Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 10.1: “Viscount Tysburn”

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 As the meeting with Count Roswell was about to end, someone tried to force their way into his office. The Frontier Count and his advisor, Baron Oldham, seem to know who is outside the door, and their expressions become bitter.


 The Frontier Count nodded to Oldham with a look that said he had no choice, and he left and headed for the door.



 When Oldham opens the door, a guard is desperately trying to hold back a man who appears to be in his late thirties, dressed in luxurious clothing.


 Oldham, in contrast to his earlier mild mood, chastises the man with a chilling tone.



“Lord Tysburn, what is all the fuss about? His Excellency the Governor is attending to guests.” (Oldham)



 Viscount Tysburn takes one look at Oldham, ignores him, and walks straight into the room. Behind the viscount is a slender young nobleman in his mid-twenties and a white-haired warrior who appears to be his bodyguard.



“Brother, the bandit that Lockhart has captured, but I will take him in. He someone who caused commotion within our territory.” (Constance)



 The Frontier Count said, “Constance, you are overreaching! Do you not understand the situation? You dare to humiliate me?” The Viscount acted like she did not hear the count’s rage and retorted with a nonchalant look on his face.



“I heard you have a visitor, but he is only a knight. If you have time for a knight, I would like you to listen to what I have to say.” (Constance)



 With that, he gave my father a look of contempt.


 However, my father did not react in particular, only bowing his head in a small, silent manner.



 Tysburn clicks his tongue at his father’s reaction. Then he notices me sitting next to my brother Rodrick and gives me a condescending look, “You are Zacharias?”


 He turned to the Frontier Count with a hand gesture of exaggerated dismay.



“What can such a child do? My brother seems to be somewhat tired from his long governance as governor.” (Constance)



 The Frontier Count was more than a little angry and dismayed by his words. He then seemed to have decided to deal with the young man behind him, as if he thought that Tysburn would not be able to defy him.


 In a low, heavy tone of voice, the frontier count rebukes the young man, Gateskell.



“Sir Gateskell. I told you not to let Constance do anything foolish. If my brother continues in this foolishness, I’ll have something to do in response.” (Hubert)



 Tysburn was about to retort, but Gateskell bowed reverently before him, his tone exaggerated,



“I take the Governor’s words to heart. Desmond Gateskell is entirely to blame. However, I think the Viscount has a point. I hope you will listen to what the Viscount has to say.” (Gateskell)



 The Frontier Count glared at Gateskell, saying, “Then let me ask the you to take the blame.” But Gateskell simply says, “Have it your way,” and then says, “My life, I am willing to give it up for the Viscount at any time,” and he gets down on one knee and hangs his head as if offering his neck.



(It’s strangely theatrical. If this were true, he’d probably just be a fool who was self-absorbed… But his impression is quite different from the governor’s story earlier. I had the impression that he was an excellent young bureaucrat, but this… Then he just looks like a bonbon…) (Zack)



 The Frontier Count, as expected, could not be beheaded for something as trivial as this, and he was thinking about how to respond to the situation with a bitter expression on his face.


 Then, the Count slowly began to speak.



“Then, I will ask you, Sir. Master Zacharias, who is here, is the valedictorian of the Tyria Magic Academy and is a once-in-a-millennium genius. Furthermore, he has influence over the Blacksmith’s Guild and the Magician’s Guild. Still, are you saying it’s okay to disrespect Master Zacharias, as Constance did?” (Hubert)



 Gateskell kneeled down and said, “Though it is the Viscount’s word,” he continued,



“I hear that Sir Zacharias just turned fifteen the other day. I think it is foolish to use him without experience, no matter how much of a genius he may be. I believe that this is what the Viscount wanted to say…” (Gateskell)



 His tone was polite, but it was hardly a sincere answer to the question.


(That only answers the first part. He never mentioned the part about me having influence over the Blacksmith’s Guild and the Magician’s Guild. …Well, I wonder what the Viscount will do…) (Zack)



 I was looking at this situation as if it was someone else’s problem. Frankly, it’s not that important to me, even if it’s a big problem in the house of my brother’s marriage partner. I was thinking that it would be a great help if they underestimated here.



 The Frontier Count did not hide his disappointment at Gateskell’s answer, muttering, “Your sophistry is always one-sided…” He pursued the matter further.



“I ask you again. He is the only person in the world who can influence the Blacksmith’s Guild—no, influence the Dwarves of the Blacksmith’s Guild. I would add that I consider Master Zacharias one of the five most important men in the country, if not the world. And yet you still stand by Constance.” (Hubert)



 Gateskell’s smile that had been pasted on his face was frozen, but he was to argue. But the Frontier Count interrupts him and presses him further.



“And you said you had experience. Isn’t it self-denial for you to say that? Did you have any achievements seven years ago? Even though you graduated from the Imperial Capital’s Academy of Advanced Studies, no one told you. Did you, yourself, who was smoldering without being discovered, have any accomplishments to be proud of?” (Hubert)



 Gateskell was speechless at the barbed words.



“You have certainly achieved something. I am not afraid to admit it. But if you do not admonish Constance for his foolishness, you are not worthy to be in his advisor. An advisor is someone who will put himself in harm’s way before his lord goes astray. Do not forget what he said earlier.” (Hubert)



 Not even the brash Tysburn could refute the words of the frontier count, let alone Gateskell.



“Constance. As for the bandit I mentioned earlier, I may turn him over to you…” (Hubert)



 The unexpected words caused a look of surprise on everyone’s face except Oldham’s. The frontier count, without paying any attention to the situation, continued to speak.



“…But first, I’m going to interrogate you. I don’t know what you did in your territory, but… There was an attempt to assassinate Lord Lockhart, a vasal of his Imperial Majesty. In other words, a felon who drew a bow against the Empire. As the Northern Governor—I will investigate to my satisfaction. Do you understand?” (Hubert)



 Faced with an irrefutable argument based on the Count’s authority, Tysburn could only say nothing with his mouth agape. Then he turns on his heel and walks out of his office, his eyes burning with anger at the Count. The remaining Gateskell stood up hurriedly, bowed to the Count, and followed Tysburn.



 The Count huffed, looked truly exhausted, and apologized, “Excuse me.”



“I am truly sorry for this abominable fiasco, for my brother’s disrespect to Lord Mathias and Master Zacharias. As his brother, I am ashamed of myself.” (Hubert)



 My father represents both of us and tells his, “We didn’t mind it.”



“Aside from Constance, I’m concerned that Gateskell is in a hurry… I had high hopes for that man, Gateskell. That person may not be able to see the big picture, but if he can receive an appropriate goal. If he puts his mind to it, he has the talent to accomplish it. It’s a shame that his vision is so narrow… I even thought that if he gained ten more years of experience, he could be a good assistant to Francis…” (Hubert)



 The Count muttered this to himself.



(After all, he had bought into Gateskell for a long time… and he must feel betrayed that he might have been involved in some wrongdoing… I don’t see the need to go that far, you know?) (Zack)



 As I’m thinking about this, the Frontier Count notices his soliloquy and relaxes his expression.



“I can’t help it. It’s pointless to even tell the Master what I’m talking about. Just think of it as my whining and forget about it.” (Hubert)



 We responded with a bow and left the office.



 Baron Oldham led the way again, but he too had a tired look on his face. I thought it was rude of me, but as we walked, I checked on Maddock.



“As I have recently observed, an impulsive man like him will try to get rid of Maddock in various ways. I would like to know your thoughts on how you plan to deal with this.” (Zack)



 Oldham smiled and nodded.



“We have already taken steps. The only people who have access to Maddock are my trusted men. I have already checked everything, including food, clothing, and sleeping quarters.” (Oldham)


“I apologize for asking something so impertinent. I hope they don’t resort to even more forceful measures…” (Zack)



 Then Oldham smiles again. But it was a smile that made me shudder.



“The Castle Lord thinks the opposite. He seems to be thinking of using Maddock as bait to get him to play his hand. He has other plans. I cannot give you the details, but I am sure that everything will be arranged in the coming days.” (Oldham)



 As I expected from a politician of his caliber, the Frontier Count and his advisor were very experienced.


 It seemed that he was planning to act even more boldly, what I had said earlier about the enemy showing itself. I suggested checking with the craftsmen about the bandits’ equipment.



“We have secured all the bandits’ equipment. If you show this to a skilled craftsman, I think you will be able to narrow down the sources to some extent. As for the weapons in particular, even to my eyes they appear to be of high quality.” (Zack)



 Oldham nods, “I see.”



“If there are no problems, I will head for the Blacksmith’s Guild branch tomorrow.” (Zack)



 Oldham nodded at my words, and then, perhaps remembering something, gave me permission with a slight smile.



“If you are a blacksmith, perhaps it would be better if Master Zacharias went. I will authorize a letter of introduction to the branch manager, Lord Degenhardt, later.” (Oldham)



 Oldham laughed and added, “You probably won’t have to use it.”



 We were escorted directly to the guest room of the castle and treated as honored guests. This was partly because we were the family of Rosalind’s fiancée, but also, I suppose, out of concern for our safety.



 We walked through the castle again and met up with Guy and the others.




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