Basement Dungeon Chapter 105: Siblings Hope for Evolution and Plan Experiments

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“So, we’re finally back in a safe place for now. What’s this?” (Kei)



 While saying that, I hold the potion dropped from Link Slime in front of my face. I have [Material Cognition] skill, I can check it out for myself, but I was afraid to check it out for myself because of my high expectations.



“That’s why Haru please use [Inspection].” (Kei)


“Brother you could do it right. It’s a shame if we’re wrong, [Inspection].”



 Haru looks at the potion and tilts her head to the side.



“I’m not sure about this one. For now, it is called [ Water of Evolution].” (Kei)


“What is the effect?” (Kei)


“It changes the body of the drinker into the desired form.” (Haru)


“Huh?” (Kei)



 I couldn’t fully digest Haru’s words, and my head was filled with a series of just nothing.



“Maybe, if the effect is as it sounds, if you drink it wishing for a hand to grow, it will make a hand grow. But the desired ‘shape’…” (Haru)


“It’s ambiguous. It’s like the dungeon in a bad way. The uncertainty is very high, isn’t it?” (Kei)



 If you think about the shape in the simplest way, you could make an arm, as Haru said. But I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to think about it that casually.


 Perhaps it is really only the shape that will change. There is a possibility that the arm will grow as you want it to, but it will not have nerves and will just dangle there.


 Worst of all, it could be that deep down, this is what you want. The worst is when the [Water of Evolution] decides on its own that this is what it wants. I want my arm to be healed first and foremost, but I can’t predict how the [Water of Evolution] will judge that.



“Is there any other information you can get through Inspection?” (Kei)



 As a desperate last resort, I asked Haru again.



“Yup, I’m sorry, but do you want to drink it?” (Haru)


“Do I want to drink it?” (Kei)



 I crouched down on the spot with my head in my hand.


 If all goes well, my arm will be back to normal. Then the worst-case scenario. What should I do if the shape of my body has changed?


 It says “in the shape, you desire,” so I’m sure there’s nothing that would make me stop being me. For example, I could become a creature or something. If that happens, it’s no different from being dead. I can at least understand that even in my deepest mind, I don’t want to die.


 The problem is that it might turn out to be better than what I am thinking. Now that we’re diving into dungeons more and more, and what I’m looking for is strength, I think there’s a good chance that I’ll end up looking like the Demon Lord or Hero I used to see in games.


 If not, I’ll change into a handsome man with no trace of me left. Or, my gender will change and I’ll become a beautiful woman. No, I don’t think I have any desire to become a woman. If that happens, how can I go back, go back? Hmm?



“Hey, Haru. I don’t know how potions work, but they heal injuries, right?” (Kei)


“Yes they do.” (Haru)


“What’s the standard for healing that injury? If it’s an intermediate level potion, it’ll heal even if the flesh is slightly ripped off, right” (Kei)


“It depends on the size of the injury. By the way, the level of the body that has lost a finger is small, but it doesn’t bring it back. But I think I heard that a gouged stomach will be healed.” (Haru)


“I’ve heard that you can heal your stomach and other parts of your body, even though the amount of blood that flows and the volume of your body that is cut down is greater than that of your missing fingers. If you think about it, the fact that a potion can’t heal a missing body part doesn’t have anything to do with the scale of the injury, does it?” (Kei)


“I see. When the injury is large, you can just increase the amount of the potion you use.” (Haru)


“That’s what I thought…” (Kei)



 There are three types of potions we’ve heard of so far.


 The first is a low-grade potion that drops from the sixth level of the Cave. The first is a low-grade potion that drops from the sixth level of the cave. It heals scrapes, cuts, and even a weapon stuck in the stomach, but it doesn’t bring back blood.


 The second potion, an intermediate-grade potion, is said to be effective enough to heal broken bones. While monsters don’t drop them, the skills required to make them are not that rare, and while they were once very expensive, you can now buy them for a little extra coin.


 Drinking it will bring back the lost blood and wounds, so most injuries can be healed without any problem with it. However, if the missing parts, limbs, fingers, or even internal organs are torn apart, they will not heal, and overconfidence in the effects of the potion will result in death.


 And then there is the recently discovered potion. The name and effects of the potion have not been released, but it is generally called a high-grade potion.


 The rumored effect is the restoration of everything, including even the regeneration of missing parts. Just by drinking it, you will be restored to the pinnacle of health.


 This is not to say that the effect gets stronger as you move up to higher potions.



“Does the nature of the potion mean that the higher you go, the less of it you need?” (Kei)


“If that’s the case. Brother, have a look.” (Haru)



 Haru took out a low-grade potion and pointed to her hand, her fingernails to be exact.


 It’s been a few days since Haru had her nails trimmed, and they had grown to the point where she thought it was time to trim them.



“I don’t think it’s good for your nails to be this long. I don’t think the length of nails are signs of being healthy.” (Haru)



 Haru dabbed a little potion on her hand. Normally, in an uninjured state, the potion would not have any effect and would just drip to the ground. But this time it was different.


 The tips of Haru’s nails glowed, and when the glow disappeared, her nails had shrunk to just the right length.



“Low-grade potions have restricted healing defects, but there are no restrictions on reducing or returning overgrown parts!” (Kei)



 After saying that, Haru closes her mouth and smiles a little.



“Maybe we can get it back even if something strange happens due to the [Water of Evolution]. I don’t know if it can grow it back, but I think we have the opportunity to try the [Water of Evolution].” (Haru)



 I understand the theory. I’m sure the theory is correct. I made up my mind, and at the same time, I had an item in my head.



“Haru, why don’t we give a monster some [Regeneration Gel] as an experiment? That poison that the normal slimes around here drop.” (Kei)



 What popped into my head was the [Regeneration Gel] that slimes drop. If I used it normally, my body would regenerate so much that it would swell up.



“First, let’s see if a swollen body can be cured with potions.” (Kei)




 I grinned and told Haru that.

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