All-rounder Healer Chapter 289: Changes in the Town and Instant Farming

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 After finishing the armament enhancement, I headed to the Adventurers’ Guild.


 I opened the door and went inside to confirm my request as usual – but there were no adventurers in the building, and it was deserted.


 The guild staff, however, were scurrying around inside the counter.



“Excuse me. What is happening?” (Rook)



 I asked the receptionist at the counter.



“Oh, Mr. Rook. Actually, the purchase price of meat such as Horned Rabbit was raised this morning, and everyone seems to have rushed out to hunt.” (Receptionist)


“Really?” (Rook)



 I thanked the receptionist and headed toward the bulletin board where the request was posted.



“Horned Rabbit meat… two silver coins, four silver coins, five silver coins, three silver coins… one gold coin?” (Rook)



 Looking at the multiple requisitions from several stores, it seems like the prices have suddenly gone up and are not stable.


 The price of meat tends to go up overall anyway, including other meats such as Rock Tortoise meat.



“What is going on?” (Rook)



 With this reward, even I would want to go hunting right now. And the request for a single gold coin also comes with the condition that there is “no quantity limit”. If this is true, there should be no stories of hunters who hunted but didn’t get paid. It must be a tasty job where the more you hunt, the more money you make. But…



“…it’s too much…” (Rook)



 Unless there is something happening behind the scenes, such tasty conditions are not possible.


 I then searched the bulletin board for Horned Rabbit fur requests.



“Horned Rabbit fur… one silver coin, two silver coins, one silver coin, three copper coins, huh?” (Rook)



 The price of the meat is going up, but the price of the fur is staying the same.



“Hmm…” (Rook)



 I go back to the counter and ask the receptionist again.



“Do you have any idea why the price of meat has gone up?” (Rook)


“It happened so suddenly this morning, and guild is still investigating the issue, but nothing is certain yet…” (Receptionist)



 The price of meat suddenly went up for a reason that even the guild doesn’t know about. How is that possible?


 But if the merchants are willing to increase their fees to get a larger quantity of meat, it’s because they still think there is demand and they can make money. They wouldn’t do a deal that would result in a loss. In other words, there must be a reason to sell the goods they bought at a higher price somewhere else.


 The purchase price of goods is going up. I had a bit of a bad feeling about that situation.


 Aluppo comes to mind. The purchase price of potions must have gone up there too because of the unstable situation.


 Once again, I checked the paper on the bulletin board and looked at the requester’s column.



“Radin Trading Company, huh?” (Rook)



 I ask the receptionist about the Radin Trading Company.



“What kind of store is this Radin Trading Company?” (Rook)


“Radin Trading Company? It’s a big trading company that handles a variety of products in this town. They have branches in other towns as well.” (Receptionist)



 I asked the receptionist about the location of the Radin Trading Company and decided to head there for the time being to see what was going on.


 I would have to decide whether or not I would participate in the hunt for the Horned Rabbit.


 I proceeded along the main street to the Radin Trading Company, checking out the stores and such along the way.


 Then a man carrying a cloth bag as big as what Santa Claus might carry came out of the store in front of me and immediately ran away.



“What’s that?” (Rook)



 I looked at the store from which the man had come.


 This store sells items for adventurers, such as ropes, cloaks, and other items necessary for adventurers to do their jobs, and it is close to the Adventurers’ Guild, so many adventurers must be using it.



“Hmm…” (Rook)



 There is something strange about this place.


 I don’t know what it is, but it feels a little strange.


 I went into the store where the man came out.



“Welcome.” (Shopkeeper)



 The owner who greeted me was a normal middle-aged man, just like the last time I came here.


 He was just putting up the products on the shelves behind the counter and did not seem to have changed at all.



“Excuse me. What did the man who just came out buy so much?” (Rook)


“Oh, you were watching him? I don’t know, but he asked me to sell him as much dried meat as I had. He took all the stock. I wonder what he was going to do with all that stock. Are they going on an expedition with a bunch of people?” (Shopkeeper)


“Dried meat?” (Rook)



 Hold on. The man from earlier didn’t look like an adventurer. He wears normal clothes and has no weapons. Of course, he was not an aristocrat or a knight. He was just an ordinary man from any town. Besides, it was winter and not the time for an expedition.


 He didn’t seem to need to stock up on such a large amount of preserved food.



“Excuse me. Do you still have any dried meat?” (Rook)


“It’s all gone. That guy just bought it all.” (Shopkeeper)


“Then, do you have any other preserved food?” (Rook)


“Not now. We’ve sold everything.” (Shopkeeper)




 I thanked the owner and left.



“The purchase price of meat has risen, and dried meat has disappeared from stores…” (Rook)



 This could possibly be…


 No, I can’t draw any conclusions at this point.


 I rushed to a nearby grocery store and went inside.


 However, the store was low on merchandise, and there wasn’t much left.



“Excuse me. Is this the only food left?” (Rook)


“Ah, there was a large number of orders early in the morning, we should be able to stock up in the evening or tomorrow morning, so please come back again.” (Shopkeeper)


“So, you have a plan to stock up…” (Rook)


“That’s right. If we don’t stock up, we won’t have any business.” (Shopkeeper)



 If you are planning to stock up, what’s the problem?


 Then I left the store and headed to the Radin Trading Company, I saw a line of adventurers already waiting to deliver their goods.


 Although some residents looked at the line of adventurers curiously, the town was quite peaceful and unchanged.



“Am I just overthinking things?” (Rook)



 No. Let’s check out the other stores a little more. At this point, I still have too little information.


 I pulled out a map of my own making and head to the other stores that sell groceries.


 I checked a few other stores along the main street, but they were still generally low on groceries, and I finally found some dried meat at a small general store on a back alley.



“How much of this dried meat do you have in stock?” (Rook)


“How about our dried Horned Rabbit? We don’t make a lot of it because it’s all homemade. Well… we have about 10 bundles right now.” (Shopkeeper)



 Is it still available at the grocery store here?



“Then I’ll buy them all.” (Rook)


“Each bundle is three silver coins, so that’s three gold coins in all.” (Shopkeeper)



 I gave the money and put the dried meat in my backpack.



“If you need more, I’ll send a request to the Adventurers’ Guild now to stock up on more Horned Rabbit meat, okay?” (Shopkeeper)


“…No, this is enough for the time being.” (Rook)



 I kept thinking while leaving the shop and heading towards the inn.


 At this point, all I know is that food is generally in short supply. And there is a store that has greatly increased the purchase price of meat that is sent to the Adventurer’s Guild. But other than that, the price hasn’t changed much.


 I can think of several possibilities, but the most likely one is—



“A sudden food shortage, huh?” (Rook)



 I don’t know why, but I suspect that for some reason the food supply in this town is running low.


 And the event that caused it happened within a short period of time yesterday and today. So many people are still unaware of the situation.


 And it is possible that some people who are aware are buying up all the food…


 Normally, when there is a food shortage, except in the case of a sudden disaster or war that suddenly destroys food production areas, it should be basically predictable to some extent in advance, and this should be reflected in prices at an early stage. But now we may be seeing sudden food shortages… even though there are no major disasters in sight, probably.



“I guess that means ‘something’ happened yesterday, unbeknownst to many people.” (Rook)



 By now, the Adventurers’ Guild and other merchants must have become aware of this situation. So, if chaos is going to start—



“I guess that means it’s just the beginning.” (Rook)



 I entered the inn and called out to Mr. Brydon.



“Oh, what is it?” (Brydon)


“I would like to extend my stay for a long period of time by paying in advance. Is it possible?” (Rook)


“No problem, but I can’t give you any more discount than you already have, and I can’t give you a refund in the middle of your stay.” (Brydon)


“It’s okay.” (Rook)


“So, how long do you want to stay?” (Brydon)


“Well… thirty days, please.” (Rook)



 I paid fifteen gold coins and went into my room.


 I don’t know how long it will be until spring, but I should be there for 30 days. It seems likely that the price of the inn will be raised in the future, and there is little chance that it will be lowered, so there should be no loss.


 At any rate, I should not have to worry about lodging for the foreseeable future.



“*Sigh*…” (Rook)



 I put Shion on the bed and took off my winter clothes.


 I have a lot to think about and I’m a little tired.


 But I still have something to think about.



“I don’t know yet, but if the situation we’re in is a food shortage, I’d better be able to get food on our own, right?” (Rook)



 Depending on the situation, I might not be able to secure food even if I can pay for it.


 As an adventurer, the easiest way to get food would be to hunt monsters and get the meat, but…



“With rewards going up that much, the hunting grounds must be overcrowded.” (Rook)



 Even in winter, when the number of monsters is low, if enough people gather to the point that adventurers disappear from the Adventurers’ Guild, the rest is just a matter of time.



“Then again, it would be better to be able to grow crops within the Holy Dimension, wouldn’t it?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)


“No, I thought I should try raising various things in earnest.” (Rook)



 While saying so, I open the [Holy Dimension].


 Inside the light door are three Oran trees occupying half of the room.


 The lower trunks of all the trees have thickened to about five centimeters and are about two meters tall. And the branches and leaves are spreading out, and to be frank, they are a bit of a nuisance. But recently they seem to have slowed down their growth and they are not getting any bigger, so I can just about stand them, but depending on the situation, I may have to prune the branches.


 I think about it while putting out the dried meat I bought in the Holy Dimension.



“For the time being, it would be nice if I could get fruit from this Oran tree…” (Rook)




 The Oran trees are so lush that it’s hard to believe it’s winter, but they don’t show any signs of bearing fruit.



“How do they bear fruit” (Rook)



 If Oran trees have the same characteristics as fruit trees on earth, they should first flower and then bear fruit. But I don’t see any flowers yet.


 For the time being, do I have no choice but to leave it alone?


 The rest will be other crops…



“Maybe, potatohs?” (Rook)



 If this plant, which resembles a potato in shape and taste, has similar properties to a potato, it would be relatively easy to produce, and with the medicine Lizzy gave me, it might even be possible to mass-produce it.



“But well, even if it’s mass-produced, how am I going to eat it…” (Rook)



 It is difficult to use fire inside the inn room or in the Holy Dimension. And it’s hard to make a bonfire in the snowy winter world.


 So, do I sell or give it to someone? That, too, is difficult. It would be too suspicious if an ordinary adventurer came out of an inn room with a bag of potatoes on his back and sold them. …The only thing that would make this situation more interesting would be if he had a bag of potatohs on his back. At the very least, it would confirm the possession of a magic bag.


 Well, after I bought a mithril spear, I then switch my weapon to Mithril Alloy Cudgel, if they were watching you carefully, they would have already noticed it.


 I think that’s fine…



“I wonder if it’s better to eat it raw if I want to eat it myself.” (Rook)



 In that case, at this point in time, I feel that the best thing is for Oran to bear fruit.



“Alright! For now, let’s talk to Lizzy! Heed my call and show me the way [Summon Fairy].” (Rook)



 As usual, a three-dimensional magic circle appeared in exchange for a Holy Stone, and then Lizzy was summoned.



“Hello!” (Lizzy)


“Hello.” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 Lizzy flew around in a circle in the Holy Dimension and stopped in front of the Oran tree.



“Looks good!” (Lizzy)


“Really?” (Rook)


“Kyu?” (Shion)



 What do you mean, “Looks good”?



“They grew up properly, and they’re ready!” (Lizzy)


“Um… you mean this Oran tree?” (Rook)


“Yeah!” (Lizzy)



 What does it mean to be ready?


 While my head full of questions, Lizzy spreads her hand wide and holds it up to the ceiling.



“Let’s go! Here!” (Lizzy)



 With that shout, something sparkling emanated from Lizzy’s entire body and rained down on the three Oran trees.



“Woah…!” (Rook)



 As I gazed at this fantastic sight, the Oran trees began to rustle, even though there was no wind, and the tip of one of the branches cracked.



“Eh?” (Rook)


“Good!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 The next moment, a chain of pops from various parts of the branches of the Oran trees started, and then it spread to the whole tree.



“What is going…?” (Rook)



 As I said that, the sweet aroma that tickled my nostrils almost made me swoon.


 What spreads in front of me is white. White flowers.


 The three Oran trees all blossomed at once, making the Holy Dimension look like a flower bed.


 Is this a miracle?


 I couldn’t help but think so.



“Rook. Give them some water~” (Lizzy)


“Hmm? I just watered them this morning?” (Rook)


“They’re thirsty from all the hard work they put into making the flowers bloom!!” (Lizzy)


“I see.” (Rook)



 Well, that can happen, can’t it?


 I asked Shion to make Holy Water and gave each tree its own water.


 But how can they suddenly bloom when they didn’t even have buds? …It’s a quintessential fairy like skill, isn’t it?


 Was such an easy phenomenon that acceptable? I still feel like something pretty amazing happened, but…



“Now we can eat Oran, right away!” (Lizzy)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 The reason why the flower bloomed was for food!


 No, that’s fine. It’ll help me too.


 Anyway, will this help with the food problem?



“Well, why don’t we just enjoy these flowers for now?” (Rook)



 Then I lay down on the spot and looked up at the flowers in full bloom.



T/N: Precognition and accelerated plant growth, what other secrets does Lizzy have? Shion and Lizzy are super amazing and cute.

I want more Elena chapters. I hope rook stays longer with Elena, even if it’s purely platonic.

What’s with the food shortage BTW? Is a war coming?






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