All-rounder Healer Chapter 225: [Idle Talk] A Certain Man’s Life as an Adventurer

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Well, I’ve given you my advice. The rest is up to you.” (Damod)



 With these words, the man left the Adventurers’ Guild.


 The darkness had fallen and few people were out and about in the town.


 The lights from the surrounding taverns and the voices of the adventurers were the only distractions in the area.



“Youth…” (Damod)



 The man muttered to himself and started walking toward the east.


 Every adventurer at one time or another aspires to become a strong adventurer. However, most of them end up compromising themselves somewhere along the way.


 The reason is simple. They feel their lives are in danger.


 If you fight monsters over and over again, you will realize that your life is in danger. Even a single mistake can kill you.


 That is why we hunt monsters that match our own strength. But that makes it harder to get the blessing of the goddess. And if they don’t get the goddess’s blessing, they don’t get stronger.


 So they compromise. Ah, this is where I belong.


 This is probably the reason why most adventurers are ranked C or D.


 The man opens the door of a house and walks in.



“I’m home! I have treats today.” (Damod)


“Yosha! Welcome back, Papa!” (Damod’s Child)


“Welcome home, dear.” (Damod’s Wife)



 The man hands the wrapping paper to the child and sits down on a chair.


 The man thinks, “I’m fine in this ‘place’”.


 When an adventurer dies, their family is left on the street. If the children are small, it would be especially devastating. Is it really necessary to take such a risk against a stronger enemy?


 The man thinks. He wonders what happened to his family after the disappearance of the once famous high-ranked adventurer.



“They’re not very good, are they?” (Damod)



 The man spat those words out.



“What’s the matter?” (Damod’s Wife)


“What’s wrong?” (Damod’s Child)



 His wife and children were worried about him. “Nothing,” he said lightly with his hand as he headed for the bedroom.


 He was just hit with a feeling similar to the passion he felt when he was younger, and he was envious—and a little irritated.


 Well, that, too–



“This is not bad, though.” (Damod)




 The man muttered so and sank his body on the bed.



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