All-rounder Healer Chapter 256: To the Eighth Floor

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“Alright!” (Rook)



 I found a lower-level magic potion in a Wight’s robe that had crumbled to the ground.


 Wights are skeleton-like monsters in black robes that carry wooden staffs or daggers.


 It is written in Barthez’s material that they mainly use offensive and debuffing magic, but we did not confirm this. Of course, this is because the search-and-destroy combo of [Magi Location] and [Turn Undead] would take them down before I could check.


 In this way, I was able to obtain about 30 bottles of lower-grade magic potions within three days of entering the seventh floor.


 The reason why I am able to hunt at such a high pace can almost be credited to the [Holy Dimension]. Usually, I have time to get to and from the hunting grounds or do requests. The [Holy Dimension] has almost solved the problem of the short hunting time. In other words, I can now hunt twice or three times more efficiently than I normally do, thanks to the [Holy Dimension], which has made it possible for me to live like a corporate animal, sleeping in my work place, working immediately after waking up and sleeping immediately after work!



“…Huh? I feel like you’re not very happy?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 Well, that’s okay…


 I look back at Barthez’s notes.



“Wights have are lower-grade magic potions, robes, and weapon systems. In addition, And gold and silver coins. In rare occasions, they have magic tools or magic arms.” (Rook)



 At this point, I haven’t found any rare items such as magical tools. Just in case, I have purified the staff and knife and stocked them in the [Holy Dimension], so I plan to sell them somewhere later, or if not, I will burn the staff in a bonfire. I can store various items now that I can use [Holy Dimension], but it is difficult to sell them because I would stand out if I sell a lot of things, and it is hard to store a lot of cheap drop items because I feel it is just too much work.


 But that’s beside the point.



“I might give the lower-grade magic potion a try…” (Rook)



 As far as Barthez’s data is concerned, the only medicine in glass bottles that Wights possesses is a lower-grade magic potion.  So, I think it is better to try it at least once to see what it is like.



“I don’t like the fact that Wight had it, but…” (Rook)



 With that said, I uncorked the glass bottle and took a sip of the pale blue liquid inside.


 It tastes almost nothing and has no smell. It feels like water, but it is not water, it is lighter and stranger.


 I drink it down, and it flows through my throat and arrives at my stomach.



“Oh?” (Rook)



 As soon as I felt it in my stomach, I felt the magic power spread throughout my body as if it was dissolving and seeping through me.



“This is amazing.” (Rook)



 I had heard about this, but it sure seems that dungeon potions restore magic power in an instant.


 This is why countries and influential people try to secure them, right? It is too convenient.



“Hmm, if only I had time…” (Rook)



 With [Holy Dimension], and if time permits, I will stock up on a thousand or another thousand more lower-grade magic potions, but right now I can’t waste that much time. I think it’s time to move on to the eighth floor.



“It’s a little frustrating, but let’s move on.” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)



 And so, I finally reached the eighth floor through the rift.





“Wow……” (Rook)



 When I entered the eighth floor, I was suddenly enveloped in a thick reddish-black fog, and even I, who knew this from Barthez’s data, was surprised.


 According to Barthez’s data, the identity of this thick fog is unknown, but it is said that people can live if they wet their masks with holy water.


 It’s kind of random, but I am not a scientist, so it can’t be helped.


 I left Shion in the Holy Dimension just in case. I think it’s okay, but just in case.


 Once again, I recall Barthez’s data.


 The eighth floor is covered by a thick reddish-black fog and visibility is poor even during the day. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find landmarks visually like on the sixth floor. If I proceed at random, there is a possibility that I will continue and get lost. That is why Barthez and his team took the following measures—



“Leave the rift and go in the opposite direction from where you came out.” (Rook)



 As I proceeded toward the opposite side of the rift as instructed by the map, I immediately saw an invisible wall reflected in the [Magi Location].



“This is it.” (Rook)



 I advance to the front of that wall and touch it with my left hand.


 I felt the same hard tactile sensation in my hand as when I touched it before.



“If you continue to touch the wall with your left hand, you will see the rift to the ninth floor, huh?” (Rook)



 Come to think of it, I think there is a rule of thumb that says if you get lost in a maze, if you keep touching one wall, you will eventually find the exit. They thought it up very well, didn’t they?


 Since I have [Magi Location], I don’t have to actually keep touching the wall, so I just go forward as Barthez notes tells me while sensing the wall with [Magi Location].



“…” (Rook)



 I can feel my mental strength being drained by the scenery, which is beyond bleak and gives an eerie and uneasy feeling.


 Still, I just keep moving forward silently. There is nothing else to do but to keep going.


 Even I, who knew the surrounding terrain from my [Magi Location], was losing mental strength. I am afraid to even imagine. When Barthez and the others passed through here, they must have felt even worse. They didn’t know the way, didn’t know what was lurking ahead, didn’t know where they were walking. With no information at all, they gathered information with their own bodies and set out to find out where they were going. I wondered if I could jump into such a creepy place without any prior information. It might be a little difficult.


 As I was thinking about this in the endless darkness, I began to hear the sounds of a struggle ahead of me. Soon, multiple reactions began to show up on [Magi Location], and as I got closer, I realized it was a large-scale battle.



“This is……” (Rook)



 While unable to see, I carefully approached and checked the surroundings with [Magi Location] to get a full picture of the situation. It seemed that there were two figures, each with about several dozen people, fighting in a formation.


 One is an army of humans. And on the other, an army of undead.


 Those are definitely—




“Death Knights…” (Rook)



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