Basement Dungeon Chapter 81: The Siblings’ World…

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 I open my eyes slowly to the sound of a nearby electronic ringing. I look to my side and see Haru asleep. The sun had already risen, and it was past noon when I looked at the clock.



“Oh, the phone.” (Kei)



 I hurriedly woke myself up and went to look under the pillow for the phone, the electronic sound that had already woken me up.



“Yes, hello. Kizaki speaking.” (Kei)



 I had quit my part-time job when I was injured before, so I wondered what the call was about. It’s been a long time since I’ve received a call.



“Oh, it’s been a while. Touka. Are you safe?” (Caller)



 The voice on the other end of the line was my father’s, a voice I had heard many times before but hadn’t heard much lately.



“Oh, it’s you, old man. It’s been a while. What do you mean are we okay? We’ve been able to live well.” (Kei)


“Eh? You guys haven’t watched it on TV? No, there are no dungeons near where you live. Is Tokyo the closest?” (Caller => Shiki)


“That’s right. So, what about the dungeons?” (Kei)



 While I asked my father, I open my computer and open the search page.



“You don’t really know do you? So, you’re okay? You’re going to have to let go of the house and pack your bags. You guys are explorers right. Don’t let go of your weapons.” (Shiki)



 I stopped to search for dungeons as I listened to the story and turned my attention to the news written.



“The Dungeons have Overflowed.”



 As my father spoke, the words on the news screen on the Internet brought back memories of yesterday.



“I knew there was a big stampede in the dungeon. Is that why?” (Kei)


“Well, that’s it. All over the world, monsters from dungeons have come to the surface. Hmm? What’s happening?” (Shiki)



 My father’s voice faded away from the phone, and I heard another soft voice.



“Captain, please help me. We’ll be breached if we don’t.” (Voice)


“I’m no longer your captain. Endure it a little more. I’ll be there soon.” (Shiki)



 He put his mouth close to the phone again, and his voice grew louder.



“Okay, Touka. Don’t forget. For some reason, the monsters on the ground are less weakened than before. And you can use a little bit more of your status near the dungeon. You know what this means.”



 Originally, a monster weakens to a tenth of its strength when it comes to the ground. Explorers can only use their stat enhancements inside dungeons. If so, that is the only possibility, right?



“Is the surface gradually becoming a dungeon?” (Kei)


“That’s probably the correct answer. I don’t know if the dungeon on the surface will stop at this point or if it will continue until the whole surface has completely become part of the dungeon. That’s why I am telling you.” (Shiki)


“What is it old man?” (Kei)


“This is something I shouldn’t say while I was in my old job. Touka…” (Shiki)



 heard my father sucking in a breath on the other end of the phone.



“Live at the very least. No matter what. Don’t ever, ever die. See you again.” (Shiki)



 The phone seemed to have been disconnected from the other end, leaving a beeping sound.



“Hmm, what’s wrong brother?” (Haru)



 I turned my head to see Haru looking at me, her head upper body has risen, with half of her body still under the covers.



“It’s an emergency. I’ll explain it to you, but you need to change your clothes and put your gear right away.” (Kei)



 Haru stares at me blankly with sleepy eyes, rubs her eyes, and then looks at me again. She looked at me with clear eyes and must have sensed the mood. I jumped up from the futon.



“Good morning, wash your face and change your clothes, and your equipment ready.” (Kei)



 Haru disappears into the washroom after listening.



“Well, should I pack our luggage as soon as possible?” (Kei)



 I open the safe and take out my gear. And then.



“Oh, I haven’t changed my clothes either.” (Kei)



 I started to change into my everyday clothes.





“Okay, we’re ready to go. So, what happened to you? I feel like I’ve run out of things at home.” (Kei)



 Haru was looking around quizically. I had already put some of my belongings in my item pouch and was preparing to leave the house at any time.



“Please Haru. Please calm down and listen to me. If we’re not careful, it could be life or death for us.” (Kei)



 Haru nods when she heard my words.



“I got it.” (Haru)



 I talked to our father earlier. I explained to her what is happening in the world right now.


 And maybe yesterday’s stampede was the cause.



“That’s why you’re preparing our equipment so we can escape. But brother. Aren’t relatively safe here? We are quite far from the other dungeons.” (Haru)



 In fact, We don’t think the monsters themselves are that dangerous. If we’re trying to survive on our own, we can escape to the dungeon in the basement if a monster appears since our status is meaningless on the ground.


 Looking at yesterday’s stampede, 16th-floor monsters are the ones trying to get out of the dungeon. Only small fry monsters up to the forest and the unique monsters are the ones moving.


 Basically, if your status is functioning, you can easily defeat them. Even if you get sleepy, monsters don’t come to the rooms in front and behind the boss, so you can sleep there.

 However, there is one thing that even we can’t beat.



“There’s an overwhelming shortage of supplies. The stores are probably already being hoarded, and the only edible food that drops in the dungeons is meat, right?” (Kei)


“Hmm? Yeah, we have food. That’s right. But there are no vegetables.” (Haru)


“There’s also water and salt. Your appetite will be fine, but you’ll probably die of malnutrition or be killed by a monster due to malnutrition-related complications.” (Kei)


“This is bad.” (Haru)


“So bad.” (Kei)



 Haru groaned and used the computer to look up information.



“Actually, the most reasonable thing to do is to evacuate to a place where people are.” (Kei)


“But then we won’t be able to move for a while.” (Kei)


“Well, we won’t be able to live freely and sleep comfortably.” (Haru)


“That’s right. That’s not a good thing.” (Kei)



 Haru stops looking around.



“Brother, I heard that all the strong explorers go into dungeons to kill monsters.” (Haru)


“I guess so. I’m sure there are people who do it because it’s something they can do. What’s the matter then?” (Kei)



 Haru finally smiles when I asked.



“We are strong.” (Haru)


“That’s true.” (Kei)


“We’ve been fooling around ourselves, but I think we’re probably one of the best in the world.” (Haru)


“Looking at the previous Angus Mercenary Corps, I’d say so.” (Kei)


“That’s why brother.” (Haru)



 After this, Haru’s words went straight to my chest for some reason.



“Why don’t we save the world?” (Haru)


T/N: Hmmm… A little pompous but you’re not exactly wrong. Go save those main characters you cheat hidden characters. 

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