a good-looking young man, with a soft or elegant atmosphere that made him different from other adventurers. His armor was metal armor, his clothes looked good quality, and he looked somewhat like a knight.



 Thinking that there are adventurers like this, I returned the greeting, parted from the duo, and walked out of the building.



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