Basement Dungeon Chapter 65: Siblings get more Gear, more Information

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“This meat is delicious, isn’t it.” (Haru)


“It doesn’t make me bloated at all. Maybe it’s even better than foie gras?” (Kei) [T/N: Foie gras is duck or goose liver that has been marred in controversy. It’s said to have a buttery taste and melt in your mouth texture but it was done by force-feeding the birds in cramped cages to minimize movement and to fatten them up. The foie gras in most markets are considered to be humane and cruelty-free. Well this is according to articles from Google-sensei.]


“I don’t know, I’ve never had it.” (Haru)



 We’re eating a small piece of meat for dinner. The Lesser Dragon Meat. It’s a drop from Rimdobmur. No, to be precise, it’s a drop from subjugating a part of Rimdobmur’s.


 Since then, I’ve tried to find out if it’s possible to destroy the parts of other monsters. As a result, I found out that it is possible, though it’s not as profitable. The Hobgoblin on the 5th-floor boss didn’t have any part destruction drops, but the Black Wolf and Minotaur on the 10th and 15th floors did.


 However, since the drop from the destruction of a part is only about 10% of the item obtained from killing the main body, we decided that there would be little benefit in the future.


 I also found that the number of drops from the main body did not change after or before I got the drop from the part destruction. In other words, it is better to kill unique monsters that may drop rare magic tools or skills, and you might not know when they will appear next, after getting the drop by destroying their parts.



 After a couple of weeks of experimenting, we went to Rimdobmur to cast spells, take a break, and recover our magic, and then went out to get our passports, which we had almost forgotten about, and went back into the dungeon. After two weeks of diving into the dungeons several times, we had finally succeeded in getting ourselves fully equipped.


 The first few times we dove, we were aiming for the legs because we had gotten a taste of the first part destruction, but then we realized that it didn’t have to be the legs. This is what I was able to get.



“Lesser Dragon Patagium… A Lesser Dragon’s wing membrane.”



 This is also the most powerful cloth material we can get now, and we needed a lot of it because one of them was a rectangle about a meter on each side.


 As for the Rimdobmur, it recovers when we leave the forest, so we can hunt all we want, but the recovery of magic power is slow, so we don’t have all day to hunt. In the meantime, we had some free time, so we rampaged through the forest without using any magic, and went to see the nest of the Rimdobmur.


 It seemed that the Rimbdobmur, whose wings had been destroyed by us, had fallen to the land and walked back to its nest, its path dripping with blood and gouging the ground.


 Furthermore, I could see that the Rimdobmur was recovering at an astonishing rate as it returned to the nest. The peeled and charred surface of his body was back to normal in minutes, and the missing parts had regenerated in about an hour. In other words, it would only take about an hour to reap the benefits of part destruction.


 I also found out that even if I fought it at close range after bringing it down to the ground, I would have to attack it before it returned to its nest and stand around to prevent it from returning to its nest. The boss of the Forest may be more of a Vanguard skill killer than I thought.



 And last but not least. This fact we also noticed just a few days ago. We couldn’t level up. No matter how many drops we got from Rimdobmur, we couldn’t raise our level at all. When we thought about it, it was only natural. Because we didn’t kill it. The only time we could get experience from monsters was when we killed them.


 Since we were only killing normal monsters to pass the time, there was no way we could level up. We hadn’t made any level changes in the past two weeks but had only strengthened our weapons.



“So, brother. Is everything completed?” (Haru)


“Yeah. The weapon has been enhanced as well as I can with this. I think it’s probably at least as good as the hero’s.” (Kei)


“The skill is still [Strong Slash], right?” (Haru)


“I can’t help it, can I? It’s not often that we get a weapon with a skill attached to it. And when we do, it’s always a weak one.” (Kei)


“The tonfa just got heavier and harder.” (Haru)



 As planned, the weapon enhancements include claws for the tonfa and scales for the sword. For the cloth parts of the equipment and other items, we used a flying membrane. However, it would have used a considerable amount of magical power to use [Alchemy], probably because the Lesser Dragon materials are powerful.


 In the process, I tried to find a potion to restore the magic power, but I heard that it has not been found at the moment.



“So we’re finally heading overseas.” (Kei)


“I hate it. I don’t like it. I only know English from junior high school.” (Haru)


“I don’t understand it either. So, our goal is to defeat Rimdobmur. We can’t just level up and call it a day.” (Kei)


“That’s why it doesn’t matter if we equip ourselves, the magic power remains the same, so our rearguard skills are useless.” (Haru)


“It means that we won’t die, so we’ll have to see the people who defeated Rimdobmur.” (Kei)


“Right.” (Haru)


“So we need to find out when and where they’ve been in the dungeon.” (Kei)


“I don’t understand because it’s all in English.” (Haru)


“I have to copy and paste everything into the translation software.” (Kei)


“What a pain!” (Haru)



 We spent the morning using our computers and phones to check out foreign websites. There are times when the Japanese we put into the translation software don’t make sense, but since there is no other way to translate, we try to make a reasonable guess.


 Since we had to start from the title of the site, it was very difficult to find out what it was, as we were looking at completely unrelated sites.


 In the end, it took us several hours to find it. Surprisingly, I found the information on a Japanese dungeon site I was browsing to relax.



“The American mercenary group, the only ones to have conquered the forest, will be coming to Japan on a World Tour to conquer dungeons!”





 When we saw the site, we froze with our mouths wide open. Apparently, this information had been made public a month ago.



 In other words, our search for our missing father and obtaining passports was a waste of time.



“It was a waste of time!” (Haru)



 It turned out to be just another trip.



“Well, it’s okay because we don’t have any money anyway.” (Kei)




 Today, I understood firsthand that information is more important than anything else in human life… *Sigh*.


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