Drawn Mochi Volume 2 Chapter 7: Sword and Jewel *2

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 While I wait for the doctor to arrive, I draw a picture of a jewel.


 It’s difficult to make complex cuts, so round ones, a cabochon cut, I think it’s called. I draw one of those. Near perfect circles and ellipses. I draw about ten all at once, with variations.



 First, garnets.


 A transparent hemisphere catching the light and casting colored shadows. I had practiced with marbles and lenses before, so this was easy. It materialized successfully.


 Next, the turquoise.


 This stone is the color of the giant bird’s eggshell, itself… However, opaque turquoise is a difficult texture. Therefore, I used the marble columns of Fay’s house as a reference and painted a dark brown pattern on them. It was a little difficult, but I finished this one without a hitch.


 Next… Amethyst. I drew this one in the form of a crystal like a hexagonal prism.


 I found vivid purple petals when I was chasing the bird in the forest. The paint I made from that is useful here. Mixing other paints such as pink, I showed the true potential of transparent watercolor. When it comes to painting something transparent, transparent watercolor is amazing. …And this one materialized without incident.



“…it’s beautiful.” (Fay)



 Fay peeked in from the side and let out a sigh of admiration.



“Okay, I’ll give it to you.” (Tougo)



 I pick up three garnets lying on the desk and place them on Fay’s hand. They are gems painted with scarlet paint made from the scales of the Red Dragon born of my blood and his, so, well, about half of them are his.



“Eh, is that alright?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I’ll draw some again.” (Tougo)



 Next time, I want to draw something with a more complicated cut. What should I make? Oh, but I think it would be difficult without an actual sample. Hmmm….



 It was at that time.


 I heard a tap on the window. I looked at the window and saw the Red Dragon.



“Oh, what’s the matter?”



 When Fay opened the window and reached out his hand, the red dragon rubbed itself against Fay’s hand and showing he missed him. Even though he is a dragon, he does this kind of gesture, which makes him cute.



“…Huh? Hey, hey, what’s really going on with you?” (Fay)



 No wonder Fay was panicking. The Red Dragon poked its head through the window more deeply and leaned. It’s a little dangerous. Mainly in the sense that the window frame is about to break.


 I looked at the Red Dragon, wondering what the heck was going on. …The Red Dragon was chomping at something, stretching out its neck, apparently trying to go at Fay’s other hand.





“Maybe this is the reason.” (Tougo)



 I took one of the garnets still on the desk and held it out in front of Red Dragon.


 The red dragon cried as if to say, “Yes, that’s it.”





“Ah… I see. That’s right. I think you’d like to get inside the magic stone too, wouldn’t you?” (Fay)



 Saying that, Fay gently put the garnet he had in his hand on the desk.



“But as expected, this is no good. It’s too small for you to enter.” (Fay)



 The Red Dragon gave a sad cry as Fay said this. …… hmmm.



“Hey, Fay, I’m not sure what kind of stone a summoned beast can fit in. What kind of stone is good?” (Tougo)


“Hmm? No, no, no. It can’t be anything. It has to be a magic stone with proper magic power. And each summoned beast has their own preference.” (Fay)



 …Really. I see.



“Um, why did the Red Dragon like this stone…?” (Tougo)



 I mean, wouldn’t that be the point?


 I just drew the stone. I mean, the stone I just drew out, could it be a magic stone?



 Fay told me there was a simple way to experiment, so I gave it a try.



“This is a magic stone lamp. It is fueled by the magic power of a magic stone and it lights a fire. …There are some scrap magic stones in it right now, so I’ll take them all out.” (Fay)




 Fay brought a beautiful small lamp and opened the lid on the base of it. Then, something like a rough, muddy-colored pebble comes out of it. Apparently, this is a “scrap magic stone”. In short, it is a stone that has magic power but is not good enough. It may be that there are many impurities in it.



“Wait a minute. I’ll burn all the magic left in the lamp.” (Fay)



 Then Fay lit the lamp and set it aside for a while. …and the lamp went out in less than a minute.



“Uh… I know it’s a waste, but are you sure you want to do this?” (Fay)


“Yeah. I’ll draw again.” (Tougo)



 And I put one gem inside the lamp. Then close the lid of the lamp… and light it.





“Oh!” (Fay)



 There was a bang and a fire started. …A brighter fire than before began to illuminate the surroundings.


 The lamp has a beautifully crafted covering that shines through the light of the fire. The shadows that fall on the desk on which the lamp is placed also shines through the lampshade, making it very beautiful.


 The light shimmering in time with the flickering of the fire is fun. I love it. I want to paint this one someday.



“This is… Uh, hmm…” (Fay)



 On the other hand, Fay was groaning.



“… are you wearing your sealing tool right now?” (Fay)


“No.” (Tougo)



 I wanted to materialize the jewel, so I drew one without my seal. That way the jewel will appear faster.



“Try it with the sealing tool on.” (Fay)


“Huh? Sure.” (Tougo)



 Well, okay. As Fay told me, I put the sealing tool back on and decided to draw a jewel again.



 The jewel was drawn and materialized. Fay then picked it up and presented it to the Red Dragon, who was still looking greedily outside the window.



“Here.” (Fay)



 However, the Red Dragon turned away, but I could hear it crying in protest.



“You don’t like this one, do you?” (Fay)



 Fay asked, and the Red Dragon leaned forward with a squeal. He seems to be more concerned about the first gem left on the table.



“So, to put it succinctly, if you put more magic into it than you materialize when you draw it, you’ll end up with a magic stone!” (Fay)


“I see.” (Tougo)



 I see. That seems complicated.


 I still don’t understand what a magic stone is, but it’s probably a big deal, since Fay looks panicked.



“Wow, this is quite the big deal… Uh, Tougo can become a magician in the royal palace, and the world’s number one jeweler…” (Fay)


“I don’t want to go far away.” (Tougo)


“I guess so. Looking at you, I can understand that.” (Fay)



 I was told that by a frightened-looking Fay, but it can’t be helped. I have no desire to become a magician in the royal palace, nor am I interested in being a jeweler.


 But for the time being, the things I’ve been drawing and materializing up until now… I understand that it might have been a bit of a problem.


 Since the jewel materialized jewels have become magic stones, I wonder if the house has also become a magic house. I don’t know.



 While Fay was looking at the jewels on the desk and worrying, “What should I do with this…”, I look outside the window at the Red Dragon, which is still waiting.


 When I reach out my hand to the Red Dragon, it acts friendly, doing the same as with Fay. Cute.


 …The Red Dragon is staring at the stone on the desk all the time. The way it cries is somehow pitiful.


 I don’t really know what a summoned beast is, but if he doesn’t have a home… that would be a very, very sad thing.



“Um, Fay.” (Tougo)


“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Fay)



 So, I decided to make an offer.



“Can I draw a stone that will become the Red Dragon’s home? A bigger one.” (Tougo)



 Then Fay, after a moment of confusion… answered with a big smile.



“I was just thinking of asking you!” (Fay)



 Then I drew a big jewel.


 Oval in shape with a long diameter of about 5 cm. The colors ranged from deep scarlet to bright orange, with a variety of shimmering colors. I remembered it from the lamp fire that I had seen earlier. When the Red Dragon first came out into the world, it was breathing fire. That color was beautiful. So, I wanted to recreate it in the jewel as much as possible.



“Amazing… it’s beautiful.” (Fay)



 Fay’s eyes sparkle as he picks up a stone that looks like it has a fire burning inside and looks through it to the light. Oh, the gemstone looks a bit like Fay’s eyes.



“Hey, Red Dragon! You’ll love this one! What do you think?” (Fay)



 And when Fay held out the jewel to the Red Dragon… The Red Dragon headbutted the jewel at that moment.



 At that moment, the Red Dragon headbutted the jewel.



“Whoa!” (Tougo)



 The Red Dragon’s body was sucked into the jewel and vanished.


 …Is it okay?



“Okay. Then come out.” (Fay)



 Fay then pointed the jewel out the window as he said this, and this time the Red Dragon came out of it again.


 …How did it get inside and how did it come out?


 It’s a very strange sight…



“Tougo! He likes this magic stone!” (Fay)



 Red Dragon is in and out of the gem, somersaulting outside the window. Maybe he’s having a good time. I’m glad he likes it.



“If you like it, that’s very good.” (Tougo)



 I was a little tired from concentrating so hard on the painting, but seeing the joy on Red Dragon’s face made me feel like I was going to blow off all my fatigue.


 Yeah, very good.



“Okay, then let’s go!” (Fay)



 And Fay said, holding the jewel with the Red Dragon inside.



“Huh? Going where?” (Tougo)



 As I wondered what was going on, Fay burst out laughing.



“The town! You’re going to buy food, right? Did you forget?” (Fay)





 That’s right. That was the reason I started painting jewels in the first place.


 I thought I would sell my jewels, make money, and use it to buy at least some of my own things. I forgot that while I was painting.



“Umm, then let’s wrap the jewels I materialized properly.” (Tougo)


“Ah… that’s about it, Tougo.” (Fay)



 I grabbed my pencil to draw a small bag or something, and Fay said to me,




“Perhaps a small grain will suffice.” (Fay)



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