Black Cat Chapter 77: Request Completed

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 Thanks to a trio of annoying adventurers, I was late getting to the request site, but I had already experienced exterminating rats once before, so I was able to proceed efficiently.


 The first request was for a grain warehouse, similar to the one we had received the other day.



 I used void magic to create partitions in the large warehouse and used detection magic to search everywhere within the area.


 The rats we found were driven out in the same way as before, locked in a box made with void attribute magic, and disposed of with a lightning magic circle.



 After capturing a total of 56 rats and finding two routes in about two hours, the client, a donkeykin woman, had her eyes wide in amazement.



“I’ve never seen anyone finish so quickly. I wouldn’t mind paying triple the fee for this.” (Donkeykin)


“Thank you very much. I noticed that all the warehouses around here have entrances on this side of the building.” (Nyango)


“Do you know what’s behind the wall on the other side?” (Donkeykin)


“Is it the slums, by any chance?” (Nyango)



 The side of the warehouse facing the slums is a solidly built wall with no windows built in.


 This could trigger a full-scale crackdown. Even among the residents of the slums, breaking down the walls of warehouses is strictly forbidden, but even so, it is said that new warehouses will be built in the same way.



“Are you sure nothing will get damaged or stolen?” (Nyango)


“Almost nothing, as far as things put inside the warehouse.” (Donkeykin)


“That means that the items before being put into the warehouse are…” (Nyango)



 The client nodded and told me that the danger comes during the loading and unloading process, or the moment she takes her eyes off the items stacked in front of the warehouse.



“Everywhere we try to do the loading and unloading inside the warehouse, but even then, when the warehouse is full or the goods arrive in stacks, there are inevitably times when we have to unload outside.” (Donkeykin)


“Doesn’t that cost a substantial amount?” (Nyango)


“That’s right… But the rat damage isn’t small either, I wonder if they are about the same.” (Donkeykin)



 The client laughed and signed for the completion of the request, saying that she was glad to know that the damage caused by rats could be greatly reduced by this request.


 The second request was for a slightly smaller warehouse, and since I was getting used to working there, I completed the job in a little over an hour.



 The third case was in the backyard of the market where I had gone shopping the other day.


 The client was the Deerkin man who had run out after the bread-thieving catkin, or my brother.



 Perhaps because of the bread thief incident, the client, Mr. Navas, had a reluctant look on his face when he saw me.


 I’m a black catkin and my brother is a black-and-white catkin, but he shouldn’t have known we were brothers…



“Arum was bragging about you, so I sent a nominated request, but are you sure you can do it?” (Navas)


“You’ll have to judge that by the outcome of the request. I did two other requests today and caught a total of ninety-three rats.” (Nyango)


“Ninety-three… You’re joking right?” (Navas)


“Well, you’ll have to wait and see what happens when I finish the request…” (Nyango)



 Unlike the previous two, people were constantly coming in and out of the storehouse to restock the inventory.


 Although a little less efficient, I narrowed the scope of the partition to catch rats.



 There were more rats hiding in here than in the granary, because there were more things that had strong odors and were left bare.


 In the first place, if five routes were left unattended, the rats would be free to come and go as they pleased.



 Since there was no end to the number of rats I could exterminate if I left the routes unattended, I went around the outside of the storehouse and simply blocked up the holes to catch the rats that suddenly had no escape routes.


 The backyard area was smaller than the second warehouse, but I caught seventy-four rats.



“Y-You mean all of them were in my storehouse?” (Navas)


“Yes. I mean, the people who work there leave the door open, so they’re going in and out through the door, not through a different route.” (Nyango)


“That’s true. …I am going to have to figure out a way to deal with this.” (Navas)


“Can’t you just make the door close on its own using a string, pulley, and weight?” (Nyango)



 When I showed him how a simple automatic door using a pulley and weights worked, he held my hands and thanked me.



“Oh no, I apologize for earlier. You’re better than what Arum said. I’ll give you a little extra for the door.” (Navas)


“Thank you. Um, I’m new in Ibouro, so can you tell me about the slums—” (Nyango)


“Oh, no, no. A child of your ability should never even think of going near that place.” (Navas)


“Well, is the damage to your shop big?” (Nyango)


“It’s just so bad, every month, every day, it’s just a headache.” (Navas)



 The market is said to be constantly approached by people from the slums every day with the intention of robbing the market.


 Most of them are small-bodied races like catkins or rabbitkins, and they crawl out like rats through the gaps between warehouses.



 Mr. Navas has consulted with the warehouse owners and has erected a fence to close the gap between the warehouses, but before he knows it, the fence has been broken or climbed over, so he has not been able to take any decisive measures to prevent the rats from crawling in and out.



“Well then, at least you can put a stop to the damage from the rats.” (Nyango)


“If possible, I’d like someone like you to do something about the thieves in the slums, too… but no matter how many of them we catch, it won’t be a fundamental solution unless we do something about the slums themselves.” (Navas)



 Certainly, if I were willing, I could catch most of the thieves without letting them get away, but no matter how many I catch, it won’t be a solution unless I can reduce the number of new ones falling into the slums.


 When I was in Atsuka village, I thought that even though I was poor, I had no problem looking for something to eat, but there are many people in Ibouro who have no need to eat.



 The higher the standard of living in the city as a whole, the greater the disparity between the rich and the poor.


 I feel that there is too much difference between the bonbons in the school dormitories and those who stand on the streets of the slums at night.



“Well, I’ll leave you now. If the number of rats increases again and you can’t manage to get rid of them, please send a nominated request to me.” (Nyango)


“Oh, thank you for today. Also, please stay away from the slums.” (Navas)


“Yes, excuse me.” (Nyango)



 Mr. Navas words to me have real concern, but I had a reason why I had to go.


 I have to rescue my brother from the slums where people he hate are.



 When I returned to the guild from the market, the reception area was crowded with people reporting the completion of their requests.


 I took a step and sat down on a high place near the wall, waiting for the crowd to end, when someone spotted me and approached me.



“Oh, Nyango. What are you doing there?” (Jill)


“Hello, Mr. Jill. I’m here to report the completion of your request, but I’m not sure I want to rush into this crowd…” (Nyango)


“Well then, I’ll stand in line with you and you can join me for a drink afterward.” (Jill)



 Jill seemed to have something to tell me and offered to help me get rid of the crowd.


 Jill, who has become a seasoned veteran, seemed to know most of the adventurers in the line.



“Speaking of which, you weren’t at the tavern last night…” (Nyango)


“Oh, I was on an orc subjugation. I just got back a little while ago.” (Jill)


“By the looks of it, the orc subjugation didn’t go so well?” (Nyango)


“No, the subjugation itself wasn’t a problem…” (Jill)


“What happened?” (Nyango)


“Well, we’ll talk about that later. Look, it’s open.” (Nyango)



 It seems that he called out to me to talk about the subjugation, but since it’s my turn, I have to finish the report.



“Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Nyango. How was it?” (Jessica)


“Yes, everything went well.” (Nyango)


“Oh, really… Excuse me. Can I see the certificate of completion?” (Jessica)


“Yes, this one, this one, and this one.” (Nyango)


“Hey, hey, Nyango. You’ve completed three requests?” (Jill)


“Yes, they were nominated requests.” (Nyango)


“Oh, you’re unbelievable, you know? Seriously…” (Jill)



 Jill seemed at a loss for words as he thought I was going to report just one request.



“Yes, indeed… Mr. Nyango, it’s gratifying for the guild, but if you keep up this pace of requests, we may be flooded with nominated requests.” (Jessica)


“Did I overdo it?” (Nyango)


“No, I don’t blame you, Mr. Nyango, the guild will make adjustments to the requests. However, there is a risk of resentment from those who could not have their requests accepted.” (Jessica)


“I see……” (Nyango)



 As far as I’m concerned, I was just trying to respond to the request, but it’s not my intention to make Ms. Jessica look so apologetic.


 However, exterminating rats is not a request that I really want to do, rather I would like to focus on activities as a member of Chariot and learning and utilizing new magic circles.



“It’s simple, just double the current fee for Nyango. If the requests are still flooding in, then double it again.” (Jill)


“That’s unreasonable, Mr. Jill.” (Nyango)


“What’s so unreasonable? No one in the whole of Ibouro can complete three rat exterminations in a single day. Besides if we don’t make that much of a difference, the other youngsters will lose jobs.” (Jill)



 Mr. Jill’s idea, if implemented, would cost clients six times the usual fee, since requests to me are still about three times the usual rate.


 If I were to double that again, it would be an exorbitant twelve times the normal fee.


 If I raised the price that much, I would lose requests.



“You are being an idiot, Nyango. If that happens, all you have to do is accept the request as usual.” (Jill)


“Oh, I see. If you insist on appointing me, it will cost you more, but if you are lucky, you will get me to accept.” (Nyango)


“That’s right.” (Jill)



 Ms. Jessica nodded and said she would discuss it with her superior in that direction.


 I received only one large silver coin and five silver coins from the reward, and the rest was put into the guild’s account.



“Mr. Nyango, it’s not confirmed yet, but I think you will receive a higher rank in the near future, so please keep that in mind.” (Jessica)


“What? Already? I was just promoted the other day.” (Nyango)


“Nyango, those who can achieve a lot will keep moving up the ranks and getting the jobs they deserve. …That’s what being an adventurer is all about.” (Jill)


“Well, I’m looking forward to it.” (Jessica)



 I was a little nervous when Ms. Jessica squeezed my hand as she handed me the money.


 It seems that it is not my imagination that I feel vindictive stares pouring in from all around me again. 





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