All-rounder Healer Chapter 163: RPG on the Meaning of the birth of Canadaira

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 Then I passed off the boards labeled Goblins and Kobolds and went to the next shelf.


 There was a row of boards that were mainly about plants. This is also the same as in the Adventurer’s Guild’s archives.


 In addition to the grasses that Granny Hana had taught me about in the forest village, such as Pona grass, Kell grass, and Ena grass, there were also names of plants that I did not know, such as Pon grass and Sucura grass, but I passed those up as well.


 I’d like to know more about the plants, but that’s another matter for another time.


 The shelf next to it was lined with books, not boards.


 They ranged from expensive-looking books covered with leather covers to thick books made of animal skin paper.


 However, many of the titles of the books were unfamiliar to me.


The Sky is Always Blue,” “The Reason We Live,” “You Can Do It,” “Burn Your Heart Out,” and so on. I picked up one book and tried to read it, but it was a book in which the author’s way of thinking and philosophy were written endlessly and complicatedly, and I could not understand what kind of book it was. Is this a popular book in this world?


 Not really knowing what to look for, I check the titles on the covers on this shelf and then move on to the next shelf.


 As I walked along, I checked the shelf on the opposite side of the room and found a biography? I found a shelf lined with books that I could not tell if they were novels or not.


 One of the books on that shelf, “The Legend of Rudra Om Nambuudoripad, King of Kali,” caught my eye, and I pulled it off the shelf and flipped through it. [T/N: I don’t know who or what “オム・ナムブードリパッド” or “omu namubuudoripaddo” the author is referring to. Kali is a Hindu Goddess, so, maybe this is related to Hinduism or India, probably? No idea.]



 Rudra, who had been training in the mountains, descends the mountain to find a new place to train, where he encounters a carriage being attacked by monsters. Rudra, not caring about the monsters that the guards of the carriage were having trouble with, quickly exterminated them, and rushed to the carriage. She was so grateful to Rudra for his strength that she invited him to the royal palace and treated him to a grand feast.



 The story continued.



“Huh.” (Rook)



 It sounds like something I’ve read somewhere before; did you see it on a webpage or something… No, these stories are heroic tales that can be found anywhere in the world, ancient and modern. It’s called a Royal Road Story.


 I slam the book shut and put it back on the shelf.


 It’s not that I’m not interested, but for now, it’s enough.


 As I went through the same bookshelf, I found a thick book, “Chronicles of the Kingdom of Canadaira,” with a rather old cover and metal borders that made it look quite heavy and sturdy.



“That …” (Rook)



 Canadaira is the name of the country I’m in now, but I think this country is the “Republic of Canadaira” …I pulled it out from the shelf and flipped through it, thinking about such things as “I’m sure this country is the Republic of Canadaira”.


 I read it lightly, and its first contents are similar to Earth’s. It was like the Founding of a Nation.


 Like a man chosen by God to lead his people to fight, found a nation, and become king.


 I thought this might be a good book to read if I’m going to stay in this country for a long time, so I tried to find the next book, memorizing it in my brain’s to-read list. I noticed a book nearby titled “The Founding of the Republic of Canadaira”.


 Somehow guessing what kind of book, it was, I pulled it off the shelf and read it.



 Joruntius, the 14th king of the Kingdom of Canadaira, fell ill and at a young age was not able to return home.


 Joruntius was childless and had no siblings, so the Duke of Jorkeires, the son of Jorticus, the brother of the 13th king, claimed the right to the throne. On the other hand, a minister from the Queen’s family, the Duke of Almeil, claimed the Queen’s succession to the throne and was at odds with the Duke of Jorkeires.


 Concerned about this, Maryska, the queen’s sister, asks her husband, Duke Schumer, a general, for help and tries to resolve the situation, but both dukes refuse, resulting in a standoff between the three dukes.


 However, the neighboring Kingdom of Karim invaded Canadaira, taking advantage of the civil war.


 The three dukes, led by the king’s sister Maryska, make peace with each other. They ended up signing a non-aggression pact. The Kingdom of Karim is defeated, and the Republic of Canadaira is born without a king and led by the three dukes.



 The contents were as follows.


 In short, when there was no king and no legitimate heir to the throne and the country was on the verge of civil war, there was an invasion from another country, and since there was no choice, they made peace and left it at that. Is that the reason?



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