Dream Life Chapter 16.1: “First Magic”

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 It has been about ten days since Liddy’s classes began.


 The month of August has turned into September, but the intense heat shows no sign of abating.



 The magic class is still one hour long, with 30 minutes of classroom lectures and 30 minutes of practical training. In the lecture, we learn about the characteristics of each attribute and the composition of spells.


 For the practical skills, Sharon continued training to feel magic power, but I had outgrown that and moved on to training to move magic power.



“It is possible to give magical power to spirits from anywhere on your body, but magic appears from the place where you give magic power. Therefore, you need to transfer the magic power to a place where it is easy to use.” (Liddy)



 In other words, you can give off magic power from the navel, but if you give magic power from there, the magic will also be activated from there. It is possible to use [Rock Bullet] from the navel, but it is easier to direct it using the fingertip or the palm of the hand.



“If you feel magic power, change the shape. If you want to emit magic power through your arm, you have to adjust the shape and the thickness that passes through your arm…” (Liddy)



 Transforming and moving the magic power was proportionally easy.


 The point is that you can do anything you want with your imagination.



 In my case, I compare magic to an amplifier system, so I should change it a little. If I move my magical power in the image of electricity and the nerves as my electric wire, and my palm as a capacitor or a battery, I could easily store my magical power in the palm.


 Liddy was astonished at this.



“You could feel your own magic power very quickly, but it usually takes a year to move magic power. It has only been 30 minutes… You might soon learn to release magical power. So, you should start practicing your control of magic power. Go for it.” (Liddy)



 With these words, she became more absorbed in Sharon’s training.


 I had no choice but to play on my own by moving the magic power to different places. When I got tired of that, I started transferring magic power instantaneously from my right hand to my left hand or wrapping it around my whole arm.



(Thinking about it, there was something called Magical Combat. I wonder if this is something related to Magical Combat?) (Zack)



 I remembered the explanation of [Magical Combat] that was provided when I created my character.



(I remember it said that by being clad in magic power, the power and success rate of attacks and such would also increase. What I am doing now is exactly what it means to clad myself with magic power, right?) (Zack)



 I moved away from Liddy, who was focusing on Sharon and tried to jump with magic power around my legs.


 I felt a slight increase in jumping power, but it was just my imagination.


 I wondered if my MP was decreasing, so I checked my status and found that my MP had decreased from 82 to 81.



(If my MP is decreasing because of now, it means I used magic power. But I can use it without chanting or a magic circle, and I didn’t promise to offer my magic power to any of the spirits… I’d love to read a manual or a WIKI…) (Zack)



 By the way, Dan and Mel are told to read a book to encourage them to study, because they slept during the classroom sessions and just played during the practical sessions.


 They thought I was starting to play, and they came right up to me.



 Mel asks, “Is Master Zack done?”, So I changed their thoughts by saying, “I’m still training while moving my body.”



 Liddy also noticed what I was doing, and when I pulled away from the three of them, she asked me what I was doing.



“I thought of cladding myself in magical power to improve my body’s movements. Is it strange?” (Zack)



 She sighs deeply.



“That’s something that only high-ranking elven magicians do. It’s something that magicians who have lived for hundreds of years are the first to be able to do.” (Liddy)



When I heard, “It’s a technique that only elven magicians can do”. I can only shake my head in shock.



“I have heard that sometimes people can do it unconsciously. But only high-ranking sorcerers do it consciously. I really never get tired of being with you. Hehehe.” (Liddy)



 Finally, she chuckles at me, out of astonishment.



“This is one of the powers given to me by God. I guess that’s why I can do it.” (Zack)



 At these words, she stops laughing and bends down to look at me.



“The technique does not use the power of spirits. It converts your own magical power directly into power. That’s why it should consume more magic power than normal magic.” (Liddy)



 Then she hugged me gently,



“I’m sure you’ll be fine, but be careful. If I have nothing to do, I will accompany you at night. So don’t use your magic without me.” (Liddy)



 Liddy’s seriousness forced me to do nothing else but nod.





 After dinner, I went to Liddy’s room as promised.


 When I entered her room, she was already sitting in a comfortable chair, sipping wine and waiting for me.



I asked, “Excuse me for a bit, can I ask you to give me a little magic lesson.” she then replied with a bewitching look.



“You’re really innocent. You come into a woman’s room and suddenly you’re asking for that?” (Liddy)



 She was probably a little drunk, and her slightly raspy voice had a sultry quality to it.



“Isn’t there anything not innocent about a four-year-old child? I can’t drink alcohol with this body, and I’ll soon get sleepy.” (Zack)



 She giggles and says, “Just kidding,” and downs her cup.



“Well, let’s get started, shall we? I’m going to shoot some magic out the window.” (Liddy)



 I anxiously wait for the moment; I was excited about seeing magic for the first time.



 Liddy’s expression turned serious as she stood by the window and began to chant a spell.



“O Lucidus, God of light, who presides over all that is bright. Grant mine thy brilliant arrows of forged holy light from thy kindred spirits… ” (Liddy)



 Particles of light gather in her right hand as she chants the incantation, gradually turning into rods.



“…I offer the power of mine life to thee as payment… Come forth! Shining Arrows of Light, Light Arrow.” (Liddy)



 As she finishes chanting the spell, arrows of light shoot out from her right hand.


 Outside the window, the arrows of light that flew out soundlessly became shooting stars, momentarily brightening the night sky.



 I watched the scene in a speechless, dumbfounded state.



“What do you think? How do you feel about seeing magic for the first time?” (Liddy)



 Before I knew it, Liddy’s expression had returned to its usual soft one.


 I didn’t know how to answer, so I simply said, “Uh, huh.”



 Looking into my face, she smiles at me and says, “Well, it’s pretty good, isn’t it?”



(Even the special effects in movies aren’t this realistic… the way the light particles gather, it’s like an anime coming true straight to reality…) (Zack)



 As I recovered from my temporary state of absentmindedness, the next thing I knew, a fierce excitement overtook me.


 I took her hand and said, “That was amazing! That was awesome!” I was half yelling.


 Liddy looked a little troubled and scolded me, “You’re talking too loud,” but she quickly smiled when she saw how excited I was.



“Light, Wind, Wood, and Water are my attributes, and the one I’m best at is Wind. But since we can’t see in this darkness, I’ve used Light, which I’m not very good at.” (Liddy)



 As she said this, she puffed up her ample bosoms in a distracting way.



“You’re not good at it. So how far can you shoot it? How many times can you shoot it? Is the spell something you learned in school? How powerful is…?” (Zack)



 Excited, I ask one question after another.


 She looked at me with a bemused look but answered my questions.



“I believe the Arrow of Light could fly for about a hundred m (mert). If I shot it that far, it has almost no force. But if I plan to use it as an attack, it’s about 30 merts. About the number of times… I think I can cast it for about fifty times, but I’m not sure…” (Liddy)



 To summarize her words, the range is about the same as a normal bow and the power is similar to it. It’s insane, but the magical power used is about 1 to 2% of your total magical power. She said that this is the basic system for most basic spells, but it wasn’t set in stone.



 While being a little amused at my barrage of questions,


“You really seem to be enjoying yourself. Do you really want to use magic that badly?” She laughs.



“There was no magic in the world I was from. It only existed in stories. Well, what can I say… It has always been a childhood dream of mine. Even though I knew it was a fairy tale, I wanted to use it at least once… ” (Zack)




 I’m still excited, and I was enthusiastic about it.


 Later, from Liddy,


“I was so excited that Zack was a different person at that time. I was surprised.”


 After talking for about five minutes, my excitement finally subsided.



 I felt embarrassed by my behavior and, in a slightly coquettish way to cover up my shame, I bowed and said, “Then, please teach me about magic. Teacher Liddy.”


 She giggled a little at my behavior and replied, “Then let us start the magic class.”


 Then the magic lesson lasted about an hour.



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