Basement Dungeon Chapter 94: Siblings have a Talk, Sister Express her Thoughts

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“So, that’s the plan. What do you think, Haru?” (Kei)



 At the breakfast table, we talked about our future funds and dungeon exploration.


 At first, when I told her that we might have to dive into the dungeon, she glanced anxiously at the spot where my hand was. Still, as the conversation turned to financial matters, she began to seriously consider it.



“That means we should leave aside the fact that we shouldn’t dive in with our emotions hindering us, right?” (Haru)



 Haru’s gaze sharpens as she looks me in the eye.



“Of course, it’s possible to live in ways other than dungeon exploring. But we’re both junior high school graduates, and I’m missing a hand. It won’t be easy to find work.” (Kei)


“That’s true.” (Haru)



 Haru closed her eyes and looked down. It’s not like she’s trying to hold something back, but she’s really thinking about it.



“Hey, brother. How much do you think we can get if we sell everything we have now?” (Haru)



 There are almost no material-type items we have on hand. This is because we used everything, we had stocked in the last match against Rimdobmur.


 So, what about items that are not material-type? What about items that I got in dungeons or equipment that I made myself? Magic Tools. Skill Plates with trash skills.


 There are only a few magic tools and equipment dropped by monsters, to begin with.


 It is very rare to get expensive equipment that can be sold for a high price. The same is true for magic tools. Even if you are skilled, the number of items you can get is limited.


 Equipment that you have modified or made yourself is cheap because it is second-hand, to begin with.


 Even if you sell them all, it’s not enough for two people to live on.



“It might be a decent amount.” (Kei)


“A little bit, right? The most expensive item is probably the item pouch.” (Haru)


“The value will gradually decrease.” (Kei)


“Is it difficult to sell everything while the price is high?” (Haru)



 Haru thought about it for a while and then let out a small sigh.



“Brother, can you even move? You don’t have your other hand.” (Haru)



 Haru’s question stabbed straight at him.


 Haru stands in front of the vault, opens the door and pulls out a tonfa, takes one, stands up unsteadily, and points it at me.



“I’m scared. Just holding a weapon makes my hands shake. It reminds me of that time, and I think the worst.” (Haru)



 Haru’s hand was trembling slightly. Her hand slowly opens and the Tonfa falls.



“We’re just lucky we’re still alive. I think about that. How many times are we going to be lucky?” (Haru)



 Haru bends down again, picks up the tonfa, and throws it into the open safe.


 The safe that Tonfa was thrown into closed from the impact.



“I’d rather live in poverty to the bitter end than see my brother die.” (Haru)



 Before I knew it, Haru’s eyes had changed to glare, and she was staring right into mine.



“Still you wish to dive into the dungeon?” (Haru)



 I can see Haru’s eyes slightly welled up. Seeing that, hearing those words, there was nothing I could say.



“I’m sorry. I’ll think about it.” (Kei)



 I slowly stood up and walked towards the door.



“I need some fresh air.” (Kei)


“‘kay.” (Haru)



 Haru did not see me off.



 The sun hadn’t even risen yet. I turned to the light pouring in from the side and slowly walked out.



 What I was thinking about was money. To live. I put my emotions aside and only thought about the rational way. There was no room for emotions, and that’s what I was talking to Haru about.


 Haru said that this was better for her than for her brother to die. That’s the same for me.


 If Haru were about to die, I would give up my own life to save her, and she wouldn’t let that happen.


 But in reality, that’s what diving into a dungeon is all about.



 Emotions and reality.




 I couldn’t get my thoughts together, and they kept going around in my head forever.

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