All-rounder Healer Chapter 259: King of Darkness

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 The next day.


 I get up, got dressed, and prepare to leave.


 I check the bottles containing lower-grade magic potions and holy water and finally put on my usual black robe.


 Of course, I also equip myself with an Orichalcum ring.


 This should have done all the preparation I could do.



“Ready!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I think I’ll take Shion with me today.


 I want to share the clearing of the dungeon with Shion, who has fought with me all this way.



“Open.” (Rook)



 I open the door and go outside.


 The sun was just starting to rise outside, and the morning sun was shining beautifully on this temple-like place.


 It would have been a wonderful sight if it weren’t for the stinking Zombie Dragon corpse next to it.


 Since we didn’t have time to take our time looking at such scenery, we used the magic of the light source and went down the stairs with Shion.


 As far as we could tell from the [Magi Location], this staircase extended deep underground.


 Step by step, we descend the stairs.


 After passing through the landing, we take another step and then another.


 Each time, however, I was struck by the unpleasant sensation of heavy air approaching from downstairs.



“…” (Rook)



 Is it the eerie atmosphere and the psychological pressure of being on the lowest floor of the dungeon that makes me feel this way?


 As I descended the stairs with this feeling, the stairs eventually came to an end and a large door appeared at the end of them.


 The door was made of a stone or metal-like material with some kind of pattern on its surface, and for some reason, I could not sense the space beyond it with [Magi Location].


 And from that door, I felt a mysterious sense of intimidation.



“…This might be a dangerous guy.” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I knew I could feel the pressure from beyond.


 Is this the pressure of coming to the deepest part of the dungeon?


 No, it seems that Shion is feeling it too, so it must not be my imagination.


 What shall I do? Do I open this door or give up and go home?


 I don’t think I’m going to come this far and go home… I want to at least check the end of the door.


 But what should I do about Shion? Do I take him with me, or do I put him in the [Holy Dimension]?


 …However, if something happens to me, there will be no one to open the [Holy Dimension], and I don’t know what will happen to that space, so is there any point in hiding Shion in the [Holy Dimension]?



“Shion, will you come with me?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Hearing Shion’s reply, I made up my mind.


 I slowly put my hand on the door and carefully push the door open.


 The door slowly opened with a creak, and the inside was gradually revealed.


 It was dimly lit, but not dark, and when I first saw the flickering black flame on the candelabra, I had a strong sense of foreboding, but then I saw what was at the end of the stone-paved passageway lined with candelabras, at the back of the room.


 I saw it.


 The is a corpse. A corpse sitting on the throne.


 Wearing a black robe like jet-black darkness and darker darkness over it, it was sitting there like the King of Darkness.


 Seeing this, I was instantly convinced. This is a dangerous guy.


 I don’t know what that corpse is. I don’t know, but I do know that something dangerous is dangerous. That much I do know.


 Death Knight and Zombie Dragon also seemed to be dangerous. But this one is on a different level. The aura it wears is different.


 It is not an A-rank monster. It is at least an S-rank… This has the same sense of despair that I felt from the Golden Dragon!


 I immediately decide to close the door and leave this place. But—



“Hmm, I don’t remember calling a guest here.” (King of Darkness)


“Wah!” (Rook)



 The corpse sitting on the throne “speaks,” and at the same time, the door in front of him is opened by a mysterious force with great force on its own.


 And the darkness that the skeleton is clad in increased and surged violently.


 This thing speaks human language! I have never seen such a monster before!



“Return to the darkness in silence, [Shadow Spear].” (King of Darkness)


“Kah! No answers required!” (Rook)



 As the corpse activated its magic, a black spear-like object extended toward me from its feet.


 I quickly rolled to the side to avoid it.


 Damn it! I have to do fight!


 While rolling, I construct magic. Then, I unleashed it.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 I can only feel my magic power being consumed.




 But this is the only way I can fight. I knew just by looking at him that I would never be able to defeat him in a normal fight. I have no choice but to bet everything on [Turn Undead].



“[Shadow Spear]” (King of Darkness)



 I block the magic that continues to fly at me by hiding behind a stone pillar, and then I activate [Turn Undead] again.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 I failed again.


 Only my magical power is consumed.



“Useless! [Shadow Spear]” (King of Darkness)



 I just barely dodge the [Shadow Spear] that’s coming out of his shadow again.


 It’s getting more and more dangerous! Just one direct shot is fatal!


 Is there anything else I can do? I thought to myself and reached into my magic bag and pulled out a bottle of holy water, which I tossed at him.



“Hey!” (Rook)


“You vermin!” (King of Darkness)



 The corpse knocks the bottle with his staff.



“Guah!” (King of Darkness)



 The holy water inside splashes around him, and white smoke rises from his body.


 Yes! That’s real holy water! It’s working!



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 Failed again.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 Failed again.



“Do you think something like that will work on me?” (King of Darkness)



 With those words, a spear of darkness comes to me.


 Dodging again, I put my hand in my magic bag, pulling out a lower-grade magic potion, I drink it.


 The holy water is a good distraction, but it doesn’t do any effective damage. This is going to exhaust me.


 How about… something more… something that will buy me more time?



“… How about this! Sacred Flame, bringer of silence [Holy Fire].” (Rook)



 I throw the fire born at the tip of the Mithril Alloy Cudgel toward the corpse. And then–



“Explosion!” (Rook)



 It detonates.


 The [Holy Fire] scatters around, turning the area around the corpse into a sea of Holy Fire.



“… I see, you wretch! You’re a holy one!” (King of Darkness)


“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 The corpse rises from his throne.


 I think he’s saying something that should concern me, but I don’t care, I’ll just keep firing the [Turn Undead].


 Even though the fires should be nearby, he just calmly stands there.


 Could it be that Holy Fire doesn’t work on high-rank monsters?!



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)


“Now that I know that, I’ll never let you leave alive! [Dark Blast]!” (King of Darkness)


“Gah!” (Rook)



 The wave of darkness released from his staff blew away the fires as well as me.


 I managed to catch myself while being blown away and somehow managed to stand up.



“Shion, are you okay!?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 I took out a lower-grade potion from my magic bag and drank it.


 The first time I saw him, I thought he was going to be a strong guy. …But is there really any point in this kind of fighting?


 Will [Turn Undead] really work on him?


 In any game, for the most part, instant death magic doesn’t work on bosses. That’s the norm.


 If instant death magic worked on bosses, the difficulty level of the game would obviously decrease, so that’s what usually happens.


 I know in my head that this world is not a game, but I can’t help thinking that.


 Am I really doing something meaningful? Am I just continuing to do meaningless things?


 Shaking my head to shake off the unpleasant thoughts, I activate [Turn Undead].



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)





 I dodge the dark spear just in time and try again.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 And then I drink a lower-grade magic potion again.



“Flying about like an insect… Darkness!” (King of Darkness)



 The darkness around the corpse became darker and darker, and his presence became blurred, making it difficult to sense.



“What the hell is that?!” (Rook)



 Is it magic? Or?


 While I couldn’t sense it anymore, I can perceive a “skeleton that had moved to my left side,” and I avoided the [Shadow Spear] that had extended out.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 I counter with [Turn Undead].



“You have remarkable instincts! [Shadow Spear]” (King of Darkness)


“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 I avoid the [Shadow Spear], which is released while moving through the darkness, so I am unable to sense the corpse again, but I return a [Turn Undead].



“…You wretch! Why do you see me! How can you see through the darkness of the Dark Robe?” (King of Darkness)


“Well… [Turn Undead].” (Rook)



 It’s not like I can see, and I don’t feel his presence. I can only grasp that something exists there with [Magi Location].


 If it weren’t for [Magi Location], it would have already been over.



“I… I must absolutely erase the holy one!” (King of Darkness)



 I guess the corpse didn’t like my response, but he seemed to have increased his killing intent toward me.


 It was so annoying that it made me want to cry.


 I drank up the lower-grade magic potion again.


 The darkness that covered the corpse began to fade, and the unrecognizable objects became recognizable.


 Then, the corpse turns his staff toward me and releases another magic spell.



“[Shadow Bind]” (Rook)



 I try to avoid it, but suddenly darkness rises up from under my feet, pinning me to the ground.


 This is it! The dark attribute binding magic that Ms. Mimi was using!



“Guh!” (Rook)


“Wretch, you will be buried by these hands!” (King of Darkness)



 The corpse rushes towards me.


 I’ve only fought long-distance battles! Suddenly!?



“[Drain]” (King of Darkness)


“Gaaah!” (Rook)



 His left hand is on my neck, and when the magic is activated, something inside me starts to flow out toward the corpse.



“Wither and die!” (King of Darkness)


“Guh!” (Rook)



 I tried to pull his hand away, but it was too strong to resist.


 I hit him with my Mithril Alloy Cudgel, but I was still unable to resist.



“Kyuu!” (Shion)



 The next moment, a flash of blue light burst forth and blast the corpse’s face.


 Shion’s Breath attack! Nice timing!



“Gua!” (King of Darkness)



 As the hand weakens, I kicked the corpse away and escape from the binding.


 I roll off the ground and use his recovery magic.



“Divine light, heal your people. [Holy Light].” (Rook)



 I recover my wounds and physical strength, rising to my feet, and I use [Turn Undead] again.



“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)





 I don’t know how many times I’ve failed with [Turn Undead].


 I tried and failed again and again and again.


 I really don’t know if this is the right thing to do at all anymore.


 Still, I have to do it……!


 As I was thinking, for some reason, the corpse stopped attacking, turned on its heel, and walked toward the throne.


 Then he sat down on the throne and opened his mouth.



“…Very well. Burying you while suppressing my strength would be really tough.” (King of Darkness)


“…” (Rook)



 The corpse looks back a little, saying words that seem to be a little despairing.


 What is that?


 Behind the corpse, on an altar behind the throne, a shiny transparent ball the size of a volleyball was enshrined.


 Well, that thing—



“I didn’t want to destroy this room, but… I can’t help it.” (King of Darkness)



 It said this, and with a thud of its staff, it thrusts its staff into the ground and uttered the words.



“Flame!” (King of Darkness)



 Then a tremendous pressure emanates from the corpse, and he takes a step backward.


 What is it? What is he doing?


 I have a bad feeling about this… I have to take him out before he does something!




“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)


“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)


“[Turn Undead]” (Rook)



 My efforts continue to fail, and he spins out the following words,



“Become the darkness that swallows everything…” (King of Darkness)



 All the magic and pressure swirling around the corpse is concentrated in his staff.


 This is not good!



“Shion! Over here!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Rook)



 I grabbed Shion, reached into my magic bag, grabbed all the Holy Stones I could find, and held them up in front of me.


 The next moment, words of doom spun out from the corpse.



“[Shadow Flare]!” (King of Darkness)



 Black darkness shot out from the corpse’s staff. A ball of darkness. A darkness that swallows everything.


 The moment I saw it, my magic was complete.



“Sacred light, be a shield that rejects all! [Divine Shield]!” (Rook)



 Light and darkness collide.


 The world before my eyes is swallowed up by light and darkness.


 Light and darkness. Roars and explosions. Pain and suffering.


 With all my senses overwhelmed, I do not know whether I am awake or sleeping, whether I am alive or dead.


 Still, believing in tomorrow, I do what I can. That is who I am, right?


 I mobilize all the magic power and life force in my body to take the next action.


 Power gathered from somewhere concentrates. All the power is concentrated.


 And the power gathered in my body, which I no longer know whether it exists or not, spins out magic.



“O sacred light, bring the wandering souls to the gods [Turn Undead].” (Rook)



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