All-rounder Healer Chapter 301.2: Bad Day

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“Are you kidding me!?” (Rook)



 What kind of monster is this? Something was different from the other monsters I had seen!


 Pressured by the mysterious monster without understanding what it was, I continued to move down into the abandoned mine, avoiding its attacks, and seeing an opening, I counterattacked. But the attacks don’t go through. I just keep getting squeezed.


 I parry the monster’s attack with the tip of my ear and backstep to gain a large distance to buy time to chant a spell.



“Sacred light, unleash a white blade [Holy Ray].” (Rook)



 A flash of light from Sacred Magic released pierces the mysterious monster.



“Goooooo!” (Monster)


“It worked!” (Rook)



 The [Holy Ray] hits the right arm. Black blood dripped from the wound and fell to the ground.


 But the wound healed quickly.



“Is it too shallow!?” (Rook)



 Also, the regeneration ability is too high before that!



“Oh!” (Monster)



 The mysterious monster approaches again and swings its arm.


 I avoid, swing, avoid, and thrust.


 But it doesn’t seem to have worked at all.


 I repeat this over and over again, and when I see an opening, I hit it with a Holy Ray.


 But I can’t tell if it’s doing any damage.



“Gaa!” (Monster)


“Agh!” (Rook)



 I deflected the fist that missed me with the back of my left hand, but my left hand is now in extreme pain.


 The back of my left hand is swollen, and bone is also visible.



“Isn’t it a bit too cowardly for you to do this just by touching someone?” (Rook)



 I don’t know why, but just touching this monster burns the flesh – or rather, corrodes it?


 If such a monster went to a town, it could destroy a small town or village by itself. Why are there things like this walking around out there? Am I in the middle of a great monster bargain sale?



“Light healing [Heal].” (Rook)



 I use a simple healing spell, and return to the battle.



“If the fight stays like this…” (Rook)



 My body is getting tired, and my magic power is decreasing.


 But there was no way to break through.


 I avoided attacks, parried attacks, and thrusted my spear.


 In the extreme tension, my mind is sharpening more and more.


 I just barely managed to parry the mysterious monster’s right fist, then bent down to avoid the opposite fist, and deflected it with my spear.


 I avoid the next fist again and thrusts with my spear.


 As I repeated these actions over and over again, my thinking accelerated, and I began to see more and more of the mysterious monster’s movements.


 The unnecessary movements become less and less, and I am able to dodge attacks with minimum movement.


 I dodge with minimal movement, but even if I hit it, there seems to be no damage, so I relax and swing my spear with minimal movement.


 Thoughts spin rapidly in my head.



“Haa…” (Rook)



 I exhale loudly.


 My body is moving at high speed as I think.


 What should I do now?


 There is no time to escape, and since the exit side of the abandoned mine is blocked, I can’t escape.


 The only way to win is to fight, but my attacks are not going through.


 I wonder if this is a dead end. I thought to myself.


 But why did it corrode just by touching me? Was there such a bipedal monster?


 I think about it but can’t think of anything.


 Come to think of it, is Shion okay? He’s still in my hood though.


 Shion was scared… I wonder if Shion is scared of such a monster because it’s unfathomable.



“Huh?” (Rook)



 Something seems to come to mind, but it doesn’t cohere.


 A black monster. It corrodes just by touching it. Shion is scared…


 My head is spinning. And then it dawned on me.



“I see! You’re the same as that one!” (Rook)



 The moment I realized this, my body was awakened from the state of weakness brought on by exhaustion and is filled with strength, and I lifted my spear with the momentum of that realization.


 The tip of the mithril spear ran in a silvery blue trajectory.



“Gooo!?” (Monster)



 Arms flying in the air.


 Black liquid splattered on the ground.


 The spear spins around with the same momentum and touches the body of the mysterious monster with my right hand.


 And then…



“To the impure, may your soul rest in peace, [Purification].” (Rook)



 A rainbow-colored aura overflows from his right hand, enveloping the mysterious monster.



“Oooooooo!” (Monster)


“Come on!” (Rook)



 The entire surroundings are enveloped in a rainbow-colored aura, purifying everything.


 How much time has passed since then?


 One second, ten seconds, a minute? I don’t know, but the next moment, I noticed, there was nothing but a pile of white sand in front of me.



“Just as I thought…” (Rook)



 I fell to my knees and fell down on my backside, collapsing on the spot.


 This monster is the same kind as the Black Slime I met in the Death Cave. …No, I don’t know if it is the same kind, but it is a monster that is connected in some fundamental way.


 Physical attacks are not very effective, but Sacred Magic and Purification are very effective.


 I also defeated the big black slime using Purification.



“What should I do if I didn’t have Purification?” (Rook)



 It seems hopeless for ordinary people, doesn’t it?



“Kyu?” (Shion)



 Shion, who got off my hood the moment the monster died, looks at me strangely.


 Well, from Shion’s point of view, this monster with a similar atmosphere must have been scary, since the big Black Slime from before that was about to melt whole his egg.



“Okay.” (Rook)



 I got up and sat cross-legged.



“What should we do with this?” (Rook)



 There was a pile of sand in front of me that had been created by Purification.


 The last time I saw the Black Slime, I left it as it was, but now I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave it here.


 This is a place where people can come and go, and it would be too unnatural to have something like this here, and it would be troublesome if some kind of investigation were to come in and probe the place.



“I have no choice but to clean it up… To a new world. Open the dimensional door, [Holy Dimension].” (Rook)



 I opened the Holy Dimension, took out a cloth bag and a shovel, and filled it with the white sand I had gathered.


 Shion is also helping by gently scraping out the white sand with his front paws.



“Ah, I’m tired…” (Rook)



 Lately, I feel like I’ve been doing nothing but going underground and messing around with dirt and sand. Maybe I should start a new job as a mole?


 As I was clearing away the sand in this way, a Light Magic Crystal came out from inside.



“Wow… I’m happy, but this is going to cause more trouble…” (Rook)



 This is definitely a Dark Magic Crystal transformed by [Purification]. The most important part is that there is no longer any evidence that I defeated this mysterious monster here.


 Well, all the monster corpse had already disappeared before that…



“Then, I doubt I can report this to the Adventurer’s Guild, right…?”



 Whipping my tired body, I finished packing the bags of white sand and stored them inside the Holy Dimension.


 Then finally, he stepped out of the abandoned mine.



“Is today a bad day?” (Rook)


“Kyu…” (Shion)



 I feel like a lot of bad things are going to happen today.


 I think as I continue on my way back to town.


 So many things have really happened today.


 I got dumped by a unicorn, I got attacked by a strange monster, and I’m hopelessly unlucky.


 Anyway, I want to go back to town early today, have a nice dinner with Mr. Brydon, and go to bed and sleep. I’ve had a hard day’s work, so I think I’ll go and risk it and open a bottle of wine. Yes, the one I bought in the town of Lubanni. Let’s have a small celebration toast with it. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to order some more skewers.


 It would be nice to have something good at the end of the day!



“Yes, that’s a good idea! Shion! Let’s go home and have a good time today! I’ll add some more skewers today!” (Rook)


“Kyu!” (Shion)


“Then let’s sprint back to town!” (Rook)



 –I thought as I hurried back to town, but…



“That is…” (Rook)



 I saw black smoke in the direction of town.


 I ran quickly and climbed up the small hill in front of me.



“You must be kidding…” (Rook)



 Black smoke is rising from the town, and fingers of fire rise up.


 Something was obviously going on.


 But I couldn’t understand what was going on anymore.



“Is today a really, really bad day?” (Rook)



 Only those murmurs were carried away by the wind.






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