All-rounder Healer Chapter 246: Super Duper Train

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T/N: The title is read as Chou, Chuo トレイン Torein. I love reading the title.



 Then I continue towards “Sword Rock” and kill a Blood Knight again with [Turn Undead].



“Haa…” (Rook)



 I’m still feeling anxious. I need to level up fast…


 I approach the Blood Knight and rummage corpse.


 I removed its armor, take the magic stone from its chest, and remove the sword and pouch from its waist belt to check it out.



“A sword… Can I use it?” (Rook)



 The sword I pulled out from its scabbard is a double-edged straight sword, probably made of iron. There are some rust and nicks on the blade, but I feel like I can still use it if I sharpen it. However—



“If I bring a bunch of these back home, they’ll know about my magic bag…” (Rook)



 In the end, that’s always the problem.


 I’m getting stronger there too, so it might not be a problem if they find out about the magic bag soon, but I’m still a little scared.


 I am young looking, so people think I am just a low-ranked adventurer and don’t target me, but if they find out I have a valuable item called a magic bag, my appearance will be a disadvantage. It would be a problem if a low-rank adventurer, who should be easy to take from, was thought to be carrying a magic bag.


 I threw away the rusty sword and looked inside the pouch and found a glass bottle.



“Oh, is this a potion?” (Rook)



 The glass bottle is transparent. It was a linear shape with a few decorative engravings on it, a shape that I don’t think could be made in this world today.


 Inside the bottle was a light red liquid. The amount is about half of an alchemist’s magic potion.


 I shook it a little.



“…This is a potion, right?” (Rook)



 The light red liquid that the bright red undead had. That gives me nothing but a bad image. But from the information I have, it is definitely a potion. However, I can’t say that nothing but potions will be found on this floor.


 For now, let’s refrain from trying to drink it by ourselves and check with an alchemist or something first.


 After taking the magic stones and sometimes potions from Blood Knights, I proceeded through the wasteland and eventually arrived at my destination, the “Sword Rock”.


 It was a place where I could see a rock shaped like a sword or a spearpoint on top of a small mountain, and it matched the simplified drawing on the map.


 However, the drawing on this map is more subtle than the original, since I copied it myself…



“If this is the case, I should have copied it more precisely…” (Rook)



 Maybe I should redraw it next time I go to the Adventurer’s Guild in Aluppo.



“Well… other than that.” (Rook)



 I looked up at the sky from the top of the mountain, next to the Sword Rock, and saw that the sun was about to rise directly overhead.


 I looked at the map again to check this place and found that I was still only about a quarter of the way down the map.


 In other words, even if I kept going, there was a strong possibility that I would not make it halfway by nightfall.



“Maybe this place is bigger than I first thought.” (Rook)



 The sixth floor was clearly larger than the previous floors. This meant that an encampment would be necessary in order to complete this floor.



“…” (Rook)



 Camping in a field where B-rank monsters roam around? And with the undead more active at night? Isn’t that just too much to ask? It’s too hard to solo… or rather, I have a feeling it’s too hard even for a party. A B-rank party would be able to defeat B-rank monsters, but they’d take turns keeping watch at night, and their strength would be reduced.


 However, if a large number of monsters attacked here at once, as they did at the third-floor encampment and the Fifth Floor Village, even a party would have no chance.



“Hmm…” (Rook)



 Well, I knew I would run into this problem at some point. As far as I’ve heard, there are very few adventurers on the sixth floor to create an encampment where multiple parties can gather, and of course, there is no village like the Fifth Floor Village. In that case, a solo adventurer like me would have to camp alone.


 Is such a thing possible?



“…Well, it’s impossible, so adventurers would have to form a party.” (Rook)



 Even so, I had faint hopes that there might be a place that would be easy to guard, and suitable for camping, I had a faint hope that there might be some possibility. But when I actually got to the sixth floor, I could see that hope fade away.



“I have to think about something…” (Rook)



 As I was thinking this, I began to hear rumbling from the distance, like the earth shaking.



“What is that!?” (Rook)



 As I hurriedly fell down on the spot and checked my surroundings, a group on horseback approached at a tremendous speed from the direction I came from.


 The number is ten… no, more than that.


 They pass through the foot of the mountain where I am without slowing down.


 As I was observing it, I saw a familiar face among them.



“The Duke’s fifth son… huh?” (Rook)



 The fifth son of a duke named Pauly. When they came to the Fifth Floor Village, there must have been a party of five including him, but now the number of people has more than doubled.


 Upon closer inspection, I feel that the armor of several people on horseback resembles the armor of the duke’s squires I saw in Fifth Floor Village. In other words, did he enter the sixth floor with a large number of squires?


 This might be the first time I have seen such a large group of people challenging any other dungeon.



“Wow!” (Rook)



 After they passed, about ten Blood Knights followed them and appeared at a great speed that was hard to believe they were undead.


 My body tensed up and I was sweating crazily all at once.


 Damn! It’s a train! If that many Blood Knights notice me now, I will surely die. There’s no way I can take them on now!


 Hiding on top of the mountain, I wait for them to pass by.


 Every second, I hold my head still and hope that the sound of bones and metal rubbing against each other will be enough for them to pass by.


 How many minutes did I wait? When I came to, all the sounds were gone.


 Slowly, I look up and check around.


 As far as I could see, there was no sign of the Blood Knights.



“Haa…” (Rook)



 I take a deep breath and lie down on my back.


 I really can’t do it…


 If the timing is bad, it wouldn’t be strange if I died. I don’t think they would give a damn if I was attacked by the Blood Knights. I happened to be climbing this mountain, so I was able to avoid it, but if I was under the mountain, there was a high probability that I would be a goner.



“And even then, as nasty as they were in the game, they’re even nastier in real life.” (Rook)



 The act of baiting monsters was called “train” in gaming terms, and was often used to level up using ranged attacks, but it was good manners to handle the monsters you baited by yourself. If you couldn’t handle them yourself, you could be suspected of PK (player-killing). This is because some players actually tried to harass and kill other players by bringing monsters to them. This method was troublesome because it made PK possible even in MMORPGs where PK was not allowed. However, it’s really horrible when you encounter it in real life.



“Should we go home?” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 So we went down the mountain and headed for the Fifth Floor Village.





“Mr. Hibos, can I ask you something?” (Rook)


“What is it?” (Hibos)



 After our first exploration of the sixth floor, I was having a drink at the inn’s bar in the Fifth Floor Village when Mr. Hibos came in and I decided to ask him.



“Mr. Hibos, you reached the seventh floor, right? How did you get to the seventh floor?” (Rook)


“The seventh floor, hey… A drink first.” (Hibos)


“Of course.” (Rook)



 Mr. Hibos looked in deep thought and then continued.



“Ah, it was our youthful spirit.” (Hibos)


“Youthful spirit?” (Rook)


“Yeah, I was young back then, and I wanted to see how far our party could go.” (Hibos)



 The master puts a cup filled with wine in front of Mr. Hibos.



“That’s why we forced ourselves to go all the way to the seventh floor, but at night we were being attacked by Blood Knights and we can’t sleep properly. It’s not a big deal. Create an environment where you can rest in peace even if you reach the 7th floor. You can’t stay for a long time without one. It was not worth it.” (Hibos)


“I see……” (Rook)


“Well, for ordinary adventurers like us, the limit is the area on the sixth floor where we can take a day trip.” (Hibos)



 Saying that, Mr. Hibos sipped his wine.


 The sixth floor is not suitable for encampment because the monsters are too strong.



“Then how do adventurers hunt on the seventh or eighth floor? From what I’ve heard, it sounds difficult.” (Rook)


“It’s the number of people, plain numbers. The only way to do this is to team up with at least two or more parties so that you can take turns taking a break… Well, it’s still not that easy.” (Hibos)


“Really?” (Rook)


“Because you need to find someone you can trust to have your back completely in the dungeon. It’s not easy.” (Hibos)



 In other words, multiple parties of B-rank adventurers need to cooperate in order to conquer the next part of the dungeon. …This sounds hopeless to me right now. I don’t think I can gather that many people, and I don’t think I can join such a cooperative gathering on my own right now.


 Suddenly, I remembered the group of Pauly I saw on the sixth floor.


 As I recall, they were running in a large group of more than 10 people, but I wondered if they had that many people because they were aiming for the seventh floor by using their own party and their own family’s retinue to secure the number of people.


 Hmmm… That’s unfair, you know?



“By the way, you’re talking to me, but we haven’t talked about compensation for information, have we?” (Rook)


“Oh? Do you think I’m a guy who won’t talk to you unless I’m paid for?” (Hibos)


“No, um…” (Rook)


“That’s not it, that’s it. We adventurers are not information brokers. We’re just making small talk with people we know well.” (Hibos)


“Ah… Yes, that’s right.” (Rook)



 It’s hard to put into words, but I think I understand what Mr. Hibos is trying to say.


 In the end, it’s all about the relationship between people, isn’t it?



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