Drawn Mochi Volume 3 Chapter 7.1: Honey Trap and Trap Breaking *2

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 We headed for the Royal Capital, taking several breaks along the way. It would take about half a day to reach the capital with the Red Dragon and Alicorn flying slowly. This time, we decided to fly at a more leisurely pace because we didn’t want to push the summoned beasts too hard.


 The Redgarde territory is relatively close to the capital and can be reached in two days by horse-drawn carriage. The summoned beasts are a very good friend of mine, and I’m glad they were there. …On the other hand, without the summoned beast, we would have been on the road in two days. Thank goodness they were here.



 And so, we arrived at the Royal Capital at tea time.


 …It was a big town that could not be compared with the town of Redgarde territory.


 After Fay exchanged some words with the gatekeeper, he went inside and found a large street stretching straight ahead, lined with large stores on both sides. The number of people on the street is huge.



“…woah.” (Tougo)


“Right? Because it’s the Royal Capital!” (Fay)



 Fay seemed to enjoy seeing my reaction. Yeah, it’s like what he said before, “It’s definitely fun to show the town to people from otherworld.”



“Okay, then, let’s get going! Let’s go to the inn right away! After we drop off our luggage, let’s go see the sights! It’s a good opportunity!” (Fay)


“Yes.” (Tougo)



 Laocles and I were led by Fay to the inn where we would be staying today.



 The inn was a large building. As it was built on the main street of the Royal Capital, it seems that this is an inn for nobles. …Is like a first-class hotel? Thinking about it makes me a little nervous.



“Okay. We’re done. Let’s go.” (Fay)



 On the other hand, Fay had finished the formalities with dignity and brought what appeared to be our room key.



“…Huh? Just one room?” (Tougo)



 However, Fay seems to have only one key. Well, I don’t mind if we’re in the same room.



“Hahaha. It’s just one room, but don’t worry about it.” (Fay)



 When Fay said so, she grinned meaningfully and then started walking with me and Laocles. …I wonder if there is something going on.



 After that, I follow Fay… Then, at what seems to be our room, confirm the room number and open the door.





“…eh?” (Tougo)


“Surprised, huh? You must have been surprised! I was surprised when I saw it for the first time too!” (Fay)



 What I found there was too big a space. Well, it was too big. It was physically impossible. It’s much bigger than the room should be.



“What’s going on here?” (Tougo)


“They’ve embedded ancient magic into the room to make the small space bigger. Thanks to this, it’s big enough for several people to stay in the room!” (Fay)



 Fay said and walked in to find a large, spacious room with several doors. Wow, it’s not just one room. There are rooms within the room.



“There are bedrooms… Yeah, there’s like four of them, so you can pick any room you want, with one left over!” (Fay)



  I see, so even if there is one main room, there are more rooms within it. No wonder Fay said, “Don’t worry about it.”



“Well, that’s the way it is. I’ve got the key to this room, but I’ll make sure you guys can use it too.” (Fay)



 Fay then asked me to put out my hand.


 The first time I put my hand out palm up, she turned my hand over and pressed the room key against the back of my hand, saying, “Reverse hand.”


 …At that moment, the back of my hand became a little hot, and the next moment it was back to normal as if nothing had happened.



“Laocles too. Here.” (Fay)



 Then Laocles is similarly had the key on the back of his hand, and finally Fay himself does the same. After that was done, Fay put the key in a place in the room, like a key holder.



“Then, when you want to enter this room, just put your hand on the metal plate at the door.” (Fay)



 Apparently, we could now unlock the room. I wonder how this works…



 A little surprised to see the power of magic in another world, I quickly chose one of the rooms and unloaded my luggage into it. Even though I was going to stay here… My luggage was not that much. Well, I was only going to stay one night. I was told that most of the daily necessities are available in the inn, so I didn’t bring much of that with me.


 The point is… is that most of my luggage is sketchbooks and art supplies. Also, bamboo and bamboo fruits. In short, food for the summoned beasts.



“…I wonder if the jewels of the summoned beasts are similar to this room.” (Tougo)



 Looking up at the ceiling of the room, I somehow wonder if the summoned beasts that enter the jewelry are like this. Since a large, summoned beast can fit inside a small jewel, maybe there is a large space inside the jewel, like this room.


 Maybe “a jewel with high magic power” or “a bamboo tube with high magic power” means something like “a large room inside”.



 Well, after looking around the room, we quickly went out to the town.


 Fay seemed to have been to Royal capital several times, so he happily showed us around the city.


 We went into a store that served delicious snacks and looked around a place that seemed to be a weapons shop. We also went into a jewelry shop.


 There were weapon shops, armor shops, and jewelry shops in the towns of Redgarde, but the scale of those in the Royal Capital is different. After all, that the stores are bigger and have more goods when there are a lot of people around.


 …I was a little curious, so we went to the jewelry store and looked at the jewels.


 It seems that the jewels I give out are often liked by summoned beasts, and it seems that Fay says that they are “magic stones with high amounts of magical power”. Then I wondered what a magic stone with low magic power would be like.


 So, I observed the jewels lined up in the jewelry store along with the price tags and I might have a little bit of an idea.


 Since I was able to control my magic power, I wonder if I’ve come to understand the magic power other than my own to some extent. After all, I feel like expensive jewels have a lot of magical power, and cheap jewels don’t seem to have much magic power.



“Hey, Fay. If I train more, will I be able to see the magic power of things better.” (Tougo)


“Hmm? Yes, you can! …Well, I’m not very good at it myself, but it’s useful for a lot of things.” (Fay)



 When I quietly asked Fay, I got such an answer. It seems that if you train, you will be able to see magic powers other than your own. Come to think of it, Fay also looked at a bamboo tube and said, “A bamboo tube filled with magic power.” I guess that’s what it means.


 …yes. Let’s do our best.



 We ate dinner at the inn and then went to sleep.


 …How should I put it, it feels like it’s been a while since I slept alone in a proper bed. I often sleep in the hammock, and usually the horses are nearby.


 Also, when I stay at Fay’s house, Laocles is usually with me. When I think about it… I kind of feel a little lonely.


 I’m used to a space where there is only my presence, and I don’t dislike it. I’m not afraid of it. I’ve always felt more at home when I’m alone. However, recently, I haven’t been alone much…



“…Hmmm.”  (Tougo)



 Feeling somewhat restless, I thought about what I should do…



“Okay. Good night.” (Tougo)



 I took out my Houou and my Pip Fox and decided to sleep with them. They feel good against my skin, and they calm me down.


 I fell asleep listening to their cries of “Kyururu” & “konkon”.



 The next day. When I left the room after putting away the summoned beasts, Laocles was already awake.


 A little later, Fay woke up as well, and we all went to have breakfast together.


 After that, we spent some time relaxing… and I spent some time sketching the scenery from the window. …And then it was past noon.


 We started getting ready for the party.



“It’s easy for three guys to get ready, isn’t it?” (Fay)



 Getting ready is not so difficult. My clothes are like suits, so I can wear them by myself. …However, it was quite difficult to tie the bow on my neck in a symmetrical manner, so I did my best several times.


 I’ve heard that if it’s a woman’s dress, she can’t put it on by herself. Yeah, I’m glad I’m a guy.


 After changing, I made one last check of my belongings, and then we were off.


 Our goal was the Royal Castle. It is said to be the most magnificent building in the country.



 There was a gatekeeper at the entrance of the castle, and Fay went through some formalities there. We showed them our invitations, and they let us through without any trouble.


 As we proceeded, we entered a building… and there, I was stunned.



“Amazing……!” (Tougo)



 It was huge.


 The magnificent stone building was impressive from the outside, but once inside, the size of the building became apparent once again.


 The first hall inside the castle was lined with massive pillars. The ceiling was high, and it appeared to be a vaulted structure. But even so, the ceiling was high. I felt as if I had become smaller.


 And this castle was not only big.


 There are decorations all over the place that live up to the name of the castle. The first thing that caught my attention was the murals that filled the walls of the hall. I wonder if they are frescoes. The colorful paintings seem to depict some kind of story.


 Using all of my limited knowledge of this world, I was able to guess that the murals were paintings of a story about a hero who defeated the Demon King. As I recall, I read such a book when I was studying letters.


 The mural is not the only attraction. The massive pillars are made of marble with faint, gentle gray stripes, and there are exquisite carvings on them.



 I gasped when I realized that each pillar had a different carving. Each pillar seemed to have a different creature carved on it. There are dragons, phoenixes. There is also an alicorn… I wonder if there are any Houou or Pipe Foxes in the facade.




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