All-rounder Healer Chapter 75: Holidays and Exploring the Town

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 The next morning, I apply [Purification] on myself before going down to the first floor.



 As usual, the adventurers were gathered in the tavern on the first floor, eating and drinking something.


 In this world, there is no means of communication like the telephone. Naturally, there is no such thing as an alarm clock. Therefore, adventurers wake up when the sun rises, go to their meeting place, and wait for the entire party to arrive before leaving for work.


 Since the only way to know the time is by the position of the sun, it is inevitable that this would be the case.


 In other words, the people who gather at the tavern in the morning are here to wait for their friends. They are not there to have a drink in the morning–



“Hey, uncle! Another mug.” (Adventurer)


“It’s still morning, Customer. Are you sure?” (Barkeeper)


“It’s okay! Today is my day-off, a holiday.” (Adventurer)


“… Well, I won’t complain as long as you are going to pay.” (Barkeeper)



 —it should have been…





 I left the inn and headed south.


 Today, I’m going to attack the dungeon with renewed vigor! …not. I’m going to take a break from the dungeon capture today and take a look at the town.


 I’ve arrived at the D-rank tier, which was my goal, and now I have more time to spare, I also needed to know what was in the town.


 It’s not that I’m slacking off like the adventurer earlier… No, really.


 And I also wanted to recondition my spear.



 Since coming to this town and entering this dungeon, I have killed a good number of monsters in a short period of time.


 When I was in a party, I didn’t have as many monsters to kill in a day because each person didn’t have as many enemies to take on and I had to travel to where the monsters were. In particular, the number of El Sheep we hunted was small because their whole body was useful and we needed to bring them home.


 But now the situation is completely different.


 As soon as I enter the dungeon, I encounter a lot of monsters, and even if they are useful all over, like Desert Cow, I can’t bring them back because they all disappear except for the drops, and I have to kill many of them.


 In other words, combat is a constant source of armor wear and tear.



 Well, recently I’ve come to think that there may be a problem with my way of fighting.


 The adventurers in this world have a very practical way of using their weapons. Except for beginners, of course.


 Once they gain some experience, they seem to be able to avoid hitting the tough parts of monsters with their blades. In other words, they try to avoid the bones and aim at the vital points.


 The reason for this is simple: hacking with a hard object will damage the weapon.


 There is no need to talk about technology, but everyone learns from the bitter experience of smashing a weapon against a monster, ruining it, and paying a lot of money for it.


 So I guess that means I’m in the middle of learning that too?



“… But it’s difficult, isn’t it?” (Rook)



 It’s easy to say you’re going to do it, but it’s really hard to actually do it.


 Especially since I’m solo and don’t have a lot of time to worry about weapons.


 If I had the luxury of worrying about weapons, I would rather spend it on my own safety.



 I had studied what I would classify as ancient martial arts. However, I didn’t consciously practice it to that extent. In the days when samurai were still active in Japan, they might have trained to aim at the exposed skin of the enemy or between the ribs, but I wonder how many people in modern Japan would be so conscious about learning martial arts.


 In the end, my current martial art may be that I’m reasonably good with weapons, but not very practical.





 I wandered through the town in the morning by myself.


 As expected from the fact that the name of this town is the labyrinthine city of Elem, it is a town made up of dungeons.


 The town was built here because of the dungeon. Therefore, around the dungeon, there are stores related to the dungeon.


 That’s what the owner of the inn told me, but when I actually walked around the dungeon like this, I was reminded that he was right.


 Weapons stores, armor stores, general stores, and various other stores were everywhere.



“For now, let’s go into one of the stores that sell weapons.” (Rook)



 After looking around the main street and thinking about what to do, I safely entered the largest store.



When I entered the store, I saw shelves lined up in a store that seemed to be 20 tatami mats in size, with various weapons and shields hanging on the walls.


 I walked to the back, observing the products.


 The shelves were lined with knives, ropes, armor, unfamiliar items, and many other things. Apparently, this store was a general store that sold a variety of products.



 When I reached the back of the store, there was a counter with a man in his mid-twenties.


 I asked him to maintain the spear for me.



“Excuse me. I’d like you to repair this one.” (Rook)


“Spear maintenance…” (Shopkeeper)



 Then he looked a little troubled.


 Is there a problem? I thought, then he continued.



“It’s possible. But since we specialize in distribution, we would have to outsource the work. That will take time. Therefore, I recommend that you take it directly to the blacksmith in the back alley…” (Rook)



 With that, he mumbled his words.



 Oh, I see. No, he’s right… Just because they are selling weapons doesn’t mean they are making them. It’s a normal thing in Japan too, isn’t it? Just because a convenience store sells ale doesn’t mean they are making ale. It’s just the natural thing.


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