All-rounder Healer Chapter 265: The Town of Lubanni is an Agricultural Town

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 As I was doing so, one of the men in the adventuring party spoke to me.



“We’ll get the materials from this one. No problem, right?” (Adventurer)


“Yes, of course.” (Rook)



 In fact, they had defeated it, so I couldn’t complain.


 But at least I should get some information.



“What kind of monster is this Rock Tortoise?” (Rook)


“Hmm?” (Adventurer)



 The male adventurer turned around, jigsawing the Rock Tortoise’s neck with his knife.


 He looks like a headhunter and it’s a little scary!



“Is this your first time in the Kingdom of Zantz? This is a Rock Tortoise, a D-rank monster.” (Adventurer)


“D is it…?” (Rook)



 It’s lower than I expected.


 I thought it would be at least a C, but… After all, if the compatibility is bad, even a lower-ranked monster opponent will be this troublesome.



“Originally, they rarely go to places like this. Today’s my lucky day!” (Adventurer)


“Is that so.” (Rook)



 After gathering information from them for a while, we parted ways with them as they continued dismantling and I hurried on my way to town.


 According to what they told me, Rock Tortoises are monsters that originally inhabit more mountainous areas, and the rocks they carry in their shells sometimes contain ore or gems, and if you hit one, you can make a fortune or something.


 I may not have any luck with this monster, but if I can find a way to hunt it successfully, I may give it a try.


 As I continued walking, all the trees around me disappeared at a certain point, and as far as I could see from there to the town, everything had turned into a world of fields.


 Every town I’ve ever been to has had fields outside, but this might be the first time I’ve seen one this expansive.



“Oh, that’s amazing.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Is this an agricultural town?


 I don’t know what kind of things they were growing, as most of the crops have been harvested for the season, but if the area is this big, they must be harvesting quite a lot.


 If I had visited in the spring or summer, I would have seen a great view.



“It’s nice.” (Rook)



 Blue sky and the smell of soil. The occasional wagon passes by. The gray mountain range stretches a bit far. A slightly chilly breeze.


 I enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as I walk.


 Shion is running around me, jumping up and down.


 I’ve been spending my time lately fighting with zombies and skeletons and watching the power struggles and territorial disputes of the living, so it might be nice to have a laid-back atmosphere once in a while… Or perhaps life needs such a break. I think, yes.


 I was able to get to the gate of the town before the sun went down.



“Guild card, please.” (Guard)


“Thank you for your hard work.” (Rook)



 I presented my Adventurers’ Guild card and went inside.


 The impression I got when I looked inside the town was that it was a medium-sized town, not a big city like Aluppo or Arnorn, but not a farming village either, and there were people and carriages passing by on the main street. The stores were lined with many agricultural products, indicating that it was a prosperous town.


 I looked around the stores along the main street, looking for the Adventurer’s Guild.



“Hmm? There are some vegetables I’ve never seen before.” (Rook)


“Kyun!” (Shion)



 Shion was jumping up and down several times to look at the platform at the front of the grocery store, so I picked him up and put him on my shoulder.


 I wonder if there was something to worry about.



“Did you find something delicious?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion dexterously stretched out his paw and found a round orange-colored fruit, about the size of a ping pong ball.


 The shape resembled an orange, but it was different.



“Excuse me, what is this?” (Rook)


“This is Oran. Around here, many people use it to flavor meat and other dishes.” (Stall Owner)


“Heh~” (Rook)



 I see. If you don’t take its appearance into consideration, I guess it is used like lemon or yuzu.



“Shion, you want this, right?” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)


“Okay! Then, how much is this?” (Rook)


“How about two silver coins for a colander, how about one silver coin and five copper coins as a discount?” (Stall Owner)



 I don’t know if the unit of measure is a colander or… I think it’s a bit much, but it’s okay. If I can’t eat it all, I can still use the refrigerator – no the time-stopping box I got in the undead dungeon. I have a “Time Stop Box,” as I call it, and it will stay for a while. It’s… Or rather, if time really does stop, it should last semi-permanently.



“Well then, here it is.” (Rook)


“Thanks!” (Stall Owner)



 I hand over a cloth bag and ask the lady at the fruit stall to put in the Oran.


 I also ask for the location of a inn she could recommend, and while walking in that direction, I put the Oran in my backpack while fending off Shion’s attacks demanding Oran.


 I would like to go to the Adventurer’s Guild when I arrive in a new town to gather information, but the sun is about to set for the day, so I will do that tomorrow.


 I walked toward the center of town, checking the location of stores and the atmosphere of the town, and arrived at the inn just as the sky was turning a little red.


 As soon as I rattled open the inn’s door, a smell different from that of inns in other towns tickled my nostrils.



“Welcome! Three silver coins for one night with dinner.” (Inn Keeper)


“Just for one night.” (Rook)



 It was cheaper than I expected.


 Is it because we are in the countryside that it is so inexpensive, even though the building looks solid?



“This way!” (Boy)


“Thank you.” (Rook)



 The boy helping me showed me to my room on the second floor.


 The room was well kept, with a bed and a desk, and seemed above average.



“Dinner is already ready, so please come downstairs with this number tag!” (Boy)


“Thank you.” (Rook)



 After the boys left, I sat down on the bed and took Oran out of the backpack.


 Dessert before dinner!



“Shall we try it right away?” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Shion cried like, “I can’t wait!” as he squeaked.


 Actually, in my experience, I have never been disappointed with the food Shion wants, so I was a little excited about this one too.


 I put a bag on the bed, took out a few from inside, and picked up one of them.


 Shion bites into it with the skin on, but as a civilized person, I think I should peel the skin off before eating it, so I try to peel it, but it is difficult. Small citrus fruits are difficult to peel even in another world. I wish they could do something about this kind of thing with their mysterious and otherworldly prism power, makeup. …It doesn’t work.


 The first time I managed to peel off the skin, what came out was a citrus fruit.


 I put it in my mouth.



“…sour and bitter.” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 Citrus is citrus, but it’s not orange or anything like that, it’s more like yuzu or kabosu. [T/N: Japanese citrus varieties.]


 It’s not that it’s bad, but it’s probably not something you’d eat as is…


 …No, wait. Then why did Shion want it?



“Shion, wait a minute!” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 I stopped when Shion took Oran out of the cloth bag.


 Yes. Shion took it out of the cloth bag. He took it out of the bag instead of the one already lying on the bed.



“Let me have some of that Oran.” (Rook)


“…kyu.” (Shion)



 No matter how I look at it, I got an Oran from Shion, who exudes an air of “It can’t be helped”, breaks it in half.  I take out one fruit from inside and throw it into my mouth.



“…Yeah. Well, I can eat this.” (Rook)


“Kyu.” (Shion)



 Shion urges me to give him the rest of the fruit, and I think about it.


 The Oran chosen by Shion is tart but also has a little sweetness and a little astringency, making it edible.


 Well, if you think of it in terms of Japanese mandarin oranges, it is a bad, sour mandarin. In this world with little sweetness, it is acceptable as a dessert.


 Now that we have confirmed the taste of Oran, let’s go to dinner.



“Then let’s eat.” (Rook)



 I put the Oran back in my backpack, left the room, and went downstairs.


 When I opened the door to the bar, a muffled and delicious aroma spread out.


 There are several male and female customers inside, and one middle-aged man at the counter.


 There are a few men and women inside, and a middle-aged man at the counter.



“Come in!” (Cook)


“Yes, please.” (Rook)



 I sit in a corner seat and show the tag with the room number written on it.



“Would you like something to drink?” (Cook)


“What do you recommend?” (Rook)


“A wine made in this town. It is famous in this country that the wine of the town of Lubanni is the best in the country.” (Cook)


“Oh, then I’ll have one.” (Rook)


“A silver coin.” (Cook)



 That’s a bit expensive! It costs twice as much as good wine in other towns… But I have some money and my life has become more stable, so I don’t mind spending a little money on food. I mean, I don’t mean to be extravagant, but it might be a good idea to spend some money on various things to improve the quality of my meals. For example, I could try to recreate some Japanese dishes or something.


 Thinking about it reminds me of some dishes I ate on Earth.


 Curry, sushi, ramen, udon. I haven’t eaten those dishes for a long time.



“I feel like eating them now that I remembered…” (Rook)



 It’s about time that I have enough leewat to pursue some pleasures other than “just living,” isn’t it? Maybe I should move on to improve my life in a few more ways.


 While I was thinking about this, the master, who was rustling around in the kitchen, put the food and sake on my table.



“Here it is.” (Cook)


“Oh!” (Rook)



 Three dishes. Soup, meat, and black bread. However, the golden soup contains white vegetables and green leafy vegetables that I have never seen before. The meat on the plate was also pale and looked like meat I had never seen before. And the meat on the plate was covered with a green paste.


 I had never seen this dish before.


 I pay a silver coin and start to eat. I started with the meat and brought it to my mouth with a fork with two halves.



“Yeah, not bad.” (Rook)



 Tastes like bland chicken, and because it is so plain, it is a little unsatisfying.


 Next, I tried the meat with green paste.



“This is!” (Rook)



 The salty taste was a bit pungent and lingered on the tongue. Then, a thick aroma of the green herbs came to my nose, which added a depth of flavor to the otherwise bland meat.


 I had never tasted anything like this before.



“Master, what is this?” (Rook)


“Oh, that’s Yulan’s meat. The sauce is my original, so I can’t tell you.” (Cook)


“Yulan?” (Rook)


“It’s a common monster around here.” (Cook)



 Heh, maybe I’ll check it out at the guild tomorrow.



“Kyu!” (Shion)


“Oh sorry, sorry.” (Rook)



 I let Shion have some of Yulan’s meat, and I reach for the soup.


 I stirred the bowl lightly with a large spoon and found white root vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and Onil something similar to onion. It seems that there is no meat in the soup, but I can’t help but wonder what it tastes like…


 I took a sip of the soup.



“This is good.” (Rook)



 The meaty flavor and the sweetness of the vegetables. It has just the right amount of saltiness.


 This is an agricultural town. Simple dishes that make the most of the ingredients are delicious.



“This town is nice…” (Rook)



 If the taste is this good at such a cheap inn, there must be other places that serve even better food.


 I was planning to go to the next town while gathering information in this town, but I might as well stay here a little longer, especially since I have nothing urgent to do.


 I was surprised again by the taste of the wine, enjoyed the food, and went to bed with a satisfied look on my face. 






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