All-rounder Healer Chapter 95: Everyone it is Actually not a Type of Scam

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“Magi Location Grimoire”


“Sacred Magic Grimoire”



 As usual, I was a little surprised and confused at the words that came to my mind.



“That… I thought it would be Holy Water since it should’ve been its turn.” (Rook)



 Well, some things don’t appear that conveniently.


 With that in mind, looking around and checking my safety before opening the grimoire. Every time I turn the page, something flows into me from the grimoire, and something is being completed inside. When I finished reading the whole thing, the grimoire burned and disappeared as usual.


 I put together the information about the new magic that remained in my head and think.



“Hmm, this is…” (Rook)



 Well, I guess it’s faster to use it anyway.


 I raised my right hand in front of me and chanted the spell that was newly engraved in my mind.



“Power that guides magic and controls everything. Sacred World Open [Magi Location]!” (Rook)



 Magic power overflowed from the depths of my gut, rushing through my body, gathering in my right hand, and flowing out of my palm. At that moment, something invisible enveloped my surroundings, and then that something spread around me like a whirlpool.



“…” (Rook)



 I closed my eyes and walked in circles around the room.


 It’s a very interesting sensation. Even though my eyes were closed, I was able to grasp the situation around me. I can see where the walls are, where the doors are, …… and even the passage on the other side of the doors.



 I opened my eyes and crossed my arms as I contemplated this magic.


 First of all, the area of effect is about a hundred-meter radius. I can see everything within that radius without even looking at it. In other words, I can see behind me.


 Crouching down, I touched the ground.


 Then the ground and the ceiling. I’m not sure about this one… I get the feeling that there are blocks of stone a few hundred centimeters thick, but I can’t figure out what’s beyond that. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a dungeon, or if it’s just that you can’t see underground.



“But it’s a magic that seems to be quite interesting.” (Rook)





 I wander around the 20th floor and think about various things.


 There is something… something, I feel something is wrong. Since I got the grimoire of [Magi Location] earlier, I feel like I’ve forgotten something, whether it’s something unknown or overlooked, I don’t understand. I can’t connect the dots. I’m still missing some information, but I feel like there’s something there. My intuition is telling me so.


 If I were on Earth, I could just chalk it up to my imagination. But in that white place, I figured out my abilities. And I have acquired the ability of [Intuition] myself. In other words, my current intuition should be reasonably reliable.


 However, since I don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle, I can’t find the right answer. But I don’t think it’s right to give up thinking just because I can’t see it.



“Hmm… This?” (Rook)



 While I was walking while thinking, I came to the outermost passage.


 I continued walking and stopped in front of the outer wall.



“This is……” (Rook)



 As far as I can tell from [Magi Location], this wall, like the ground and the ceiling, is made up of a few hundred centimeters of stone blocks, and I have no idea what’s beyond that.


 I felt as if this level was a space completely cut off from the outside world, and I began to feel a little scared.


 Feeling somewhat uneasy, I continued along the perimeter.



“…Huh?” (Rook)



 After walking along the perimeter for a while, I suddenly felt a sense of discomfort.


 I checked the map, checked visually, and checked using [Magi Location] to determine what was wrong.


 I continued walking, stopping at the spot, and tilted my head.


 The place is just a perimeter wall, according to the map and my eyes.


 —Through [Magi location], I could see a space behind it.





“…Is this a hidden room?” (Rook)



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