Black Cat Chapter 130: Trap

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 The wyvern swooped in from directly above in the morning, and the adventurers were forced to spend the afternoon cleaning up the damage.


 A large crater had formed in the area where the wyvern was waiting, and the footholds had become poor, littered with stones and dirt.



 The adventurers had nothing to do, and their losses were increasing, but there was no sign of resignation in their eyes.


 Those who remained were motivated by a desire to avenge the deaths and injuries of their comrades, and those who wanted to do everything in their power to prevent their town from being attacked.



 On the other hand, there were also those who put away their tents so quickly and began to retreat.


 Some called them cowards, but adventurers are supposed to protect their own lives.


 It is a wise choice to retreat without hesitation if you feel you are no match for them or that you cannot be of any use to them.



 As the western sky turned red and the peak of Mount Bule blended into the indigo sky, the adventurers finished their work and returned to the encampment.


 A few of them, who still had confidence in their enhanced eyesight, were staring at Mount Bule, but it was so dark that an ordinary person could only manage to make out a silhouette, and it was impossible to spot the wyvern.



 Everyone from Chariot returned to the encampment and began preparing dinner.


 You can’t fight a war if you’re hungry, so while most of the adventurers were leveling the camp, I went down to the river and caught some fish.



 I caught fish for Chariot, my brother, and the rest of the Bored Men.


 I gutted the fish, skewered it, sprinkled salt on it, drained it a bit, and then roasted it slowly over a long fire using a fire magic circle made with void magic.



“Oh, it looks delicious, Nyango. How much is one?” (Jill)



 Of course, Jill asked me jokingly, to which I replied in a light tone.



“I don’t need money. Instead, I will make you work hard until we finish the wyvern subjugation.” (Nyango)


“You don’t need to tell me that. Of course, I’m going to kill the sh*tty winged lizard, but… We’ve got to drag it down first.” (Jill)


“Yes, the plan we had in mind yesterday didn’t work, so we’ll come up with something else.” (Nyango)



 As Chariot and Bored Men gathered around a dinner of salt-grilled fish, stewed pot au feu, and bread and wine, the rest of the party began to murmur.



“Hey, what is that light…” (Adventurer)


“Is there anyone out there…?” (Adventurer)



 From the adventurers’ camp, a fluffy light was drifting around an area even closer to Mount Bule than where the bait cows had been tethered.


 The light was about the size of a small night-lighting device, and as soon as it seemed to drift away, it moved quickly and disappeared.



 As the lost adventurers twisted their necks to see what it was, a light suddenly flashed in the direction of the river, at least 100 meters away from the spot where the light had disappeared.


 The light moved away from the river in the direction of the north, but all that could be seen was the light and no one was in sight.



“What is that…” (Adventurer)


“Hey, some bastard’s prank… What the heck!” (Adventurer)



 The light, which was moving northward in a fluffy manner, suddenly began to rise upwards.


 It rose to a height of two meters, three meters, four meters… and clearly unreachable by human hands, and then disappeared again in a puff.



“Oh, come on, it couldn’t have been a person, right?” (Adventurer)


“No way, are those the souls of those killed by the wyvern?” (Adventurer)



 Just as the adventurers began to stir, a light came on, this time in the direction of the north.


 Then it began to move in a southerly direction, this time in a fluffy manner.



“Hey, there’s more.” (Adventurer)


“Two… No, three.” (Adventurer)



 The number of lights increased to two, then three, and they drifted in any direction they wanted.


 The adventurers, forgetting to eat, gathered at the edge of the encampment and began to follow the movement of the lights with their eyes.



“Nyango, why don’t we go take a look?” (Fawkes)


“Brother, if the fish gets cold, it won’t taste as good. Yummeow! Freshly grilled, fluffy, yummeow!”


“That’s right…Yeah, yummeow!” (Fawkes)



 While most of the adventurers were distracted by the fluffy light, my brother and I had finished fighting with the grilled fish and were reaching for the pot au feu, which was almost cold enough to eat.


 With a loud bang, there was a flash of light in the sky.



“Gyaa!!!” (Wyvern)


“It’s the wyvern! Brother hide!” (Nyango)


“I will!” (Fawkes)



 I run to the position to take down the wyvern, looking sideways at my brother who is hiding under the wagon.


 Shure is running next to me.



 Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of explosions rang out.



“Nyango’s trap, huh…” (Shure)


“It’s annoying if we’re the ones always getting hit.” (Nyango)



 After dark, we adventurers had to use body enhancement magic to see at night.


 Even with that, there is a limit to how far we can see.



 The Wyvern has been attacking us when we are caught off guard.


 If this was the case, I thought it would be a dangerous time for us to get a little drunk after dinner.



 So, I thought that if I put a light magic circle made with void magic floating in the middle of an empty meadow, the wyvern might be attracted to it and attack.


 Near the light, I also left a powerful lightning magic circle floating in the air, making it a trap that would numb the wyvern if it touched it.



 The wyvern that was caught in the trap touched the lightning magic circle and became numb, causing it to scream in surprise.


 When the wyvern was startled and fell to the ground, I surrounded it with pulverization magic circles and fired in rapid succession.



 When Shure and I arrived at the camp, the wyvern was shaking its head on the grass.


 The pulverization magic circle must have been successfully activated near its head.



“Nyango, don’t let it escape!” (Shure)


“I know, [Pulverize]!” (Nyango)



 The wyvern’s side of the head was targeted and the magic circle was activated.


 The wyvern’s head was shaken with a booming explosion.


 No matter how sturdy the monster is, it will lose its sense of balance if it is hit in the head.



“Kyiiiiii!” (Wyvern)



 Even so, the wyvern shook its head and spread its wings wide.



“[Lightning]!” (Nyango)



 With a louder bang, sparks flew from the wyvern’s wings.


 Unlike the trap used to trap the wyvern earlier, the wyvern’s wings were covered with lightning magic circles.



 It was probably powerful enough to electrocute a human, but the wyvern was still moving.


 I’m going to give it one more shot, a lightning magic circle as big as I can make it.



“Giiiiii!” (Wyvern)



 The wyvern’s body stiffens, and its movements are visibly slowed down, but there is no support from the other adventurers.


 They had gathered to watch the fluffy drifting light while they were eating, so they hurriedly returned to get their equipment and weapons.



“Shure, I barely have any magic power left.” (Nyango)


“Aim for the head and restrain it!” (Shure)


“Got it!” (Nyango)



 I continued to maintain my traps with light and lightning magic circles, a barrage of pulverization magic circles, and an eyeful of fire magic circles, but I was no longer able to use strong magic.


 I harassed the wyvern by activating [Burner], aiming at its eyeballs and the tip of its nose.



 In the meantime, Shure, who has approached the wyvern, sends a blade flying with wind magic, but it seems to be far from fatal, only slightly wounding the hard scales.


 Just when it looked as if it was going to retaliate, an arrow pierced Wyvern’s left eye.



“Gyiiiii!” (Wyvern)


“Nyango, well done!” (Serge)


“Serge, I’m low on magic…” (Nyango)


“Give me support later!” (Serge)


“Got it.” (Nyango)



 Serge fires two arrows with wind magic, but they only penetrate shallowly.



“Damn, what’s with that hardness.” (Serge)



 Serge grumbled as he drew his bow, readying the third arrow.


 He took more time than before to finish the chanting and then fired the arrow at the wyvern.



 The arrow was released with the sound of air bursting. Then it pierced the base of the wyvern’s neck at a much faster speed than before.



“Gyooooo!” (Wyvern)


“Take that, you f*cking lizard!” (Serge)



 At the same time as Serge clenched his right fist, a number of fireballs exploded this time.



“Do it! Hit that thing with fire and wind magic!” (Adventurer)


“Ora! Eat this!” (Adventurer)



 The adventurers gathered around and pelted the creatures with fire and wind magic.


 Fire and water are incompatible, but fire and wind have a synergistic effect.



 A ball of fire bursts into the wyvern and burns vigorously, fueled by wind-attribute magic.


 From the Escalante side across the river, fire-attribute magic also came shooting in.



 The adventurers were no longer concerned with whether Lagart or Escalante was the winner; the only thing on their minds was killing the wyvern.


 From Escalante’s side, a huge fireball, five meters in diameter, shot out and struck the wyvern.



“Gyiiii…” (Wyvern)



 The wyvern, engulfed in flames, stretched its neck high as if twisting itself, and then fell forward.


 After the wyvern fell, there was a moment of silence, and immediately afterward, the adventurers erupted in cheers.



“We did it!” (Serge)


“We killed the Wyvern!” (Nyango)



 I was about to high-five Serge, who was standing next to me, and Shure, who had returned, when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, and the hairs on my stood up.


 The wyvern’s long tail, engulfed in flames, was raised high.



“[Shield]!” (Nyango)



 I put up my full-strength [Shield] and the wyvern’s tail swung down at about the same time.


 The ground exploded, sending dirt and stones flying at great speed.



 I tried to pull Serge and Shure’s arms to make them fall, but with my lightness, I was only able to lift myself off the ground.


 Seeing the sand and earth rushing toward us, the two of them hurriedly threw themselves out of the way, but after a momentary time lag before my [Shield] was broken, we too were blown away.



 Although I maintained my full armor of void magic, I was rolled across the grass like a soccer ball that had been kicked away.



“Kyiiiii!” (Wyvern)



 I looked up at the high-pitched squeal, and the wyvern’s body engulfed in flames, collapsed.


 At the same time, a wyvern with a whiter body than before appeared, flapped its wings as if to strike, and in a flash soared to a height high enough to be seen.




 Fire magic shot out from Escalante’s side, but the wyvern rose to a higher altitude and dissolved into the darkness of the night sky.




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