Basement Dungeon Chapter 115: Siblings May or May Not Be Yearning For Inventions

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“They’ve been working on it for a while now. Something this small?” (Haru)



 A metal box that could hold one person had the word “Generator” engraved on it in very good handwriting.



“Brother, I think I can make one of these and free up the electricity bill!” (Haru)


“No, it’s too big.” (Kei)


“I can make it smaller.” (Haru)



 The sign next to it said, “Power Amplification Generator”, which means that electricity is fed into the machine and the energy is amplified by the power of the item.



“Does that mean the voltage goes up.” (Kei)


“Doesn’t it increase the power.” (Kei)


“No, because the voltage is proportional or inversely proportional to the power, hmm?” (Haru)


“Hmm?” (Kei)



 We both tilted our heads in front of the sign. The sign had more detailed information, but we were too stupid to understand it.



“So, what’s inside it?” (Kei)


“It’s full of things like [Amplification] and [Enhancement] and things like that.” (Haru)


“Unexpectedly not random.” (Kei)



 It is true that if you prepare a large amount of this, you might be able to solve the energy problem, but it would be difficult to prepare that much. It may be possible to prepare a large amount of electricity, but I think this generator has its limitations.



“I’ll try it when we get home. I don’t know if we have any amplification skills, but we probably do.” (Haru)



 All the items we got in the dungeon are stored in a special item pouch with a large capacity. I don’t remember how many items we have, but it’s from several months of saving. I’m sure there are a few items with amplification skills as well.



“Yeah, I’ll try it when I feel like it.” (Haru)


“That’s the kind of thing you avoid doing.” (Kei)



 Haru hummed in a cheerful mood, moving around the exhibits at her leisure.



“Look at that, there’s even a refrigerator.” (Haru)


“Is it fine without electricity?” (Kei)



It’s a refrigerator or freezer made with the skill [cooling].



“I want this.” (Kei)


“I want this. I want it.” (Haru)



A bed with the [Ventilation] skill.



“I don’t need this.” (Haru)


“No, I think Haru would need it.” (Kei)



This is a beauty device made with several skills focused on [Moisturizing].


 But there really are many different ones. It is difficult to popularize all of them because they are made from items that drop randomly in dungeons, but if they can be mass-produced in the future, the world’s technology will advance forward by leaps.



“Which one was the best for you, Haru?” (Kei)


“For me, it was the car. Brother and I have a lot of magic power.” (Haru)


“That’s right. We both have magical proficiencies, and our levels are high.” (Kei)


“I think that car can keep going without fuel.” (Haru)



 The problem is that neither of us is interested in cars in the first place, but if that car could be used on public roads, we wouldn’t need to pay for gas or electricity.



“It’s efficient, that’s for sure. I heard that gasoline is quite expensive.” (Haru)


“Besides, if we could make a bike with that system, we could ride it in the dungeon.” (Kei)



 In dungeons, where chemical combustion and explosions cannot occur using electricity, magic-powered vehicles can be used instead. Being able to ride a powered vehicle would be a significant advantage.



“If we make a high-powered weapon with a mechanism similar to that car and carry it by the vehicle, we may be able to easily suppress a Stampede.” (Kei)


“Oh, that’s right. So it’s going to be guns after all, which is not very fantasy-like.” (Haru)


“In the end, it’s convenient to have a long-range, high-power weapon that anyone can use. Even if it costs a lot of money, it’s cheaper than human life.” (Kei)


“Maybe some other countries are already doing it.” (Haru)



 Haru and I walked back to the car we saw first and circled around it.



“Which one did you like, brother?” (Haru)


“Well.” (Kei)



 I think I’ll say something different from Haru’s.



“I want the bed; you know the one with the [Ventilation] skill. I want something that I can use comfortably in my daily life. It would still be interesting to have the same car as Haru’s, though.” (Kei)


“Bed, of course, it looked good. It also seemed easy to make.” (Haru)


“I read that it was absolutely humidity adapted. It probably gets cold in the winter.” (Kei)


“But we wouldn’t need it if we can keep the bedroom air-conditioned.” (Haru)


“It’ll still be a little more comfortable.” (Kei)


“Do you think so?” (Haru)



 That’s when it happened. At that moment, I heard what sounded like a loud cheer from the stage in the dungeon market. The words “Heroes” and “Hero Yuki” are included in the cheer.



“Isn’t it like, déjà vu?” (Haru)


“Was it like this when we first came here?” (Kei)



 You can’t see the stage from where we’re standing, but I’m guessing the heroes are there. The increase in the popularity of Japan’s strongest explorers, who have both beautiful men and women with good personalities, never stops. Recently, they seem to be on TV so much that I wonder when they are going to the dungeon.



“Let’s go see.” (Haru)



 Haru was excited to go to the crowd, which she normally wouldn’t go near to.

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