All-rounder Healer Chapter 291: Giving Food… With the Lady

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 A few days later. Today, the town looks the same as usual.


 At least on the surface.


 And today, as usual, I was teaching Elena recovery magic in a room at the Adventurers’ Guild.


 –but there wasn’t much for me to do.



“Um, how about this?” (Elena)



 I’m just drinking tea and reading a book while thinking about various things, occasionally checking Elena who is practicing recovery magic.


 What I’m reading now is a book about plants that I happened to find at a bookstore while killing time in the winter, and it seems to be a “manuscript” of a book written by a person who seems to be knowledgeable about plants in the Kingdom of Zantz.


 The book is informative about the plants that grow in the Kingdom of Zantz, but there is one thing that is disappointing. The quality of the pictures of the plants is not very good. I don’t know if it is because the quality of the original author’s drawings was not good enough, or if the copyist’s drawing skill was not good enough, but I don’t trust this book’s illustration.


 Well, as long as books are made and reproduced by a system of handwritten copying of manuscripts, this may be the only option.



“Oh! It seems to be better than before.” (Elena)



 Charcoal crackled in the brazier-like fireplace at the end of the room.


 I looked up to see snow fluttering down outside the window. I sipped a cup of warm tea as I watched.


 The flames from the lamps hanging on the wall stain the wall stone a shimmering orange.



“……” (Rook)



 I’m so relaxed…


 Not going on an adventure. Not diving into dungeons. Not training. I’m just taking it easy and relaxing.


 While petting Shion who is sleeping on my lap, I suddenly think.


 Is this alright?


 I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with it, but….


 The priest’s words flicker into my mind.


 I slammed the book shut and looked at Elena.


 Speaking of which, Elena is from a family of high status there, right? I didn’t ask for details because I knew it would be a bad idea.



“Elena, are you alright?” (Rook)


“What do you mean, Teacher?” (Elena)


“Um… I was wondering if you’ve heard any rumors about the recent food shortage?” (Rook)



 I asked, thinking that Elena might have more detailed information than I did.


 But her response was different from what I expected.



“Food shortage? No, I haven’t heard anything about that. Is there a food shortage now?” (Elena)


“Yes. The price of food in the stores keeps going up. Have you seen the prices at the store?” (Rook)


“… I’m sorry. I always have a carriage to drop me off and pick me up…” (Elena)


“Ah, I see… That’s right.” (Rook)



 If Elena doesn’t know, has the upper class not yet been informed of the food shortage? Or is she just unaware because she is a student?



“Um… if it’s a food shortage, what are you all doing?” (Elena)


“Oh, the adventurers seem to be having a good time there. Meat sells for a lot of money. But it might be hard for those who are not able to make money that way…” (Rook)


“Is that so……” (Elena)



 Elena looked down sadly.


 Maybe we shouldn’t have talked about these things…



“Ah, but! It seems that Stella Church’s priest will be holding a soup kitchen for the poor, so I guess it’s going to be alright.” (Rook)


“…Stella Church, is it?” (Elena)


“It’s a church near the outer wall, and in the winter they have a soup kitchen where they collect donations from volunteers.” (Rook)


“I didn’t know there was such a place…” (Elena)



 After saying that, Elena made a slightly thoughtful face and then raised her head.



“Teacher! I want to participate in the soup kitchen too!” (Elena)


“Eh…?” (Rook)


“You are going to participate in the soup kitchen too, Teacher, aren’t you!?” (Elena)


“Ah… well, I guess so.” (Rook)



 I had not thought about whether I would participate in the soup kitchen or not, so I was at a loss for an answer.


 I glance at Marisa standing by the window.


 But Marisa is nodding her head as she looks at Elena.


 Ah, does this feel like there is no one to stop her?



“Then, please tell me where Stella Church is!” (Elena)


“Su-sure…” (Rook)





 Just like that, a few days passed. It was the day of the soup kitchen.


 The location was outside the outer wall, near the gate. A simple cooking stove was built there with stone blocks, and a large iron pot was placed on top. Tents were set up around it, making it look like a campsite.


 If I had had more time, I would have tried my best to procure food, but there was too little time to think about it.


 The oran fruits haven’t grown yet, and the other vegetables I’m trying to grow are still in the experimental stage. As expected, even fairy medicine couldn’t produce crops in a few days.


 So, I gave a few gold coins to the priest in advance, but—



“Sorry I made you wait!” (Elena)



 Elena exclaimed as she came out of the carriage.


 Men came out from the wagons running behind her and unloaded the crates.


 Elena said she had an appointment to get food, and she had really great connections.



“Thank you, Lady Elena.” (Priest)



 While saying that, the priest bowed his head to Elena. And bowed to me too.


 I guess it was because I was the one who connected Elena and the priest.



“Please raise your head. I just did what I wanted to do!” (Elena)



 Elena said a little flustered, then came toward Marisa and me.



“Teacher! It’s finally starting!” (Elena)


“Yes, it is.” (Rook)



 Under the priest’s direction, the lid of the crate was opened, and the foodstuffs were carried into the tent.


 People had already gathered around the tent from slums and other places, and it looked like they were ready as well.



“Well then, let’s get started.” (Priest)



 At the priest’s words, everyone began to move.


 The main people in charge of the work are the sisters who live in the Stella Church area… and the older children from the orphanage seem to be participating.


 John and his party were also mobilized as helpers, and they were moving quickly under the direction of the sisters.



“Teacher, let me help too!” (Elena)


“Oh, right… Have you ever cooked, Ms. Elena?”


“……I haven’t.” (Elena)



 There is a sign that she should not be allowed to cook.


 When I looked at Marisa, she looked away without saying anything.


 As expected, this is a sign that she should not be allowed to cook.


 In the first place, I don’t think it’s a good idea to let a high-ranking lady do chores in the cold winter weather.



“…Then, Ms. Elena, please take care of Shion.” (Rook)



 I picked up Shion, who was on my shoulder, and handed him to Elena.



“Understood! Shion, let’s play!” (Elena)


“Kyu!” (Shion)



 For the time being, I should start…


 So, I head to the tent and check the inside.


 Inside, the sisters were peeling and cutting potatohs.



“Do you need water?” (Rook)


“What, are you going to fetch it for us?” (Sister)


“No, I can create some, that’s what I meant.” (Rook)


“Oh, do you have water attribute!?” (Sister)


“Um… well, I just could.” (Rook)



 I don’t have the water attribute, but it’s troublesome to explain, so I’ll say that.



“But are you sure? Water made with magic fetches for a high price, right?” (Sister)


“I’m here today to help prepare food, so there’s no problem.” (Rook)



 It seems that water made with magic is said to be good for making medicines and potions, and I heard that people with the water attribute sometimes sell water made from [Water Drop]. However, it doesn’t seem to be a job that makes much money, so it doesn’t really matter to me.



“Where should I put it?” (Rook)


“Then, the bucket over there please.” (Sister)


“Understood. “Water, pour into this hand, [Water Drop]” (Rook)




 Let’s increase the amount of water by adding a little more magic power.


 The magic power that flows normally is added to the magic power, and more magic power is put in.


 Then the magic power in my Tanden moves out smoothly through my arm and out of my hand.



“Oh, how much do you need?” (Rook)


“Eh……?” (Sister)



 The next thing I knew, the magic ball of water droplets had grown from a baseball to a basketball, to more than the diameter of the bucket.


 So, I hurriedly stopped the magic and dropped the water into the bucket, it leaked out of the tub in a sloshing manner.


 The snow around the tub absorbed the water and melted.



“Haa… you’re an amazing water magician.” (Sister)



 I responded with a vague smile and filled several buckets and barrels with water.


 But what is going on? My level had increased, my magic was more powerful, and the amount of water he could create with his water drop magic was increasing. But before, it wouldn’t have been this big even if I channel more magic power.


 Is it simply that I am getting better at magic or something?


 I think about it as I step out of the tent.


 Could it be that the power of my attack magic has also increased?


 I would like to find out, but I can’t just let cast attack magic here, even if I am outside.


 While I was thinking that the verification will be done another time… The cooking seemed to be finished and the ladies lined up the people around them in a row.



“Come on, line up, line up! The soup is ready!” (Sister)



 Each person in line brings a bowl and has soup poured into it.


 The people lined up varied, some in tattered clothes that looked like they had come from the slums, some young people dressed like adventurers, and some people who seemed to just live in town.



“……” (Rook)



 And the injured ones stand out.


 Some from slums, and some adventurers.


 Those with limps were especially noticeable.


 For better or worse, this is probably because food is in high demand and more people are becoming reckless.


 This is no doubt, evidenced by the increase in the number of requests for recovery after the purchase price of meat at the Adventurers’ Guild went up.


 Everyone wants to hunt monsters even if they have to do it recklessly.



“Teacher… There are many injured people.” (Elena)



 Before I knew it, Elena, was standing next to me, said while hugging Shion.


 I just replied, “Yes, that’s right.”



“If there is someone I can help, I want to help them.” (Elena)



 Elena said and ran over to the young adventurer who was limping.



“Your leg, let me treat it!” (Elena)


“Eh……?” (Adventurer)



 Ignoring the bewildered adventurer alone, Elena casts her magic.



“Light healing [Heal].” (Elena)



 The light gathered on the man’s feet and was absorbed.



“How does it feel?” (Elena)


“Ah… the pain has lessened… I think?” (Adventurer)



 The man checked his leg with a slightly surprised look on his face.



“……” (Rook)



 I knew it. Unfortunately, her [Heal] can’t completely heal that wound.


 Because Elena’s recovery magic is not yet complete.



“Is that so……” (Elena)



 Elena looked down while muttering.


 *Sigh*… This kind of thing isn’t the work of an adventurer, or rather… If I treat them here for free, I’ll lose my recovery request work… Well, my student is doing their best, so I shouldn’t ignore them. I am a teacher now.


 I approach the adventurer and cast my magic.



“Mighty healing light, [Large Heal].” (Rook)



 The light gathers on the man’s leg and is slowly absorbed.



“How is it?” (Rook)


“Eh… I can move it!” (Adventurer)



 The man checked his leg and exclaimed in surprise.



“Is your injury healed?” (Rook)


“It’s amazing, even though I couldn’t move my legs.” (Adventurer)



 At the same time, the people around him were also surprised.



“Next time, please submit a request for recovery at the Adventurers’ Guild.” (Rook)


“…Thank you!” (Rook)



 When I saw off the man who was leaving with his bowl of soup, Elena was looking at me.



“I knew Teacher was amazing… I want to become even better too!” (Elena)


“You can do it. You just have to practice more and more.” (Rook)


“Yes! Then, I’ll treat the other injured people too!” (Elena)


“Huh? Are you still going to do it?” (Rook)


“I am!” (Elena)



 Elena quickly finds the next injured person and uses [Heal].


 Apparently, she is wants to gain practical experience to her heart’s content.



“If she keeps this up, there will be no more injured people…” (Rook)



 Well, that’s good for Elena’s experience, too.


 And even if I make a little less money, fewer injured people is a good thing. 






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