All-rounder Healer Chapter 53: First Stampede

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“Okay! Everyone should evacuate into the gate! Close the gate as soon as the evacuation is complete!” (Waller)



 The Guild Master yells down.


 People working outside heard his voice and hurriedly ran into the gate.



“Look, the monsters are coming now. When I give you the signal, release your magic and arrows at once. Aim for the ones in front of you, at the very front of the enemy. If you hit the front row and slow them down, the monsters behind them will run over them on their own. That’s it. Okay, line up in a row!” (Waller)



 Everyone scatters at the words of Guild Master.


 I also walked towards the wall, found a suitable place, and waited.



 No one said a word. A normal adventurer would have at least one complaint, but no one said anything.


 Do they know that there is nothing they can do if they say something to someone? Or is it that they can’t think of anything to do? Or is it…



 I raised my head and looked forward.


 You can see monsters coming at us making the earth shake and dust roll up in the air.


 That’s a… Forest Wolf!


 There were at least a few hundred more wolf-type monsters closing in right on the town.


 The moment I saw it in plain sight, I felt my breath quicken and my heartbeat faster.


 Calm down. Be patient.


 That’s what I told myself over and over again as I tried to keep my composure, but my heart kept beating faster and faster.



“First wave! Come on! Get ready!” (Rook)



 The adventurers on the wall began to prepare in unison at the shout of the Guild Master.


 The magicians began chanting, and the archers drew and strained their arrows.



“Fire, strike down my enemy!” (Adventurer)


“Water, pierce my enemy!” (Adventurer)


“Fire, strike down my enemy!” (Adventurer)


“Wind, shoot my enemy!” (Adventurer)



 The chanting of many different spells and the creaking sound of bows being drawn echoed around us.


 The people watching from under the wall became tense and began to murmur. I wondered if it had started on the north side of the wall as well, and it became noisy there as well.


 I hurriedly began to chant a spell.



“Light, shoot down my enemy.” (Rook)



 The magical power that flows from my Tanden in the depths of my stomach traveled through my body and flowed to my right hand.


 Perhaps I was working hard, I poured in enough magical power to an unknown amount. Perhaps there was a limit to the maximum amount that could flow, but after pouring in several times the usual amount, it stopped flowing.


 And we wait.


 For the enemy.


 A voice signaling.



 Forest Wolves are getting closer and closer.


 Are they not near enough yet? Isn’t it time to shoot them down?


 Those phrases echoed in my head over and over again.


 How many more minutes have I waited like this? No, in fact, it might have only been a few seconds.


 I looked sideways at the others and saw that they all looked anxious, their eyes swimming and their breathing ragged.


 Out of nowhere, I could hear murmuring of things like “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck” and “God damn…”


 I looked forward.


 I could see Forrest Wolf’s face.


 Unlike the last time I saw it, its eyes were bloodshot, drool was spraying from its mouth, and it looked like it was going crazy.


 I felt a chill run through my body at the sight of it, and I shivered.


 And then, just as everyone’s nerves peaked as they got so close that I thought I could hear the Forest Wolves’ breath.



“Everyone! Let it go!” (Rook)



 A command flew from the Guild Master’s mouth.


 At that moment, everyone’s tension is released at once, and everyone moves as if a switch has been flipped.


 First, the arrows shot by the archers rain down on the Forest Wolves like rain. Piercing the rows in front of the group, the staggered Forest Wolf rolls over, most of them falling like dominos. In addition, some of the rows that avoided the arrows ran into the Forest Wolves that have fallen collided and bounced away due to the momentum.





“[Fireball]!” (Adventurer)


“[Water Arrow]!” (Adventurer)


“[Fire Arrow]!” (Adventurer)


“[Wind Ball]!” (Adventurer)


“[Light Ball]!” (Adventurer)



 The spells cast by the magicians pierced through the Forest as they try to jump over their fallen comrades and advance.


 A group of Forest Wolves was blown away due to the series of explosions and implosion, flames, and deluge, as the dust fluttered in the air.



“Once again! Behind that sand smoke! Release more, shoot more!” (Waller)



 Everyone shoots arrows and magic one after another at the sound of the Guild Master’s voice.



“Light, shoot down my enemy! [Light Ball]!” (Rook)



 I also just fired [Light Ball] in pure desperation.



“Light, shoot down my enemy! [Light Ball]!” (Rook)


“Light, shoot down my enemy! [Light Ball]!” (Rook)


“Light, shoot down…” (Rook)



“Okay! It’s over! Cease fire!” (Waller)



 The voice of the Guild Master suddenly returned to me and stopped chanting the spell.


 The magical power that was gathering in my right hand goes around my body and dissipates.



“…” (Rook)



 Everyone is silently looking towards the dust cloud.


 After waiting for a while, the dust cloud slowly settled, and we were gradually able to see behind it.


 After the dust disappeared, the ground was gouged, numerous corpses of Forest Wolves, and some barely moving Forest Wolves were left.



“… Okay, you’ve had your work cut out for you. Rest a while.” (Waller)



 Hearing the Guild Master’s voice, I sat myself down.


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