All-rounder Healer Chapter 254: To the Seventh Floor of the Dungeon

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 From this point on, no one must know that I am in the dungeon. In other words, I was going to act in a covert manner… but it would be impossible to do so, even if I were to wear this pitch-black robe over my entire body and even hide my face, because it would be too obvious. However, I feel that this is the best way to hide the fact that I am in the dungeon. It’s important to completely change from my normal appearance.



“Alright!” (Rook)



 I walk quickly through the rift and enter the dungeon.


 I feel like I’m attracting some attention, but I ignore it.


 Then, avoiding the eyes as much as possible, I proceeded through the forest and entered the second floor. After passing through the second floor, I enter the fourth floor without camping at the exit of the third floor.


 I can’t use the communal encampment if I don’t want to expose myself.


 But now that I’ve learned the [Holy Dimension], I don’t need such a place anymore.


 So, I was running through the fourth floor, and it was getting dark around there, so I decided to not stay in the encampment but the [Holy Dimension].



“To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension]!” (Rook)



 In exchange for a considerable amount of magical power, the holy door was opened.



“……I’m back.” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 Somehow, Shion reacted to the words that came out of my mouth.



“Well… you see, this is a place where we can come back, isn’t it?” (Rook)



 I think about it as I sit down on the fur cloak that is laid out in the middle of the six-tatami room.


 This space of the [Holy Dimension] is the first place I have, since I came to this world, a place that is truly my own.


 For example, I had my own room when I was in my time with Golden Dragon Claw, but it still felt borrowed.


 I lived there with a certain amount of security, but I never bought any furniture because it was a place I would leave someday, and I never thought of buying any large pieces of furniture. I felt like I was staying in a hotel or a weekly apartment for a long time.


 But this place is different.


 This is definitely my own place… Well, I could call it my home.


 I can freely put my furniture and big items here.


 And I can bring this place wherever I go.


 I can come back here anytime I want.



“And Shion’s too.” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)


“This is also Shion’s home!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I pat Shion lightly and look around the room.


 I see a fur cloak in the center and a few bags of food on the wall.


 This is the only bleak room I have right now, but maybe someday I’ll be able to build a house in it.


 At this size, I can’t build anything big, but maybe I can build a small log house with just one room.


 With these thoughts in mind, I fell asleep that day, and a few hours later, I woke up and checked my surroundings and myself.



“Yeah, no problem.” (Rook)



 I had experimented with goblins, but even within the closed-off [Holy Dimension], it looks like I’ll be fine for at least one night.


 Then I cleaned myself and wrap myself in the black robe, puts Shion in the inside pocket of my robe, and puts my right hand out in front.



“Open.” (Rook)



 As I imagined this while saying the word, a space opened up in front of my right hand and a door was formed.


 But beyond the door was…



“It’s dark… is it still night?” (Rook)



 I guess the drawback of [Holy Dimension] is that you lose track of the time of day when you spend time inside.


 I thought about it for a moment but decided to move on and stepped out into the dungeon at night.


 Then, relying on [Magi Location] and [Holy Fire], I passed through the dark forest and arrived at the fifth floor through the rift. I did not enter the Fifth Floor Village or view the lake at night—I went directly to the east side of the map, in the direction of the rift to the sixth floor.


 This time, I did not want to leave any trace that I had entered the dungeon. Therefore, I did not stop at the Fifth Floor Village.


 By the time I crossed the bridge, the sun was beginning to rise and the area was slowly getting brighter.


 In retrospect, it was probably a good decision to leave the fourth floor in the dark. In the morning, many adventurers pass by here on their way to the sixth floor, and we could not avoid this bridge.


 I crossed the bridge and passed through the rift to the sixth floor.


 So far, this is the fastest pace ever. But the problem is yet to come.


 I took out my map and Barthez’s map and compared them.


 Basically, they were similar, but there were differences in details.



“Aim for the withered tree first, huh?” (Rook)



 I had learned this from other adventurers, but the guild’s map was a little off. The map of Barthez, however, seemed to be well written and differed slightly from the guild’s map in many areas.



“Okay, let’s go.” (Rook)



 I proceeded to the sixth floor with high spirits, and as I killed a Blood Knight I met with [Turn Undead] as a greeting, I crossed the line where I had dived the deepest in the past around noon.


 From here on, it is uncharted territory for me. Usually, if I returned on this line, I could make it back to the Fifth Floor Village by dark. Once I crossed this line, there was no going back. This is such a line. It was a line that I had been unable to cross for a long time, so I was a little deeply moved.


 Before I knew it, I had crossed it and was moving onward and upward.


 From now on, I will cross all the lines that all the adventurers in this dungeon have turned their backs on, only to look at them, unable to cross them. Thinking of this makes me more and more deeply moved. But this is no time to dwell on such things.


 I have to clear this dungeon.


 I proceeded through the sixth floor without any problems, and the next day I arrived at the rift leading to the seventh floor.


 I passed through the rift.


 The wilderness, similar to the one on the sixth floor, was spread out again.



“Well…” (Rook)



 I looked at the map again.


 This floor is basically the same as the sixth floor. However, the monsters that appear on this floor are not only Blood Knights, but also Wights.


 Wights are magician-type undead, and they are a nuisance, mainly using Dark Magic.



“But I’d like to get some lower-grade magic potions here.” (Rook)



 The potions from the dungeon can be stored for a long time. So I want to secure some of them.



 However, if the dungeon is cleared while I’m doing that, it’s putting the cart before the horse, but I think this is fine. The reason for this is that from the eight floor onwards, the difficulty level of the dungeon will increase dramatically, making it a hellish realm that cannot be conquered so easily.



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