All-rounder Healer Chapter 170: Examination Start

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 As I continued reading for a while, Shion in his hood reacted with a twitch and came sprawling over to me.



“Kyu, kyu.” (Shion)


What’s wrong? I mean, is it time for me to go?” (Rook)



 Somehow I guessed the reason, put the book back on the shelf, and left the library.


 As I was walking to the dining hall, I smelled a good aroma that even I could recognize.



“I knew it.” (Rook)



 I’ve heard that animals have a sense of smell that is many times better than ours, and it seems that Shion’s sense of smell is also many times better than mine.


 I guess I can rely on him in times like this.


 I arrived at the cafeteria, ate the stew that was the source of the delicious smell, asked the lady at the cafeteria how to get to the backyard, and hurried to the backyard.


 As a member of society, it is common sense to arrive five minutes early.


 Well, I don’t have a watch, so I only have a rough idea of the time.


 Near the cafeteria, I opened the door leading to the courtyard and went outside to find a beautiful garden with colorful flowers, trees, and a pavilion in the center.


 For a moment, I wondered if Lizzy would be pleased if I showed it to her. I thought about it, but it was not as beautiful as the fairy garden. It was too artificial. Well, it is natural that it is artificial because it was created by human beings. Once I saw the beauty of that place, I felt that this kind of thing was not quite right.


 In modern Japan, that Fairy Garden would have been a good tourist resource, but in this world, I don’t think there is much of a concept of tourism, perhaps because of the risk involved in moving between cities, and I doubt it would work well as a tourist business.


 Passing through the courtyard, I went to the backyard through a door between hedges. I saw a brown square.


 Under the blue sky. The wall of the Clan House on the outside. Apart from the wall, there were several thick stone walls, though they were only about two meters long. A pile of dirt. Logs were driven into the ground. …Is this some kind of military training ground?


 No, in fact, I guess it is. Perhaps the clan can be said to exist as such since it gathers a large number of adventurers to engage in large-scale battles.


 Observing the movements of the people in the backyard, it seemed that each of them was training in their own way: shooting magic at the walls, hacking swords into logs driven into the ground, shooting arrows into piles of dirt, and so on.



“[Wind Slasher]” (Voice)



 When I involuntarily turned my gaze back to look at the wall at the voice, half-moon-shaped magic shot out from the hand of an adventurer-like man in light leather armor and disappeared, gouging into the wall with a tremendous force.



“Amazing…” (Rook)



 A large cut was made in the thick wall, and cracks crept through it.


 That was Wind Slasher. Is magic specific to the wind attribute, perhaps? I think I’ve only seen the name in a grimoire before. As I recall, attack magic begins with attribute ball-type magic, followed by attribute arrow-type magic. After that, there is magic specific to each attribute, which gets harder and harder to learn. I believe the other attribute-specific magic is Fire Burst, Earth Spike, and so on.


 I took out a piece of paper that I use as a memo from the magic bag on my waist and checked it. I am sure that I still have a copy of what I wrote down about magic back in the Southern Village.


 I had only learned the [Light Ball], namely the ball type Attribute Magic, and there were so few people who used magic that I had only seen arrow-type attack spells. In other words, that magic should be a very high-level spell from my current level.


 However, if I were to take a direct hit from something like that, at least one of my arms would be blasted off. No, not just an arm, but my torso would be gouged. …Is there any way to deal with that thing?



“Mr. Rook, you’re early.” (Mimi)



 As I was closely observing the adventurers practicing their magic, I heard Ms. Mimi’s voice from behind me.


 Perhaps because I was concentrating on observing the magic, I did not notice Ms. Mimi’s approach.



“I thought it might not be a good idea to be late.” (Rook)


“That’s a good attitude. It’s a problem that many adventurers are too free. Especially high-ranked adventurers are too unrestrained. I think they should consider the difficulties of those who coordinate their schedules a little.” (Mimi)


“Yes, I see.” (Rook)



 Apparently, many high-ranked adventurers have unique personalities, and they seem to cause a lot of trouble.


 Ms. Mimi continues her thought with a slight furrow between her brows.



“We had planned to have this exercise a little earlier, but it was delayed because Mr. Gordo, who was in charge of the examination, didn’t return from the dungeon until later. But thanks to that, we were able to include Mr. Rook’s examination.” (Mimi)


“Is that so?” (Rook)



 Isn’t that good for me? I’m not sure what that means in terms of examination, and I can’t hypothesize. What is the examination anyway?



“Ms. Mimi. What is the examination? I don’t think I’ve heard of it.” (Rook)


“Oh, yes. I didn’t tell you this because there was no particular need to tell you on the spot, but our clan regularly conducts training centered on group battles. This time, since the timing is just right, we are going to do Mr. Rook’s exam together.” (Mimi)



 As I was talking with Ms. Mimi about this and other things, the number of people fully armed gradually increased in the backyard, and the space became more and more boisterous. Some of the people were familiar to me.


 After a while, a hairy man, who looked to be over two meters tall, came out from the courtyard and approached us. The people around me stopped chatting and turned to look at him. Somehow, I could sense the tension in the air.



“Oh! Everyone’s here, aren’t they? Then let the training begin!” (Huge Man)




 The giant of a man said in a low voice as he looked around at everyone.



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