Black Cat Chapter 65: Base

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 The next morning after spending the night in Ms. Leila’s apartment, the sky was filled with fluffy clouds.


 At the entrance to the apartment stood the same dogkin guard as last night.



“Good morning.” (Nyango)


“Good morning. Did you have a good time last night?” (Guard)


“I was just used as a pillow for the night.” (Nyango)


“Haha, you must have worked really hard.” (Guard)


“Um… Is there a place near here where I can have breakfast?” (Nyango)


“The guild tavern is open.” (Guard)


“Eh! At this hour?” (Nyango)


“A different employee is in charge.” (Guard)



 The guild’s tavern is said to turn into a cafeteria that serves light meals in the morning for adventurers who are hungry before going out on a request.


 Although I had no plans to take on any requests today, get a bite to eat before heading out to Chariot’s base since it was unlikely that I could expect a decent meal there.



 It is still a little early in the day, so the place is not as crowded as it was yesterday, but there are still adventurers looking for work in front of the request board.


 The tavern sold only a set menu of bread, sausage, boiled eggs, and soup.



 Those who are not satisfied with the quantity seem to add bread and sausages, but the portions are enough for me, a catkin.


 I paid and grabbed a tray, found an empty seat, and settled down at a table in the back corner.



“I guess it’s alright…” (Nyango)



 It’s not as good as the breakfast at the Hawk Eye Pavilion, but it still has good taste and volume for the price.


 The three from Chariots had been drinking heavily last night, so they might not be able to come here in the morning.



 Or rather, if we went to ask them at this time, probably no one would be awake.


 Shure also looked quite drunk, but I wonder if she made it back to the Hawk Eye Pavilion.



 There was no need to hurry for now, so while I was leisurely enjoying my breakfast, I saw a shadow on the table.


 I looked up and saw three young adventurers looking down at me with grim expressions.



“Since Ms. Leila isn’t there, you won’t start singing ‘yummeow, yummeow’?” (Adventurer)



 As I recall, these three were the ones who had been listening in on Laius and the others last night.


 I guess they really don’t like the fact that I was monopolizing Ms. Leila, but in reality, Ms. Leila was monopolizing me… I doubt they would agree with me.



“No need to be quiet, say something, pussycat!” (Adventurer)


“Well then, let me just say… The food is going to taste bad, so please go away.” (Nyango)


“What the hell, we’re right here!” (Adventurer => Bearkin)



 The cubby bearkin in front grabbed me, but he couldn’t reach me because he was blocked by [Shield].



“Damn, what is this, what’s going on?!” (Wolfkin)


“You’re a coward! Come out!” (Tigerkin)



 A wolfkin and a tigerkin adventurer also reach out from the other side of the table, but their hands are blocked by [Shield].


 The audacity, the three of them rushed at me, and they dare to call me a coward.



 [Shield] surrounds the table from the center to the wall behind it, so I feel like I’m in a glass cage where I can eat.


 There is a gap between the table and the ceiling, so voices echoed, but there was no chance spit can get in, so I just continued eating.



“Damn… Remember this.” (Beakin)


“Don’t think you can stay on your toes forever!” (Wolfkin)


“Do your best and be careful even when you’re alone!” (Tigerkin)



 They punched and kicked the [Shield], but when they saw that I was not going to be intimidated, they left with parting threats and tried to leave, but all three of them slipped and landed in a heap.


 I had put a smooth, low-friction [Shield] on the floor, and I laughed at the unexpected effect.



“That hurts…” (Bearkin)


“Damn, what’s going on!?” (Wolfkin)


“Hey, that’s dangerous!” (Tigerkin)



 The people in the bar started to laugh too, and the trio looked back at me with red faces and tried to stand up immediately, but they slipped and fell again.


 It’s like being on ice with shoes non-slip-resistant shoes, so it’s only natural that this would happen.



 When I made the slippery [Shield] disappear, the trio finally got up and tried to rush toward me, but they hit their faces on a [Shield] and fell down.


 They must be an idiot even after experiencing that I control invisible walls.



 I had imagined this before I came to Ibouro, but I was reminded that some of them were horribly stupid.


 I am still wearing my void magic armor, but I might as well equip myself with a shield so that I can’t be picked up.



 The trio left the bar with bloody noses and parting line, “We’ll remember this”, and left the tavern after waiting until the crowd in front of the request board was over, as they seemed to have gone looking for work for the day.


 Taking care not to disturb the others, I deployed [Shield] around me until they left the guild, just in case.



 Fortunately, the three men did not attack me, and after leaving the guild, I used [Step] to go up to the roof and continued along the roof to Chariot’s base.


 Passersby were surprised when I moved upward, but I did not have to worry about their eyes on me once I was on the roof.



 When I arrived at Chariot’s base, Shure had just jumped over the gate.


 She must have vacated her room at the Hawk Eye Pavilion, and this morning she was carrying a large drum bag.



 I was about to jump down next to her when I saw Shure’s right hand reach for a dagger like a flash of lightning, and I hurriedly used [Step] to change direction and jump down to a distant location.



“Good morning, it’s me Nyango.” (Nyango)


“You fell from the sky…?” (Shure)


“I moved along the roof.” (Nyango)


“I see… But if you suddenly approach me, I’ll be surprised, so please don’t…” (Shure)


“Yes, I’m sorry for the lack of foresight.” (Nyango)


“Yeah… But Nyango seems to be tougher than I thought.” (Shure)


“If I can use magic, I’m tough.” (Nyango)


“I’m looking forward to it…” (Shure)



 I’m also looking forward to the hand-to-hand combat because I think Shure is leaps stronger than me if we fight without magic.


 But first, I have to make a place for myself at the base.



 I went around to the back door with Shure and knocked on the door, and Laius answered in a hoarse voice.



“It’s open, come in.” (Laius)


“Sorry to bother you… Oh!” (Nyango)



 Through the back door and down a short hallway was a living room built like a tavern.


 To the left of the entrance are two tables that can seat about six people, to the right is a counter table with three legs of chairs, and in the back are the stairs to the second floor.



 Laius, the owner of the reply, was sitting on a chair at the counter and holding his forehead with his right hand.


 He was visibly hungover and looked as if he had just woken up.



“Aren’t you drinking too much?” (Nyango)


“Well, it’s the end of the request…” (Laius)


“Can I ask about Mr. Gad and Mr. Serge…” (Nyango)


“Yeah, I don’t see any sign of them getting up yet.” (Laius)



 From the way Laius looked up, their room seemed to be on the second floor.



“Well, you can sit over there…” (Laius)



 He pointed to an empty table for me and Shure, and Laius went inside the counter and started rummaging around.


 He poured water into the kettle, put it on the magic tool stove, and began to boil water.



 Next, he took out from the cupboard a brown powder in a sealable jar and a filter for dripping.


 Apparently, it is for brewing coffee, which is called Calfe in this world.



 Laius puts the ground Calfe on the filter, glanced upstairs, and put the lid on the jar.


 I hear the lid of the kettle pop open, and Laius turns off the stove and pours hot water over the Calfe in the filter.



 Immediately, the room is filled with the aromatic smell of Calfe, and Shure is entranced.


 Looking out the window, I see that it is quietly raining.



“Well, have a drink of this stuff and relax.” (Laius)



 Laius brought us a large cup of Calfe and a jar of sugar.



“Calfe. …Smells good, doesn’t it?” (Nyango)


“Oh, you know about Calfe, Nyango? (Laius)


“I saw it at the market when I came to pick up the village chief’s grandson for his fall vacation.” (Nyango)


“Well… You can add sugar if you like. What’s the matter, you don’t like it?” (Laius)


“No… I’ll have it after it cools down a bit more.” (Nyango)



 For catkin, hot Calfe is mostly for enjoying the aroma, and it is only after it cools down that we enjoy the taste.


 The black leopardkin, Shure, seems to be as devoted to savoring the aroma as I am.



“Yes, I forgot to mention last night that we only have one room available.” (Laius)


“Eh, but…” (Nyango)


“It’ll be fine if Nyango and I sleep together…” (Shure)


“Uh…” (Nyango)



 On the other side of the table, Shure is making grabby hands and ready to fluff me.


 I don’t want Shure to use me as a cuddle pillow every day.



“The attic is empty, but the ceiling is…” (Laius)


“That’s good enough.” (Nyango)


“Oh, right. If it’s Nyango, I don’t think you’ll bump your head, but… Is that okay, it is the attic, you know?” (Laius)


“That’s no good, Nyango should stay with me…” (Shure)


“No, no, the attic is fine. I didn’t have a room of my own at my parents’ house in Atsuka.” (Nyango)


“Muu… Do you hate staying with me that much, Nyango?” (Shure)


“I’m neither a hot water bottle nor a pillow.” (Nyango)


“Muu…” (Shure)



 Shure’s puffed-out cheeks while in a bad mood are a little cute, but I won’t give up on securing my own room.


 Besides, it’s exciting to be in the attic where the party is based.




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