Basement Dungeon Chapter 113: My Brother talks to our Old Man for the First Time in a Long Time

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“What is it, old man?” (Kei)


“Well, I was just wondering what you’ve been up to lately. How are you and Haru?” (Shiki)



That day, I was unusually awakened by the sound of the phone.


I looked at the clock and saw that it was seven in the morning. I wanted to complain to the person who called me, but at this time of night, anyone who’s awake is awake.


I reluctantly picked up the phone, thinking it was a sales call or something, but what I heard was my old man’s voice. He probably didn’t know that I was about to hang up the phone.



“Haru is sleeping. You’re calling us in the morning, what do you actually want?” (Kei)


“Hmm? I just thought you made a flashy move lately.” (Shiki)


“What?” (Kei)



I stopped moving with the phone in my hand. What does he mean we made a flashy move? I think he has some idea. I can’t help but think that the stampede was a flashy move.


But there’s no way that my father would know about it. We don’t know for sure, either.


We’re pretty sure we’ve triggered the stampede by moving that computer thing, but there’s no proof.


After a full five seconds of thought, I opened my mouth.



“What are you talking about?” (Kei)


“The other day, there was a stampede, right? I’m sure that Touka and Haru would have done their best. That’s what I was thinking.” (Shiki)


“What do you mean?” (Kei)


“What do you think I meant? You’re hiding something from your parent? Haru is your sister.” (Shiki)


“I don’t know what you’re trying to say but shut up. If there’s nothing else, I can do for you, I’ll hang up.” (Kei)



I could see the smirk on my father’s face even through the phone, and I was about to put the receiver down, annoyed.



“Wait a minute. This is about something serious.” (Shiki)


“Then, talk about that from the beginning.” (Kei)



When my father changed his tone of voice, I clicked my tongue lightly, after changing from his joking tone.



“Touka, have you ever met a woman in a dungeon who was empty-handed and wearing tattered clothes?” (Shiki)


“Empty-handed and wearing tattered clothes? Is she suicidal?” (Kei)


“No, of course not. So, you haven’t?” (Shiki)


“No, we haven’t.” (Kei)



It’s impossible not to notice someone in such a bizarre outfit. In the first place, the dungeon in the basement where we usually explore, we do not get to meet people there. We’ve seen people in the Tokyo dungeon, but those people were not empty-handed and in tattered clothes. If there was such a person, we would certainly go to their rescue.



“No, I guess not. Then, one more thing. How much do you know about maids?” (Shiki)


“Maids?” (Kei)



I froze, my mouth hanging open at my father’s words. No, I thought he was being serious.



“A maid that you would not find in a Maid Cafe. A proper maid like a servant.” (Shiki)



I thought my father had started joking again, but he kept talking in a serious voice. I don’t understand what he means at all, but I’m sure he’s serious about it. So I’ll think about it.



“I can barely distinguish anything. I know they don’t wear miniskirts, but I don’t know if they wear uniforms or not, and I don’t know their manners. I don’t even know what they do for a living.” (Kei)



Nowadays, maids in maid cafes, anime, and light novels have become famous, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what a maid really looks like without research.


I don’t know how many of the maids I’ve seen in my life are based on modern people’s fantasies.



“It’s because I am ignorant about them that I don’t know what a maid is.” (Shiki)


“Probably. If you are a high school boy, shouldn’t you know more about maids in maid cafes?” (Shiki)


“That’s right. So maybe that’s your hobby? It’s not impossible, but I feel like there’s some weird culture mixed in with it. Is it a hobby? A fetish?” (Kei)





My dad is on the other end of the phone mumbling to himself.



“Old man, if you’re thinking, can I hang up?” (Kei)


“Hmm? Yeah, sure. One last thing.” (Shiki)


“You still have more?” (Kei)


“Why do you think the Demon King waits so long in the castle? Please give me an honest answer.” (Shiki)



The fantasy of a Demon King waiting for a hero in his castle has become a common RPG trope. Enemies who are the Demon King’s minions can be met along the journey, but the enemies are weak at first so that the growing hero can defeat them, and they become stronger as they approach the Demon King.



“Because the Demon King can only exert his full power in his castle.” (Kei)


“Aside from that?” (Shiki)


“Because they want to raise a hero.” (Kei)


“Aside from that?” (Shiki)


“Oh, because he wanted to reduce the number of demons that thought he was part of the problem?” (Kei)


“I see. That’s what you were thinking. No, of course, it wouldn’t be the same. Thank you, Touka. Say hello to Haru.”



My father made a satisfied sound and hung up the phone.



“What were those questions about?” (Kei)



I went to the kitchen to make breakfast before Haru woke up. As I put together the dishes, I reflected on the call with my old man.



“The other day, there was a stampede, right? I’m sure that Touka and Haru would have done their best. That’s what I was thinking.” (Shiki)


“Why did you think we did well in a stampede of monsters that didn’t attack explorers, old man?” (Kei)




I felt cold sweat run down my spine.

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