Black Cat Chapter 182: The Attack Has Stopped…

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 As it turns out, it was very bad.


 To begin with, it is no exaggeration to say that this “Nest Leaving Ceremony” is being held for Princess Elmerine.



 The reason why most of the nobles, not to mention the royal family, are there is because after the “Nest Leaving Ceremony” is over, the marriage proposal is to be made in earnest.


 There are some arrangements between the parents that allow the couple to marry from an early age… but it is common among royalty and nobility to wait until the couple has grown up before proceeding with the marriage proposal.



 Medical care is not as advanced as in Japan, and it is not unusual for children to die from illness.


 If the child is healthy when he or she undergoes the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” it is likely that the child’s future growth will be fine.



 In addition, in times of tension with neighboring countries, princesses are often used as tools for political marriages with other countries, but the current Kingdom of Schrendl maintains good relations with its neighbors.


 It is said that on such occasions, marriages are arranged between domestic nobles.



 Except for the nobles who are close to the royal family in blood, all nobles want to strengthen their ties with the royal family.


 It seems that from the moment Princess Elmerine underwent the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” the curtain was set to fall on the race for her husband.



 After the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” an unveiling ball was scheduled to be held at the royal castle.


 Many sons of noble families were expected to come forward to claim their names at the event.



 Naturally, if they had not seen Princess Elmerine at the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” they would be far behind in the husband-to-be race.


 With all the attention of the nobles who were planning to marry her, Princess Elmerine was left behind in the chaos of the event.



 The nobles who witnessed the scene almost covered their eyes with despair as they watched the stones and debris raining down on them and the attack by the black-clad men.


 Princess Elmerine, however, did not suffer a single wound, and the men who attacked her were beaten back.



 The only people nearby were Aida and Derrick, who were supposed to undergo the ceremony together, and a catkin wearing leather armor.


 Since children cannot use magic before undergoing the “Nest Leaving Ceremony,” it was obvious who had protected Princess Elmerine.



 The chaos in the venue finally subsided, and the knights who came to pick up Princess Elmerine greeted me and shook my hand.



“Thank you, you did a great job protecting the princess.” (Knight)


“As expected of someone chosen by Viscount Lagart.” (Knight)



 All of the knights were muscular, macho men with massive bodies, and they shook hands with emotions high, so if I hadn’t used Body Enhancement Magic, my hands might have been crushed.


 It’s really troublesome because muscle-brained people don’t know the difference between moderation and subjugation.



“Mr. Nyango, would you please take me to my parents?” (Elmerine)


“Of course, it is an honor.” (Nyango)



 That’s a good answer, but when it comes to your parents, it’s the king and queen.


 This is bad, I don’t know anything about royal etiquette, but what should I do…



 The venue has been brought under control by the knights who came to support the event, evacuating spectators and carrying away the injured.


 One of the staircases at the rear of the hall and a passageway through the center was cleared for Princess Elmerine, and both sides were fortified by the guard knights.



 I walked with Princess Elmerine leading the way, receiving the gazes of the audience who were evacuating, the nobles who remained on the stone stage, and the knights guarding them.


 Aida was behind the princess, and Derrick was also walking on his own while being supported by a knight.



 As we reached the front of the staircase, a round of applause broke out, although I don’t know who started it.


 It was sparse at first, but it quickly spread and enveloped the hall.



 The “Nest Leaving Ceremony” had to be canceled due to an attack by an Anti-Noble Faction.


 In the midst of all this, Princess Elmerine’s beautiful figure was probably seen as a symbol that the royal family was alive and well.



 Amidst thunderous applause, she climbed the stairs and was stopped by a knight on her way to the stone stage.


 Seeing a great lionkin approaching at a quick pace, Princess Elmerine passed me.



“Father……” (Elermine)


“Oh, Elmerine, we’re glad you’re back safely.” (King)



 I didn’t know how to behave in front of the king, so I knelt down and bowed for now.


 In my downcast vision, I saw the king walking up to me.



“Well done for protecting Elmerine. Raise your head and tell your name.” (King)


“Oh, my name is Nyango, Your Majesty.” (Nyango)


“Hmm… That’s quite an interesting look. Thank you, Nyango. Now that you’re here, let me reward you.” (King)


“Thank you very much, Your Majesty.” (Nyango)



 I bowed my head and thanked him, and the applause started up again.


 As a reward, I wonder if I’ll be able to eat something really delicious… Just as I was thinking about this, a knight with with changing complexion came rushing in.



“Important news, Your Majesty! The magic car in which His Highness Ernest was riding was attacked… His Highness passed away.” (Knight)


“What! That cannot be!!” (King)


“But we have checked over and over again, Your Majesty.” (Knight)


“The healer… Did the healer not make it in time?!” (King)


“His Highness… His Highness Ernest has been blown apart…” (Knight)



 Apparently, the first prince, Ernest, had left the venue earlier.


 How can the person in charge of venue security flee ahead of us, leaving the king behind?



 It took a while for them to leave the venue, but the reason we didn’t receive any news during that time was that they must have been checking on Ernest’s body.


 Still, the road from here back to the Royal Castle should have been checked to make sure there were no pulverization magic circles buried in the ground.



 Or maybe it was hit by cannon fire?


 The atmosphere that had been dampened by the attack of the Anti-Noble Faction had been softened by the safe return of Princess Elmerine, but now the air was heavy once again.



“Tonight’s ball will be canceled. We will let you know more about the future, including the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’. Everyone, please safely return to your mansions.” (King)



 The king quietly announced to the assembled nobles, and then he took Princess Elmerine in his arms and covered her face with his right hand.


 As the nobles bowed their heads to see him off, the king, Princess Elmerine, and a woman who appeared to be the queen left the hall.



“Father…” (Aida)


“Aida, are you hurt anywhere?” (Frederick)



 When I heard the voice and turned around, Viscount Lagart was hugging Aida.


 Whether they are commoners or aristocrats, there is probably no difference in the love between parent and child.



“Nyango, you did a good job. I had not expected such a large-scale attack. I cannot thank you enough for protecting the princess and my daughter. I really cannot thank you enough.” (Frederick)


“I’m glad I could meet your expectations. Thanks to the magic potion you gave me, I was able to give it my all until the very end, milord.” (Nyango)


“Well, I prepared for it just in case, and apparently, it was the right thing to do.” (Frederick)



 As the Viscount and I were shaking hands, a Jaguarkin knight wearing fine armor walked up to us.



“Frederick, allow me to thank him as well.” (Jaguarkin)


“Ah, of course. Nyango, he is Derrick’s father and the current Knight Commander.” (Frederick)


“Ambris Escalante. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for protecting the princess and my son.” (Jaguarkin => Ambris)


“My name is Nyango, an adventurer from Ibouro. I apologize for not being able to block the initial attack and letting your son be injured, sir.” (Nyango)


“What are you talking about? My son is not as important as protecting the princess. We are lucky that his life was saved. Besides, if you had been able to move quickly to protect the princess during the first attack, he… He might not have been saved, right?” (Ambris)


“Maybe so, sir…” (Nyango)


“There’s no need to be worried. In that situation, no one could have protected everyone at the venue. In fact, I don’t think the princess would have been safe without you. Hold your head high. You have done a great job.” (Ambris)


“Thank you, sir.” (Nyango)



 When he shook hands with the current Knight Commander, the Marquis Escalante, there was another round of applause from the people around us.


 After that, several nobles praised me and asked me to shake my hand, but there were too many to remember.



 After being released from the handshaking by the nobles, he returned to the mansion with the viscount’s party.


 The Lagart family’s magic carriage was safe and sound, although it had been damaged by the attack.



 And then, on the coachman’s seat, there was a figure of Mr. Novak waving.



“Mr. Novak, are you okay?” (Nyango)


“I was shivering under this thing right after the first stone and debris came down. Following the attack on the way to the Royal Capital, I was chilled to the bone…” (Novak)



 He is trembling as he holds his body in his arms, but his expression seems more relaxed.


 Because he is mentally strong and surprisingly determined, I feel that people like Mr. Novak will survive even in chaotic situations like this attack.



 On the way back to the mansion, Madame Brigitte, Curtis, and Aida herself thanked me in the magic carriage.



“Anyway, if Father hadn’t brought Nyango, I wonder what would have happened…” (Curtis)


“No, it was more than I could have imagined. But with all the attacks along the way, and today’s attacks, I am just happy that we’re all right.” (Nyango)


“Yes, even His Royal Highness Ernest passed away, so the royal family will have to take serious measures against the Anti-Noble Faction.” (Brigitte)


“That’s how much discontent the people have built up. Our Lagart territory will also have to reform itself even more than before.” (Frederick)



 The people who were attacking today seem to think that the root of the problem is not race, but the disparity between the rich and the poor.


 If the poor are able to live peacefully shoulder to shoulder, however, those who are oppressed, such as the residents of the slums, are likely to become increasingly frustrated with the wealthy.



 It is the recognition that the symbol of their wealth is the existence and structure of royalty and nobility that has led to attacks like this one.


 I can’t come up with a good idea in my head, and as Mr. Novak once told me, this is exactly the kind of problem that royalty and nobility should be thinking about.



 While listening to the viscounts talk, I remembered that I still had the medal lent by Princess Elmerine.



“Um… I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation. I brought back the medal the princess lent me…” (Nyango)



 I was about to ask what I should do, but both the Viscount and Curtis had a reluctant look on their faces.



“Is this something I shouldn’t bring?” (Nyango)


“Nyango probably didn’t know this, but I failed to stop her, but for female royals to hang medals around other’s necks is a way to appoint knights to the royal guard.” (Curtis)


“Eeeeh! But…” (Nyango)


“Well, this is not a formal appointment, since the appointment is usually made in a formal setting like after the ‘Nest Leaving Ceremony’ is completed…” (Lagart)


“Father, the princess got you.” (Curtis)


“So… I can’t go back to being an adventurer?” (Nyango)


“The king said that he would grant you another reward, so a notice should come to our house. I will tell you about it at that time, but… Well, be prepared.” (Frederick)


“I see…” (Nyango)



It felt like the medal hanging from my neck suddenly became heavier.



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