Dream Life Chapter 14.2: “Elf Magician”

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 I smile and say I don’t mind, but quickly change my expression back to a serious one.



“As you may have heard from my grandfather, I am supposed to be able to use all attributes. I think it takes more time than most people to master each attribute. That’s why…” (Zack)



 Seeing my serious expression, she smiles reassuringly.



“Don’t worry. Magic is different from martial arts. Once you have mastered one attribute, you will be able to use the others without much difficulty. I will explain that to you tomorrow.” (Lydiane)



 She was right, I had thought that each attribute required its own training. Apparently, that was just my assumption, which was a bit of a relief.



“I heard you were going to train in swordsmanship with Govie in the morning. Then we will study magic in the afternoon. I heard you can read, so we’ll start the magic lessons immediately.” (Lydiane)



 I smiled and bowed politely, saying, “I understand, Lydiane.”


 She raised the edge of her mouth a little and grimaced.


“Is that your normal way of speaking? I’m not good at being formal,” she complained cutely.



(Still, she might be older. Even though she looks to be in her twenties, she calls my grandfather Govie. And she’s going to be my teacher…) (Zack)



 Feeling quite troubled, my grandfather stretched out a helping hand.



“Just treat her the same way you treat Mel and the others. She might be old, but her mental age is the same. That’s true, Ku–hahaha!” (Govan)



 My grandfather, perhaps struck by his own words, bent over and burst into laughter.


 She made looked slightly offended and cried, “I’m growing older… you’re terrible.”



(I can’t believe the part about us being the same mental age. Well, I guess she’s probably acting. I wonder if the cool beauty aura makes it hard for her to socialize unless she acts like this. Maybe I should hang out with her more.) (Zack)



 Having a little bit of leeway, I tried to approach her in a way that I wouldn’t have done in my previous life.



“Okay, I’ll stop with the formalities. Then I’ll call you Lydia… no, I’ll call you Liddy. Right, can I call you that?” (Zack)



 She was surprised at the sudden change in conversation and stopped sulking. And when I called her “Liddy,” she was dressed as it was.


 I wondered if I had messed up in my actions and tried to apologize, but I noticed that her expression turned into a happy smile and stopped myself.



“Liddy… Of course, that is a name you’ll exclusively call me. I won’t let other people call me that for the rest of my life. Liddy…” (Lydiane => Liddy)



 I was a little shocked because Liddy’s behavior was different from what I expected.



(I was supposed to reply, “What do you mean ‘exclusive’?” …What is that reaction? My grandfather is laughing, so he seems to understand what’s happening, but I can’t ask him here. Hmm…) (Zack)



 She said with a smile, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Zack,” and I, even more confused, could only reply, “Yeah, nice to meet you, Liddy.”





 The next day, before morning training, I asked my grandfather about Liddy’s reaction yesterday.



“What was with Lydiane’s reaction yesterday?” (Zack)



 My grandfather was amused by the sudden topic, but soon gushed, “What was your impression when you saw Lydia for the first time?” He asked.


 Not understanding the intent of the question, I said what I honestly thought.



“I thought she was very beautiful. I think my mother and Claire are beautiful, too, but my first impression was, ‘I didn’t know there was such a beautiful girl in this world.’” (Zack)



 My mother Tanya and Sharon’s mother Claire would have been actresses or models in a previous world, but Liddy was beyond their level.


 My grandfather had the same thought.



“Of course. Due to that, Lydia didn’t have many friends because of her beautiful face. Think about it. Not many men would talk to a woman as beautiful as Lydia. The same goes for women. They don’t approach a woman who is much more beautiful than they are and who seems difficult to approach. Well, it seems that there were some frivolous men who would have approached her, but they would never have met Lydia’s expectations.” (Govan)


(That’s true. I couldn’t speak up at first either… but once you talk to her, you’ll easily get to know her right away, right?) (Zack)


“But I realized she was a friendly person. I think that once we talked, you quickly realize she’s amicable, right?” (Zack)



 My grandfather shook his head as if I didn’t understand.



“She is timid when it comes to socializing. Well, except for yesterday. All of the people are her long-time friends…” (Govan)



 My grandfather told me that Liddy had once been at the Academy of Magic in Doctus, where she had been unable to make friends, and that she might have developed a mild fear of other people.



“She came from a village in the countryside of Saltus and probably didn’t know anyone. For the five years since she entered the school at the age of 13, she said she had not had a friend she could consider trustworthy. Even though she was in the dormitory, she would have been very lonely…” (Govan)



 Grandfather then goes on to tell the story of how he and Liddy met.



“I met Lydia when she had just graduated when she was still taking requests all by her lonesome self. That’s when I met her. At the time, I also wondered how there was such a beautiful girl in the world… ” (Govan)


“Were you the one that called out to her, Grandfather?” (Zack)



 Grandfather closed his eyes for a moment, as he was remembering the old days, and nodded. Then, with a faraway look in his eyes.



“I was eighteen or nineteen when I went into the forest on a solo mission. I met Lydia at that time. She was also solo. I was on a Wild Dogs subjugation and she was gathering medicinal herbs… She saved me when I was in danger of being surrounded by Wild Dogs…” (Govan)



 He is remembering the old days, and even his tone of voice has returned to that of his younger days.



(But it’s a little sad for something like a fateful encounter. Usually, it’s the knight who helps the beautiful women, but being rescued by a beautiful woman… well, it’s fine because it’s a beautiful memory for them. But…) (Zack)



 My grandfather talked about his memories for about five minutes. From what he said, my grandfather had been taking requests with a party for five years, starting at about eighteen.



(Five years after eighteen, so he was twenty-three? My father was born when Grandfather was twenty-three, so even though he was married, he was still an adventurer. He must have been quite wild.) (Zack)


“My family and I are the only ones who can call Lydiane Lydia, except for those from her village. Well, our old friends used to call her that, too. So, she must have been very happy to be given the nickname ‘Liddy’.” (Govan)



 I decided that if it made a beautiful woman happy, it was all right with me.





 Around three o’clock in the afternoon. After our nap time was over, it was time for Liddy’s magic class.


 The cool, breezy shade of the trees is a substitute for a classroom.



 At first, I had planned to take the class by myself, but Sharon unusually insisted that she wanted to learn too.


 Mel and Dan caught wind of this and wanted to take the class as well.



 Liddy looked a little puzzled and said, “That could become a problem. Can you three read?” When I answered that I taught them, her expression clouded over even more.


 Apparently, she wanted to say that it was impossible because they couldn’t read.



“Okay. It’s not a waste of time if you study, and if you’re lucky you might even be talented.” (Liddy)



 In the end, the four of us were together just like usual.



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