All-rounder Healer Chapter 41: Bath Magic and the First Request

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 While I was resting to recover my magic power for a while, I suddenly had an idea.


 I wondered what would happen if I applied the purification directly to my body.



“Hmm …” (Rook)



 To be honest, I’m a little scared.


 I don’t think it has any adverse effects on the body, but seeing that huge effect, I’m still scared.


 I don’t even know the principle. I guess you could call it the anxiety of the unknown.


 But I guess I’ll just have to give it a try…… I’ll just go for it.



 I chanted the spell, thinking that it would work on my body.



“To the impure, let your soul rest in peace.” (Rook)



 At that moment, when I activated [Purification], my whole body was covered by the shining aura and I couldn’t see beyond it. Then the aura moved around as if tickling my whole body.


 A few seconds later, when the shining aura disappeared, I felt refreshed.



“… Oh, really?”



 The robe I was wearing was clean and regained its original milky white color, there was no dirt clinging. The slightly sticky sensation on the skin was no longer there, and the sweat on my forehead was gone.


 I ruffled my hair, felt my robe pick up, and patted it down, and something like grains fell out.


 When I observed it on the floor, it was the same white grain as before.



“… Hmmm, it’s amazing, and… it’s convenient.” (Rook)



 I had expected the effect itself to some extent. However, I simply thought that it would be like lifting the dirt, clumping it together, sweeping it off, and turning it into grains.


 However. Looking at the phenomenon that happened to my body a while ago, it’s not enough for that as a description.


 The reason is that the water and oil of sweat on the forehead and hair have disappeared thoroughly.


 I feel that this is already in the realms of substance conversion, alchemy, and so on.


 And it became a little scary.



“… What are its criteria for distinguishing from dirt among other things?” (Rook)



 The dirt that comes out of the body is originally old skin. In other words, this magic distinguishes between skin and dirt with an accurate sweep.


 And the oil that comes out of the skin is necessary to cover the skin to protect and moisturize it. Therefore, it is better to leave a certain amount of oil.


 I check by touching my face with my hands.


 There is no sensation of dry or taut skin. Describing it myself, it’s elastic and smooth. In other words, the amount of skin oil is just right not taking too much of the oil.



“… What is this convenient effect, like the top-selling facial cleanser that women who are on the verge of coveting such texture of skin?” (Rook)



 I don’t really understand what kind of principle it is working on…



“Well, considering all things, magic will always be something that I might not understand the principle behind it.” (Rook)





 For the next few days, I was alone and devoted myself to studying magic.


 I haven’t had time to practice magic in the last few days. Besides, since I’ve been in a party, I’ll have less free time, so I wanted to try and verify the hypothesis I came up with regarding magic.


 From the feeling I had when I used [Holy Light] and [Light Ball] before, I felt that there were new possibilities for magic, and there were still many things I wanted to try in practice.



 And now we are all in front of the Adventurer’s Guild.


 Dan’s armor has also been repaired, so he will be able to resume work.


 My current outfit is a beautiful clean white robe, a backpack, and an iron spear as tall as me. How do I feel about this myself? I don’t know. However, looking at other adventurers, no one looks like me. To be clear, I am standing out. For some reason, I don’t even know what direction I’m heading to.


 But it can’t be helped. I don’t have the money to buy any armor yet!



 But when I met Mel this morning, she stared at my face, then circled around me, inspecting my whole body from head to toe, then moved her face close to mine, sniffing and observing, and then asked, “Aren’t you looking pretty good?” I was nervous in many ways, but I tried to cover it up.


 Is the thing called a woman’s intuition that sharp? I was noticed in an instant.



 Actually, after learning [Purification], I use it to purify myself twice a day for practice, research, and practical benefits. Thanks to that, I no longer have to wipe my body with the water drawn from the well in the back. I don’t have to wash my face or brush my teeth in the morning. I don’t even have to wash my clothes.


 Aside from washing, it was harder than I expected to clean my whole body, so I could only do it once every few days, and I was still one of the cleanest adventurers.


 It’s like washing my whole body several times a day, and it’s noticeable. Well, Dan and Rocky didn’t notice anything at all.



 Following Dan, we enter the Adventurer’s Guild.


 There were many people in the guild. Adventurers line up at the front counter, and many adventurers gather in front of the bulletin board on the left to discuss the requests, and on the right is an area where the table and chairs are installed, adventurers are chatting about anything.


 And there were people at the back of the counter who seemed to be staff members. They are talking to adventurers in front of the counter and wrestling documents and printed woodblock.


 Everyone seems to be busy.


 After all, the size of the guild and the number of adventurers is completely different from the Southern Village.



“There are many people, is this okay?” (Rook)


“Hmm? Yeah, I just came to see if the guild had any good requests. If there’s nothing, I’ll just go into the forest and hunt for something.” (Dan)


 I curiously asked and Dan answered.


 After that, while Dan went to check on the request, Mel told me more about the life of an adventurer, and I was able to vaguely understand more.


 First, many adventurers come to the Adventurer’s Guild first thing in the morning to confirm their requests. Or just to collect information while looking for a good request.


 There is no telephone or television in this world. Of course, there is no internet, probably no newspapers, and maybe even homing pigeons. The only way to get new information is to ask people.


 Maybe there are some rumors or stories, like a fairy familiar, messenger, goblin, or something legendary.



 Most adventurer guilds don’t have enough requests to accommodate all the adventurers. So many adventurers make money from subjugation rewards and other sources. Even so, adventurers come to the guild in the morning to gather information and make connections. The information they get there may save their lives, or the connections they make may help them find work in the future.


 The connections between people are important.



“What do you think of this request from the Stoll Trading Company?” (Dan)



 Dan came back from the bulletin board with a piece of wood and said so.


 The Stoll Trading Company is a trading company the two merchants we escorted when we came to this town belong to, and they have a close relationship with Mel’s family. It seems that the Wind Troupe often receives requests from the Stoll Trading Company through their connections.


 This request is for an escort. But this time it’s not the southern village, but to a village in the forest east of Rankfurt. It’s a day’s ride from here to the forest village by carriage, so we’ll need to camp there. That’s not a problem, but…



“The reward is 10 gold coins. Meals during escort are provided by the company. Round-trip escort to and from Forrest Village returning to Rankfurt. We will only receive it at the end. The maximum period of the provisions is seven days, but after that it is undecided. There is no guarantee of lodging and food after that period, but you are free to act.” (Dan)



 After Dan says this and looks at us, he continued.



“I’d love to accept it. The rewards are good, and the cost of repairing the armor took a lot of money.” (Dan)



 So that’s it. It should be reasonably good in terms of the reward. However what will happen to us during the unknown period, and even if we sleep in the inn without doing anything during that period, we should not be in the red. We can also do another job in the meantime.


 With that in mind, Rocky said, “It’s no good,” and after Mel thought a little, she said, “Ugugu… the reward is good, but the conditions are… well, it’s not that bad.”


 And three people look at me.



 Everyone is waiting for my opinion.


 Oh, that’s right. I’m also a member of the party.


 That’s a matter of course, and of course, I haven’t forgotten it, but I was kind of happy.




“Then, let’s accept that request.” (Rook)


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