All-rounder Healer Chapter 304: [Idle Talk 3] Loss Spiral

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 A fire burns in the furnace.


 Burning a deep red.


 But it is not iron, copper, or mithril that is dropped into the furnace, but the kettle.



“Haa…” (Blacksmith)



 The master blacksmith sighs.


 He has been getting fewer and fewer orders lately and finally has no more armor to hammer.


 There is no work at all.


 He has no idea how or when this started, but before he knew it, he was forced into this situation.


 The other members of the blacksmith guild were in the same situation, and it might be time for the guild to take some kind of action.


 The master took out a kettle with a wet cloth, poured it into a cup, and downed it in an instant.


 He felt calm in front of the furnace. Calmer than anywhere else.


 Perhaps it was his nature as a blacksmith, but even when he had no work to do, he would sit in front of the furnace, light a fire, and watch it.



“Master!” (Apprentice)



 The door was opened and the apprentice who was tending to the store jumped in.



“Master! Order!” (Apprentice)


“Really!?” (Blacksmith)




 The master blacksmith stood up and hurriedly opened the door to the store.


 There stood a young boy.


 He was a little disappointed because this might not be a very big job.


 However, he did not show it and spoke to him.



“Order? What do you want?” (Blacksmith)


“I want a spear.” (Rook)


“What material? What kind of spear do you want?” (Blacksmith)



 The questions came out of his mouth one after another in a hurry.


 In the mind of the master, the different ways of making a spear from different materials and the different specifications depending on the size and shape of the spear floated in his mind.


 But the boy’s next words almost knocked him off his feet.



“A spear that can pierce Rock Tortoises!” (Rook)


“Don’t be absurd! Even a spear made of Orichalcum can’t pierce such a thing. If you want to do that, you have to do something with your own skill.” (Blacksmith)


“Eh? Even with Orichalcum, it’s impossible?” (Rook)



 When asked that question, the master was a little troubled.


 He had never handled Orichalcum himself, so he didn’t really know what it was really like.



“No, I’ve never even touched Orichalcum. No matter how much Orichalcum I pick up, it’s just metal, after all, right? If it were made into a spear, it would be hard and sharp, but that alone would be enough to pierce Rock Tortoise. You know? Well, if it’s an attribute arms or a magic arms, or if an artifact, there’s probably a weapon that can penetrate Rock Tortoise. I’m not an expert though.” (Blacksmith)



 I had some free time on my hands and continued to talk with the boy for a long time, but I realized I was so I asked him, “So, what do you want to be made?”


“Please make one for me! A spear that is durable and has good magic power conductivity.” (Rook)



 When he heard the words “a spear that is durable and has good magic power conductivity.” a variety of materials and methods of making a spear came to mind.



“The length is like this, and the tip is like this.” (Rook)


“I see, then the spearhead—” (Blacksmith)



 The master worked out the details of the spear with the boy, and the shape of the spear was formed in his mind.



“And as for the price…” (Rook)



 The master thought about it.


 For some reason, the price of ore has been abnormally rising recently. The prices of charcoal and other materials are also the same. Blacksmiths are running out of work, so he’s just happy to have a job. Now it is profitable to use good quality mithril.


 He’ll make sure the craftsmen have good materials. They will be happy to have work.


 After much consideration, the master decided on a price.



“A hundred gold coins.” (Blacksmith)


“I understand.” (Rook)



 The boy nodded his head without bargaining.


 The master felt good, thinking that the boy trusted him.


 When they had discussed the general shape, the master, who had some free time on his hands, became interested in the weapon the boy was carrying.



“By the way, that staff you’re holding, can I see it?” (Blacksmith)


“This?” (Rook)



 The weapon was made of a mixture of mithril and other metals and was shaped like a rugged metal rod.


 The rarity of the weapon made the conversation livelier, and the joy of being able to make something good for the first time in a long time made his heart well up, before he knew it, the master was saying,



“Yeah, I’ll make something good.” (Blacksmith)



 These words came from the heart of the master.



 The boy left, saying, “I’m looking forward to it.”




 And so, for the first time in a long time, a blacksmith had a job.






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