Dream Life Vol 3 Chapter 30.2: “How To Use Life”

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 I appeal to his heart with a sincere expression.



“Sir Gunnel is about to be executed. I would like you to listen to his final wishes…” (Zack)



 Gateskell seemed to be lost. Then, after a few seconds, he mutters, “I will meet him.”


 I nodded to the Knight Commander as if to signal him. The Knight Commander nodded back and ordered the soldier to open the door.



 Once inside, I found Gunnel, still tied to the chair, waiting for me with his head bowed.



“I’m sorry. It’s my lack of ability…” (Gunnel)



 Gateskell interrupts Gunnel’s words of apology.



“You did a good job. I just wasn’t good enough. That’s all.” (Gateskell)



 Then, with a self-deprecating smile, he continued, “I was more incompetent than I thought.”



“No, Master… There’s no point in saying anything more.” (Gunnel)



 When Gunnel said that with a smile, Gateskell also smiled back.


 However, Gunnel’s expression quickly became serious,



“I have a request for you Master Desmond. My last wish. I hope you will hear it.” (Gunnel)


“A last wish? I’m about to die too, and you’re asking me for a favor?” (Gateskell)



 Gunel gave a small nod, looked into Gateskell’s eyes again, and began speaking.



“I wish to take revenge on Lux, who has caused me so much despair. To do so, I would like you to live in shame for me, Master Desmond…” (Gunnel)


“Live in shame? I can’t bring myself to even bring shame to my life now…” (Gateskell)



 That’s when he noticed me and glared at me, saying, “You must have said something to him.” Then he turned to Gunnel,



“I don’t know what they told you, but I have no intention of living in shame any longer. We have lost, no, I have lost. I think we should accept death gracefully.” (Gateskell)



 Gunnel shook his head. He denies it in a tone of voice that is strong for a man who rarely shows emotion.



“That’s not true! We haven’t completely lost yet…” (Gunnel)


“Didn’t we lose? We lost to His Excellency and then to Sir Zacharias. He was one or two steps ahead of me.” (Gateskell)


“Yes… Indeed, we were well beaten by the Frontier Count. But we still have a hand against Lux. If we die like this, Oulette and Lux will only laugh at us. But Sir Zacharias has a plan…” (Gunnel)


“You want me to take advantage of this man’s plan to get revenge on Lux? I have my pride too, you know. I will not be humiliated any further.” (Gateskell)



 Gateskell denies him, saying there is no words left to say.


 Even so, Gunnel did not give up,



“I must give Ouellette and Lux what they deserve, no matter what it takes! They mocked me behind my back as I struggled, and manipulated me to suit their convenience. …The result is this…” (Gunnel)



 Then he mocks himself for his restrained appearance.



“…If that’s all it is, then it’s because of my incompetence. But…” (Gunnel)



 He grits his teeth and a strong killing intent leaks from him.



“They took everything from me! My family, my honor, my territory… And they’re trying to take everything from me again!” (Gunnel)



 Gunnel’s murderous intent dissipated, and he began to speak quietly.



“After I was captured in Lux, I think it was because of their secret maneuvers that I was stripped of my territory and title. I believe they stole everything from me and used me as a pawn…” (Gunnel)



 Gateskell and I were shocked by those words.



“I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days. Why did Oulette choose me…” (Gunnel)



 Gunnel’s soliloquy continues.



“They chose me as a pawn because I happened to be their captive… and they thought they could make good use of the pawns they caught… taking all from me and making it look like the nobles who framed me were plotting against me. I, blinded by revenge… will cause chaos in the imperial capital. …Suddenly it all makes sense…” (Gunnel)



 Gunnel’s words continued.



“I was destined to die in the imperial capital. That was Lux’s plan. But Master Desmond saved me without thinking of himself. …So they thought I still had some use left in me. Even though I changed my name, they still contacted me…” (Gunnel)



 Gunnel’s thoughts made sense.


 Let him escape from prison and return to the imperial capital. It is not hard to imagine that he will seek revenge when he returns. In order to further make him lose himself and retaliate, they manipulated to take away his title and fiefdom. Since Gunnel did not have the backing of the great nobles, the maneuver must have succeeded without much trouble.


 Gunnel, a disposable pawn, survived. Not only did he survive, but he was placed in the service of the Viscount Tysburn, who were close to the Roswells, the northern Governor. This was probably a coincidence. But Lux’ Holy King Office must have been delighted to learn of it. They had succeeded in planting the seeds of confusion in the northern part of the empire without any effort.



“I understand what you are saying.” (Gateskell)



 After saying that, Gateskell fell silent.


 After about ten seconds of silence, Gateskell slowly began to speak.



“I know what you want. But my survival would be a disaster in the North. No matter how much I want to retaliate against Lux, it would be a mistake to leave a root of disaster in my wake.” (Gunnel)



 Gunnel was about to open his mouth, but before he could, I interrupted.



“You say it’s a disaster, but it’s probably only temporary.” (Zack)



 Gateskell turned around and retorted with a somewhat sad expression on his face.



“I sacrificed the Fourth Battalion. I sacrificed more than a hundred loyal knights and soldiers for the sake of my ambitions. The old Frontier Count, however, will not be convinced. …If I survive, it will cause a rift between the Count and the knights. If that happens, the imperial city, let alone Lux, will reach out for me.” (Gateskell)


“There is certainly that concern. However, it depends on what you do from now on. If you serve your county wholeheartedly, you will eventually be recognized. Besides…” (Zack)



 I paused and watched Gateskell’s reaction.


 There was no change in his expression, and he was quietly waiting for me to continue speaking.



“…What do you plan to do about His Excellency Viscount Tysburn? From what I’ve heard from your testimony, His Excellency probably didn’t actively order you to take action. He trusts you and entrust the fate of his family to you. He did. In that case, I guess that passes the responsibility to the Viscount’s family.” (Zack)


“You’re absolutely right, but… how will Lord Constance be treated by the Viscountcy of Tysburn for this matter.” (Gateskell)



 I explain it in a matter-of-fact manner, trying not to sound patronizing.



“There will be a talk that His Excellency, Viscount Tysburn, will retire, and that his eldest son will succeed him. However, I have heard that if Sir Gunnel testifies, there will be no charges against him.” (Zack)



 Gateskell looks slightly pained.



“I see… Lord Constance’s crime will no longer be investigated…Then, what are you planning to do with me?” (Gateskell)



 Hearing that Viscount Tysburn would not be charged with a crime, Gateskell’s mind was beginning to waver.



“Before I go any further, let me explain the plan I have devised. I first explained it to Sir Gunnel…” (Zack)



 I briefly explained what I had explained to the Frontier Count. When Gateskell finished listening to me, his body shook in displeasure.



“Are you planning to use Gunnel as a tool? Then aren’t you the same as the fanatics of the Light God Church!” (Gateskell)



 Without changing my expression, I stare back into his angry eyes.



“No matter what you say, this is the best plan. There is no way for Sir Gunnel to regain his honor, let alone prolong his life. If that is the case, we should put his remaining life to good use. Sir Gunnel wishes for it.” (Zack)



 Gateskell approaches me, almost ready to grab me, but quickly regains his composure.



“It’s certainly the best plan. But it’s also a plan that I couldn’t think of… I think I understand why you were able to compete with that famous and cunning Chairman Wagman–Chairman of the Doctus Magicians Guild’s Council. I feel like…” (Gateskell)



 He said this in a whisper, then immediately looked me in the eye,



“Very well. I will live a life in shame. If Gunnel wants to take revenge on Lux, I will follow your plan. Not for the Frontier Count or you. For Gunnel and Lord Constance, I will”



 After saying that, looking completely relieved, he turned to Gunnel.



“You have done well. Without you, nothing would have been possible. I really appreciate all your hard work…” (Gateskell)



 Gunnel shakes his head in silence at Gateskell’s words. Gateskell nodded as if he understood and turned his back on Gunnel, saying, “I’m done here.”


 As he left the room, Gateskell never looked back.



(I guess they trusted each other as master and servant. If only we had met earlier… I don’t want to do this…) (Zack)



 Gunnel looked at Gateskell’s back, not saying anything or even changing his expression.



(…I hope this might give Gateskell a break…) (Zack)



 I report that the persuasion was successful to Commander Brailsford, who is waiting outside.



“I don’t mean to be sarcastic or anything, but Master is not the only one I want to make an enemy of. I don’t think I can win.” (Manfred)



 The Knight Commander says this to me and starts to walk away, then telling Gateskell, “Let’s head for His Excellency’s office.” His words lacked the hostility they had before, and he seemed to be showing consideration for Gateskell, who was sending his trusted subordinate to his death.



 I went straight back to our room.


 Liddy and the others were still angry, but they saw that I was a little depressed and relaxed their anger somewhat.



The public execution of Harrison Gunnel was set for July 25th.



T/N: Ugh! This is f*cked up. I really respect Gunnel and Gateskell. Their choices were pretty bad, the options were also bad, and the situations they were in were also bad. I hope Lux’s higher ups get their comeuppance. 




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