Dream Life Chapter 11.1: “Orb”

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 On the evening of June 20th, I finished my evening workout and casually checked my status.


 When I thought of the word [References], my status would pop up in my mind, but I had to think of each item I wanted to check to see what I wanted to see, so it was troublesome.


 Since coming out on my birthday, I’ve been busy improving the bathroom and planning other reforms, so I’ve hardly looked at the status lately.



(It’s been a while since I checked my status.) (Zack)



 When I checked my status, I found that each status was almost the same, but there was one item that was definitely different.


 He had the title of “Swordsman”.



 “Zacharias Lockhart 4-year-old swordsman level 1



 I was so surprised that I almost yelled out.


 So, I checked my skills.



 “Skills: 1 Sword Arts, 5 Body Arts, 30 Negotiation, 70 Calculation”



(I got one skill level in [Sword Arts], so I guess I’m a swordsman… Sounds good to me.) (Zack)



 As for the skills other than [Sword Arts], these are the ones I had improved by the time I turned four. The [Body Arts] had gradually improved through exercises of my own devising, and my [Negotiation] skill had gradually improved as I learned to speak the language. However, only my [Calculation] skill improved at once as soon as I learned numbers.


 At the time, I was surprised by this, but I could not ask anyone about it, so I left it as it was.



([Body Arts] is probably the result of my consistent training. [Negotiation] is probably because I learned words and increased my vocabulary. But why is it at level 30? Moreover, it is really surprising that [Calculation] is at level 70. My grandfather’s [Sword Arts] is at 70, so I have a skill level comparable to that.) (Zack)



 I have a theory about Negotiation and Calculation.


 It seems that my original ability when I was Yataro Kawasaki was included in both [Calculation] and [Negotiation].


 As for [Calculation], I have forgotten a lot about geometry, but I still remember calculus, which is probably considered top-class knowledge in this world.


 As for [Negotiation], all that I have learned in my 20-odd years of working may have been quantified after learning the language here. I’m not sure if thirty is high or low, but since the level of a professional swordsman is about thirty, it means that I have reached a level that can be useful when used in a profession.



 I thought about whether there were any other skills that could be raised, but I don’t remember what the skills themselves were, so I don’t know if there are any that haven’t been raised yet.



 I concluded that about [Calculation] and [Negotiation], but about [Sword Arts], it’s all a matter of effort. Besides, I was absurdly happy to be awarded the title of “Swordsman”, as if I was qualified for something.



(So am I now a swordsman… Is it something like a national qualification for Samurais… Wait, if I’m a swordsman, Mel might be too? I’ll ask her tomorrow.) (Zack)



 I went to report to my grandfather, my master, that I had qualified as a swordsman.



 I went to my grandfather’s room and found him wiping the sweat off his face before dinner.


 I had been with him earlier, and I came in looking quite happy, so he looked at me a little doubtful.



“What’s the matter? What’s with the grin on your face?” (Govan)



 Maybe my face was pretty grinning. Still, I couldn’t hide my joy,



“I became a Swordsman. I just verified that my [Sword Arts] skills…” (Zack)



“What!?” (Govan)



 My grandfather looked shocked, interrupting my story.


 I came to report expecting that my grandfather would be happy, but my grandfather’s reaction was completely different from what I expected.



(Was it that surprising? I trained every day, so it wouldn’t be strange if the results appear right?) (Zack)


“What’s so strange? I think it’s the result of my training…” (Zack)


“Have you told anyone about it? No, you shouldn’t have an orb in the first place… How did you…” (Govan)



 My grandfather is confused, I don’t know what he’s saying to me.



“I came here first and foremost to report to your grandfather. As you know, I am four years old, so I don’t have the orb. But what is so strange about it?” (Zack)



 An orb is a special magic tool, a sort of high-tech ID that can be used to verify a person’s identity by transferring his or her personal information onto it.


 I don’t understand the principle, but it is said that people with magical powers, including human beings, have a jewel-like crystal called a Magic Crystal in their bodies. The orb is a generic term for a magical tool that can read the information in the magic stone.



 Usually, when a person turns about ten years old, he or she creates one at a place like a town or a village hall. Other guilds, such as the Adventurer’s Guild and Mercenary Guild, can also create them.


 It is said that the reason why they are not made until the age of 10 is because of the high mortality rate of children. Also, the fact that children tend to lose them as soon as they are given them.


 In the village of Rathmore, villagers often have them created on their tenth birthday.



 In a family of knights like ours, it is said that they are often made at the age of five when they start training in martial arts, but in my case, I had not yet made one.


 My brother Rod said he had one made when he was five years old, so I thought I would get it next year.



“Is it strange to know without having an orb?” (Zack)


“You don’t know… Of course…” (Govan)



 My grandfather began to speak slowly, with an incredulous look on his face.



“Skills are something that can only be ascertained after one has acquired an orb. The place where the orb is made can affect the orb, for example, if it is made in the Mercenary Guild, you will see the skills related to combat, and if it is made in the Magicians’ Guild, you will know the level of skills related to magic, and so on. I don’t know the logic behind it, but I hear it’s easier to use a person’s profession if you have one…” (Govan)


(I mean, I saw skills without orbs, so that’s unusual…) 9Zack)


“The orb “Transcribers” here at the mansion are similar to those at the Adventurer’s Guild. It shows the skills related to Martial Arts and survivalist skills. But you don’t have an orb yet. I have never heard of anything like this…” (Govan)



 Grandfather proceeds further with a serious look on his face.



“It is said that everything about a person is inscribed by God in the Magic Crystal. In fact, if a person commits a sin, that sin is engraved on the Magic Crystal. Naturally, an orb can read it. Many people in the temple believe that the “bond” between God and man is the Magic Crystal and the orb. You have read it without the orb, our bond with God. In other words…” (Govan)



 I continued my grandfather’s words,



“However, I was able to identify the skill without the orb, my bond with God. So, I might be considered a heretic?” (Zack)


“Well, you were sent here to be born, by God, but those who do not know that say that you do not need the God we believe in, something like, like Evil Gods and Devils.”



 Strictly speaking, there are no gods called evil gods in this world. The Temple of Light, which believes in Lucidus, the god of light – a cult that calls itself the Light God cult – calls Noctis, the god of darkness, an evil god, but the god of darkness is also one of the attribute gods and is included among the Twelve Pillars.


 There are demons and members of the Demon Folk tribe who act with unique values among the household of the God of Darkness, but they are also beings with magical stones.


 There is Vanitas, the God of the Void, who is the only one who is not an object of faith and is not counted among the Twelve Pillars, but the doctrine of this god as an evil god is not common. On the contrary, it is said that more people do not know Vanitas itself.



“What do you think I should do?” I ask my grandfather’s opinion.


“First, we have to create an orb. If the information appears on the orb, good. If not, we will have to think about it at that time.” (Govan)



 I couldn’t bear to look at my grandfather’s anguished face, so I nodded silently and looked down.



“Anyway, I’ll tell Matt – Zack’s father – to have the orb made tomorrow. This is a secret between you and me. I’ll tell Matt and Tanya – Zack’s mother – tomorrow, depending on the results, but there’s no need to worry about it.” (Govan)



 I nodded and asked about [Status].



Status? A number that represents Strength, Endurance, and Intelligence? I’ve never heard of that. I’ll have to look it up in Doctus – the City of Scholars – but at least I’ve never heard of it.” (Govan)



 At the very least Status does not seem to be common.



(You can’t even see the status? But if the orb can’t transfer my info, I’m in a pretty tough spot.)



 The orb is a biometric identification card. Without it, I can’t enter large cities or stay at inns. In other words, I would have to live in this village for the rest of my life.



 I left my grandfather’s room with a sense of gloom, my elated mood having completely cooled down when I came in.



 Later, at dinner, my grandfather and I were still in a somber mood, and the entire dining table was in a somber mood.


 My father wanted to ask something, but my grandfather, perhaps seeing the look of frustration on his face, said nothing.



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