Black Cat Chapter 181: Bombardment

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T/N: Disclaimer. Some gore present.



“It hurts, it hurts, please get me out!” (Voice)


“Hey, brace yourself!” (Voice)


“No, don’t move!” (Voice)


“Help me… Someone, please help me…” (Voice)



 The venue, which just a short time ago was filled with a somber atmosphere, is now a terrible mess of groans and angry shouts.


 Stone debris larger than my fist rained down from the sky on the densely populated venue.



 Moreover, as a result of many people running away from the tiered bleachers, people fell down like an avalanche.


 Not only were people injured by the direct impact of the stones and debris, but there were also people who were trapped under the collapsed people, and there are people who are suffocated.



 When I thought about how they would attack if they couldn’t get into the second district, the first thing that came to mind was a bombardment.


 If you put the pulverization magic circle into a sturdy container and activate it, you can direct the force of the explosion in a certain direction.



 Whenever I use pulverization magic circle, I always concentrate the power in this way, and if I add ammunition to it, I can use it as a cannon.


 Unlike gunpowder, it may only fire one time, but I knew it would still be a powerful weapon if I could make the ammunition fly.



 The venue was in terrible shape, but I had anticipated a large cannonball, so we deployed a three-layered [Airbag], a thick rubber-like [Shield], and a dome-shaped normal [Shield], so Princess Elmerine was not injured.


 However, some of the children participating in the ceremony were injured by direct hits from the stone debris, and others remained motionless as they fell.



 Derrick, a member of the Marquis Escalante family, was also crouching down holding his left shoulder, bleeding from his head.



“Mr. Nyango, please aid the injured.” (Elmerine)


“Princess, I don’t think the attack is over yet. Removing the shield now…” (Nyango)


“I implore you.” (Elmerine)



 The stone stage seems to be in disarray, and above all, the stairway bleachers are in a state of chaos, and the guard knights are unable to get close.


 It would be better to give first aid, and I can’t say no to Princess Elmerine’s strong request.



“…I understand. Then, could you please come with me?” (Nyango)



 I had to disperse the shield if we moved away, so together with Princess Elmerine and Aida, I walked up to Derrick.


 Once the shield was released, we once again deployed the shield in a dome shape to surround the three of us, including Derrick.



“Master Derrick, are you okay?” (Nyango)


“I-I got hurt in the shoulder…” (Derrick)



 Apparently, a flying stone debris grazed his head and then hit his left shoulder.


 There is a lot of bleeding due to the head injury, but he seems to be conscious.



 I advised him to press on the wound tightly with a handkerchief, took out a thin rope from the pocket of my cargo pants, and made a loop so that he could hang his left arm from his neck.



“Master Derrick, please hang your left arm now. Once the situation has calmed down, we will move to the stone stage.” (Nyango)


“Guh… I understand.” (Derrick)



 The royalty and nobles who were watching the ceremony on the stone stage seem to have escaped the difficulty thanks to the activities of the escorting knights.


 Just a quick glance, it looked as if the wind was swirling and flames were being blown up.



 Perhaps they were blown away by powerful magic, but it seems that some people were injured by the stone debris that got through.


 I would like to move to the stone stage, but it seems unlikely that I will be able to reach it due to the ongoing chaos in the hall.



“The northwest gate has been breached! The attackers are coming in like an avalanche!” (Knight)



 As we searched for a route that would somehow lead us to the stone stage, we heard disturbing news.


 Immediately after that, the ground-shaking explosion was heard again.






“They’re coming again! Crouch and protect your heads!” (Nyango)



 I loudly instructed the people in the hall to deploy the triple defense again.


 This time the explosion sounded like it was coming from the southwest.






 Once again, stone debris larger than a fist rained down on the hall like rain.


 Roars and screams mingled, and another chess match broke out in the bleachers.



 When the rain of stones and debris stopped, so many people were crouching and groaning that it was difficult to find anyone uninjured.



“This time, the southwestern gate is being attacked. Quickly, quickly, please get help!” (Knight)



 It seemed that a four-stage assault was already underway… bombardment from the northwest, assault on the gate, bombardment from the southwest, and assault on the gate… but it didn’t seem to be over yet.



“Nyango, what are you going to do now?” (Aida)



 Aida, who had been crouching with her head in her hands while the stones and gravel were raining down on her, was now anxiously looking around the hall.



“The chaos in the hall has not yet subsided, so it would be dangerous to move now. In a little while, the Knights will begin to evacuate the area. Master Derrick is also injured, so let’s wait until the knights reach here.” (Nyango)


“I understand.” (Aida)



 I can’t escort Princess Elmerine and Aida and carry the injured Derrick by myself.


 I would like to have at least one knight come to support me, but it seems that the stairs to the ground are flooded with fleeing people and they cannot come down.



 Kaboom! Kaboom!



 Another series of explosions, which seems to be a pulverization magic circle, is heard, this time from behind the cathedral.


 At the same time, something like a shout is heard, and it seems that there is a commotion nearby as well.



“Don’t push! Calm down and get up!” (Knight)


“Prioritize women and children! Lend a hand to the injured!” (Knight)



 On the bleachers, the knights were beginning to call out for evacuation.


 On the stone stage, some of the royalty and nobles seemed to have left their seats and started moving.



 If the evacuation continues smoothly, the chaos should be coming to an end, but my whiskers have been tingling since a while ago, and I can’t shake the bad feeling I have.


 I took out the magic potion given to me by the viscount and sipped half of it.



“Ugh… Bitter.” (Nyango)



 If the attacks continue after this, I’m worried that I’ll run out of magic midway through.


 If I refill it after it runs out, I may not be able to make it in time.



 It doesn’t feel like I am boiling up like when I ate the goblin’s heart, but I feel like my magical power is slowly rising.


 Let’s keep the other half just in case.






 When the explosion sounded at a closer distance than before, the evacuees came back screaming and ran toward the stone stage.



“What are you doing! Stop!” (Knight)






 Just as the knight shouted in the direction of the road leading to the west gate behind the cathedral, an explosion sounded even closer and the knight’s body was blown away.


 The people who had been running away were caught up in it, and even behind the stone stage screams were heard.



“Kill them! Kill all the royals, nobles, and rich!” (Attacker)



 The black-clad man who appeared on the stairway shouted as he fired a familiar silver tubular magic gun into the hall.






 While I was distracted by the man firing his magic gun wildly, an explosion sounded above the bleachers on the opposite side.


 A cannon with a pulverization magic circle must have been firing horizontally, and pieces of a knight’s flesh and armor parts blown to pieces rained down on the audience, causing another scream.



“Bring me the next one! There’s still a noble kid left alive… Ugh!” (Attacker)



 I wind up with firing three-point burst in the belly of the man who screamed while firing his magic gun wildly.


 Two strong men come out from behind the shot man, holding what looks like an earthen pipe.



 Apparently, this is the cannon of the anti-noble faction.



“[Shield!]” (Nyango)


“Fire!” (Attacker)






 At the same time as the explosion sounded, the men holding the tube were blown away.


 The cannon’s firing port had been tightly shielded, so the cannon exploded.



“Nyango, behind!” (Derrick)


“Nya… [Pulverize]!” (Nyango)


“Fire!” (Attacker)






 I turned around at the sound of Derrick’s voice and saw that he was being targeted by cannons from the opposite side as well.


 There was no time to harden the firing port, so I activated the pulverization magic circle on the front of the cannon to cancel it out.



 I was not able to adjust the power of the magic circle, but it seems that my magic circle was more powerful than the cannon’s and no fragments flew away.



 Boff… Boff… Boff…



 Suddenly, the dome-shaped shield was hit by a flame bullet and popped.


 A new group of people, perhaps coming down through the interior of the cathedral, came running toward us, firing their magic guns rapidly.



 At first glance, there seemed to be about 30 people.



“Tsk, what’s going on… it’s not working!” (Attacker)


“Is that the work of that pussycat?” (Attaker)


“Hey, you’re right! If we don’t break that strange magic, the kids behind him…” (Attacker)






 I blew the head of the screaming, black-clad man with a three-point burst.



“Princess, could you please close your eyes for a moment?” (Nyango)


“No, as a member of the royal family, I have a duty to watch over you.” (Elmerine)


“Okay, I’ll clean it up quickly.” (Nyango)



 Even while I was talking with Princess Elmerine, the black-clad men were firing magic guns at us.


 The men cannot be seen because of the flame bullet that hit the [Shield], but they could be identified at a glance by deploying detection magic.



 Drrr… Drrr… Drrr…



 The magic gun magic circle is activated right in front of the chests of the detected men, so it is impossible to avoid it.



 Drrr… Drrr… Drrr…



 Looking like there were only a few left, the attack from the magic gun stopped and my field of vision opened up.



“Oh f*ck… it’s a monster…” (Attacker)


“Run away!” (Attaker)


“[Death Choker Type R].” (Nyango)


“I… Ugh.” (Attaker)


“Hey, what’s going on… Gaa!” (Attaker)


“[Phalanx]!” (Nyango)






 Two of them with Death Chokers and the rest with a barrage of shots, cleaving and annihilating the men in black.



“Nyango, up there!” (Aida)


“They’re persistent, [Pulverize]! [Pulverize]!” (Nyango)



 Two pairs of men appeared with cannons on the bleachers and were blown away by pulverization magic circles.


 I waited with detection magic above the bleachers, and when the guys approached with a cannon, I gave them a three-point burst in no time.



 Among the black-clad men, there were also wolfkin and tigerkin mixed in.


 Are the anti-nobles not always those who are discriminated against because of their race?



 Another group of black-clad men appeared through the interior of the cathedral and began firing a barrage of magic guns.



“[Wall]!” (Nyango)



 If it is an attack by magic, even a thin wall is enough to prevent it.


 From the one who showed the intention to attack, I gave him a three-point burst to the chest.



 The cathedral was slightly burnt down by the shots that went through it, but I hope they’ll excuse it as force majeure.



“It’s the Knights! More Knights have arrived!” (Man)



 A man at the top of the bleachers, peering out fearfully, shouted out, and the hall was filled with shouts of joy.


 Another explosion could be heard, but it seemed to be quite a distance away from the venue.



 The group that was about to come out of the cathedral rushed back inside when they heard the other knights’ arrival.


 I thought about shooting them in the back, but I felt my magic power was running low, so I decided not to attack them and took out my magic potion and drank the rest of it.



“Me-yuck… Magic potion, me-yuck.” (Nyango)



I can’t let my guard down yet, but the tingling of my whiskers has subsided, and it appears that the attack is over, for now.



T/N: Good job Nyango. You’ve really grown, from hunting Forest Mouse to terrorists.




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