All-rounder Healer Chapter 155: I Have to Do Something About My Weapon

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 I walked to the store I wanted to visit, adding the streets and other information to the map that Mr. Borok had given me.


 Today, I’m going to check out some of the stores around Clan Home.


 This town is huge. It’s the biggest town I’ve ever visited. It’s not an easy place to explore, and we’ll just have to take our time and do it steadily.



 I step out of the middle of the street and onto the boulevard. I avoided the middle of the street where the horse-drawn carriages were passing by, and went to the south side, blending in with the people passing by.


 As soon as I opened the door, I felt an intense heat blowing out of the shop. The sound of metal clanking and thumping. At the back of the room, several men were surrounding an anvil, and the air sent by the bellows was whirling up flames. The walls were adorned with swords and shields, and in the corner of the room, a metal armor stood upright on a wooden pedestal. There was also a grey-haired dwarven man at the counter with his chin resting on one elbow, looking unmotivated.



“Yeah.” (Old Dwarf)


“Um… excuse me, here.” (Rook)



 Feeling uncomfortable at the lack of salesmanship in his first words, I put out the item in my backpack on the counter.



“This thing…” (Rook)



 The object that I pulled out of my bag was a Dark Crystal blade given to me by Mr. Borok.


 The moment he saw it, the dwarf’s unenthusiastic look changed, and he held the Dark Crystal blade in his hand, holding it up to the light coming in through the window and lightly flicking the blade with his fingers to check every inch of it.


 A few minutes later, after he was satisfied with the results, he slowly looked at me.



“The material is Dark Crystal, it’s first-class too, no cloudiness, no irregularities. The blade is also excellent. It’s a work by… Borok Works.” (Old Dwarf)


“Eh?” (Rook)



 I was surprised to hear Mr. Borok’s name come up out of nowhere


 Is it possible to tell who made these things just by looking at them? And also Mr. Borok’s full name was Borok Works!



“What do you want to do with it? You’re not going to tell me to make a handle and finish it, are you?” (Old Dwarf)


“Well, you see…” (Rook)



 No, I brought it to get some advice…


 He sighed and looked at me when he noticed my silence and the fact that a continuation was not coming out of my mouth.



“Don’t you know the characteristics of this crystal? It’s certainly good, but it’s not a material that’s suitable for weapons in the first place.” (Old Dwarf)


“No, I’ve heard of it…” (Rook)



 I heard about it from Mr. Borok.


 Crystals are hard but brittle. It’s like a diamond, but it’s vulnerable to impact. It’s also a good material for a wand that can be used as a magic trigger. It can be used as a sharp weapon because it has the property of becoming tougher if magic power is channeled through it, but it is not practical because it constantly consumes magic power.


 To put it bluntly, while there are advantages, the disadvantages are too great to use this as your main weapon.


 Even someone like me, who has a lot of magical power, thinks so, so it goes without saying that it is evaluated worse by ordinary people with low magical affinity.


 At first, I thought about using this as my spear for now and buying a different spear for everyday use and using two different spears depending on the situation, but it would be hard to handle if the spear I was holding kept changing from time to time because it would be obvious that I was carrying a magic bag. I was thinking of using a dagger for the time being, but you know whatever.



“Please make it a sword. I’ll use it as a secondary weapon, so I think I can handle it that way.” (Rook)


“I see…” (Old Dwarf)



 He crossed his arms and glanced at the Golden Dragon Claw badge on my chest before continuing.



“Golden Dragon’s Claw… Borok Works’s craftsmanship…? …Well, if he decides you can handle it, then maybe you can. I’ll make you a… good one. So, what attribute are you going to put on it?” (Old Dwarf)


“Attribute?” (Rook)



 Suddenly the direction of the conversation changes and I tilt my head and listen closely about the attributes.



“If it’s a crystal weapon, it’s often turned into an attribute weapon and made into a magic trigger. Well, Dark Crystal has only one choice, the darkness attribute. That’s why dark crystals are not particularly popular.” (Old Dwarf)



 I see… As I recall, there are many monsters with dark attributes. Therefore, with many monsters who have darkness attributes they would be resistant to it, so that’s why it must be unpopular.


 If you think about it carefully, my most suited attributes are Light and Sacred, so if you use it as a dark attribute weapon, can’t it be used as a magic trigger? Well, it works as an attribute weapon, so it’s good, but its appeal may be halved.



“How much does it cost to add an attribute?” (Rook)


“A D-rank Magic Crystal is 30 gold coins while a C-rank is 60.” (Old Dwarf)



 Hmmm… that is expensive. I’m not sure I can afford it at this time.


 My whole fortune only amounts to 15 gold coins. The money I earned from Elem is already running out. I don’t have any extra to use… No, thinking back, I should have obtained a Dark Magic Crystal that might be D-rank and a Light Magic Crystal that might be B-rank in the Death Cave.



“How much would it cost if I bring a D-rank Dark Magic Crystal?” (Rook)


“Well… 10 gold coins would be fine.” (Old Dwarf)



 Ten gold coins… I can cover that, but my finances will be in the red for some time. I’ve been told that you can make money if you join a clan, but I don’t know exactly how much money you can make, and I’m a little afraid to splurge here.


 Well, I could make money by selling my surplus Magic Crystals, but I couldn’t bring myself to sell them because of the trauma of selling them in Elem and getting into trouble and having to flee the town.


 The trauma is deep.



“Ah… it’s a little tough to get one, so please just make me a dagger for the time being.”


“I’ll take one gold coin for it. If you need a scabbard, it would be another gold coin.” (Old Dwarf)



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