Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 12: Sword and Jewel *7

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 What to do about this one?


 For me, my feelings are 50-50.


 First of all, the advantage of honestly telling the truth is that …… I might be able to find out more about my condition.


 I’m a foreigner to this world, so I may not be able to give you a correct diagnosis, but first of all, I know very little about “out of magic” and “magic power”. If I could understand these things and my condition in detail, I might be able to paint more efficiently.


 And, most of all, I am anxious. Not knowing myself well is still a worry.



 …On the other hand, as a demerit, it may be dangerous.


 I don’t think it’s a good idea to be suspicious of everyone… but first of all, it seems that this world is not that safe.


 This is something I don’t agree with. I think that because there is magic, it should be easier for people to harm others than in my original world, and I don’t think that a high level of moral is required to use magic. …Well, it is said that a finger can be cured with a medicine, so I wonder if ethics are even out in such a place.


  Well, whatever. Anyway, this world is not that safe. There are poachers and humans are kidnapped.


 Even if it’s not in the forest, but even in a normal town, when you enter a store, it’s a dangerous occurrence to hear someone say, “Then for the time being should I kill you.” …Isn’t it a strange place after all? Isn’t it crazy?


 Well, I guess that’s why I should be wary and suspicious of various people… It’s sad, but… I’m not very good at it.


 In that sense, I’m not sure if it’s okay to share my information with the doctor.


 If I draw a jewel, I can materialize the jewel. If I want to, it’s not just a jewel, but an object called a magic stone.


 However, perhaps… Judging from the price of the jewel, what I noticed when I went to sell the jewel, and what I was told… it was something that had no other precedent or was extremely rare. I came to such a conclusion.



 At the very least, it confirms that there are no or few others who can “produce magic stones at low cost” like I can.


 …If there were many people who could make the same kind of jewels that I have drawn and materialized, the summoned beast wouldn’t the nobility’s weapon. The price would fall. It’s common sense.


 That’s why I think there is no other individual with… “what I draw materializes” than me. So, it seems.


 If I were to tell the doctor about it, they would know me as a “very rare and unparalleled” person. That’s… well, I think it might be a bit of a big deal.


 I know that doctors are obliged to keep confidentiality and should not talk about their patients’ personal information, but I know that my thoughts, common sense, and beliefs are not really applicable in this world, so I am… in trouble.



 I should say, “what I draw materializes”?



“I heard that the magic he used was light magic.” (Van)



 Then Fay’s father started to speak.


 I wondered what was going on, but Fay’s father told a lie without hesitation.



“It seems that his control is bad, and it seems that it is not something that can be used much… is that right? Fay. You are more familiar with him.” (Van)


“Oh… Right, Doctor. Did you know that cursed summoned beast that showed up in town the other day?” (Fay)



 As I was wondering what to do, Fay started to speak after his father, and I continued my silence.



“Yeah, yeah… I was surprised. There were rumors that you appeared on the Red Dragon and saved the town. It was like an act from a legend…” (Van)


“Well, don’t worry about me. But what about Tougo? Well… he helped me defeat he summoned beast. With his light magic.” (Fay)


“Oh my…” (Doctor)



 Apparently, they decided to create an explanation, so I nodded gesturing, “Yes, that’s right”.



“I was surprised by the appearance of the Red Dragon, a legendary being, but I never expected to find two saviors here.” (Doctor)


“Okay. You can praise me more. However, keep Tougo a secret. He has no backing, and I don’t want to expose too much about him.” (Fay)



 Fay is very helpful because he is very clear about the details. He will not be asked for details about what he called a “secret”.



“That’s… Oh, so he’s a servant of the Redgarde family…?” (Doctor)


“He’s just the best friend of mine. Right, Tougo?” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 The rest of the time, I just smile and cover it up. Yes. I shouldn’t worry too much about it.



 After that, the doctor gave me a new magic stone for the sealing tool and left.


 I quickly attach the new stone to the sealing tool. In other words, it seems to be a sealing magic stone that is slightly weaker than the previous black stone.


 …When I replaced the magic stone of the sealing tool, I felt that my strength suddenly springs up. Yes. I guess it means that the seal weaker.


 For the time being, I’m going to practice controlling my magic power again with this. If it is necessary to “pour in more magical power than necessary”, I will remove the seal and materialize with all my might, but for other things I want to control it as much as possible and limit the consumption of my magical power to the amount necessary for materialization.



“I’m sorry, Tougo.” (Van)



 Fay’s father called out to me.



“I said that on the spur of the moment.” (Van)


“No, I was saved, thank you.” (Tougo)



 Faye’s father looked a little apologetic, but all I could do is thank him.


 …Yes. There are ways to learn about myself by experimenting on my own. However, what is known to others cannot be taken back. So, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t tell the doctor this time.



“Is that so? Then I’m glad. …Your magic is very rare. I’ve never seen it anywhere else. That’s why I thought it would be better to keep it under wraps until you make up your mind.” (Van)



 Yes. …Yes?



“Um, you’ve never seen anything similar?” (Tougo)



 Is… Is… Is that so? Not a second one? Really?



“Yeah, I’ve never heard of it. I’ve never heard of something you draw materializing. That’s unusual. …Roses. How about you?” (Van)


“None. For me too. What about you, Fay?” (Roses)


“Hmm? I haven’t seen one either. I’ve never heard of one too. That’s why I thought it was very unusual.” (Fay)



 …I see.


 It’s really rare…


 Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t tell the doctor.



 That same day, I went back to the forest from Redgarde’s family mansion. The horse was probably getting worried.


 …Or rather, I was worried about the horse. Or the horse was sulking.


 The Pegasus, who I had left waiting in the courtyard of the Redgarde house for so long, seemed to have no intention of letting me down, and even after I arrived at the forest, he kept on walking at a brisk pace so that I would not be able to get off.



“Umm, excuse me, I’d like to get down.” (Tougo)



 I tried to protest discreetly, but the horse only let out a single whinny and wouldn’t let me down.


 I’m getting a little bit of a look of exasperation from Laocles… I don’t want you to stare at me.



 The horse won’t let me down, so I’m thinking in the meantime.


 What I’m thinking about is magic power, magic power depletion, and magic. I decided not to talk to the doctor about it after all, so I guess I have to think about it myself.



 First of all, I don’t really understand what “magic power” means. I have only recently become able to perceive magic power.


 But for the time being, it’s generally correct to say that “Magic Depletion” happens when you use too much magic at once.


 …There are some things I know about the consumption of magic power at this point.


 First of all, the bigger the painting, the more magic power is consumed.


 As was the case when I built my first house, it is quite tiring to draw something that is bigger than I am.


 Secondly, the more complicated something is, the more magic power is consumed.


 For example, a spring that gushes water. Or the wings of a Pegasus. Such an object is much more tiring than a piece of wood or a ham of the same size.


 Also, things that I am used to drawing are easier to materialize. …No, it is not really relevant these days, though.


 …I think that the method of reflecting the drawing, in reality, is more consuming of magic power than the method of materializing the drawing.


 But I’m rather convinced about this. The point is that the part that has to be influenced is bigger, and that explains it.


 If you make a spring appear, you have to affect the groundwater and so on. If the Pegasus’ wings were to be created, it would have to affect the physical condition of Pegasus itself. In other words, the scope and depth of my magic will change along with my magic power.



  I think I should be able to figure out how many days I would faint if I drew what and how I drew it… But what complicates the situation even more here is my own personal growth.



 I am definitely growing. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. …Well, compared to when I was building houses in five stages, I can build a small house in a day now. I guess I am growing.


 And the reason for the growth… It can be explained by the fact that I am from another world, but more than that, I am sure that “I feel like I am being trained as much as I faint.”


 I’ve been training a lot since I healed my horse and then fainted, and then healed and then fainted. I think.


 …Then, I guess, after I get the Red Dragon to materialize. If you think about it very simply starting from the house, my magic power has increased by about five times when the house was first built… So, what happened during that time is the horses and the Red Dragon. I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make. I think that means everything is involved. I mean in terms of the number of times I fainted, the time I spent unconscious.


 …Now that I think about it, it might not be all that bad to faint from running out of magic power. It is a horrifying thing to hear that you become like a corpse, but if the amount of magic power you gain from fainting due to running out of magic power increases, wouldn’t it be better to actively faint?


 Then I will be able to draw and materialize even bigger things. That’s a bit tempting… well, I’m fine with it, as long as the magic runs out enough to keep me unconscious just within three days from now on, I’m fine with it. Though, Fay would not look good. I think Fay will understand if I explain the reason.



  I don’t have such a bad impression about the magic power depletion because I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not.


 So, I’ve decided that I don’t need to tell the doctor that what I draw will materialize and work on preventing magic power depletion.


 I am sure that Fay and his family wondered more than I did whether or not they should tell the doctor that “what I drew materialize”. I too, wondered.


 But I knew that it would probably be more troublesome if they knew about it.



 As Fay said, there will be a lot of people trying to take advantage of me…. Because, well, I hear that the jewels I painted can be sold for a rather ridiculous price.


 Jewels in this world is probably jewelry and at the same time a practical item and a weapon. As Fay said, “summoned beasts are weapons of the nobility,” I think it is because jewels are weapons after all.


 And since I seem to be able to make such “weapons of the nobility,” …well, I can use them to make money.


 Also, I feel that I might be of great use to doctors.


 Because I can draw and heal injuries to some extent. I think this is very useful… isn’t it?


 I heard from Fay that there are medicines in this world that can make missing fingers grow back, so in that sense, medicine in this world is quite different from what I consider “medicine” in my common sense, but still, healing people should be the same… …Above all, there is almost no cost for my paintings. All I need is paper, paint, and a brush.


 …Well, in other words, my ability would probably be rather troublesome if people knew about it. That’s what it comes down to.


 When I think about that kind of thing… I finally have to seriously consider the words Fay told me.



 About “aren’t you interested in becoming our family painter?”



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