Drawn Mochi Volume 4 Chapter 24: Blue Angel of Happiness

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 A baby was born in Mr. Saphir’s family.


 When I heard that, I immediately rushed to celebrate.



 The people going to Mr. Saphir’s house are me, Fay, Fay’s brother… Lian and Ange.


 Apparently, Mr. Saphir’s wife said, “If there is a child who was the model for this angel picture, I would like to meet them.” Both Lian and Ange were dressed in clothes that had been custom-made for the occasion, and both of them were nervous as they flew with the Luans.



“…Angels riding a bluebird, huh? That’s kind of nice.”



 Fay, who was riding the Red Dragon, seemed to be having fun. I also look at the siblings while holding on to the Houou, but… Yep. It’s very nice. Birds bluer than the blue sky, carrying angels one by one. Yeah. good. Very nice. I want to draw this too. Let me draw it later.



“Oh… that’s amazing! It’s like our garden has become a mythical world!” (Saphir)



 As soon as the dragon, phoenix, and two Luans descended into the garden, Mr. Saphir, who had come out to greet us, looked at us with a mixture of surprise and happiness on his face. I could only say, “Sorry to disturb you.”



“Saphir! Congratulations!” (Roses)



 Then Fay’s brother, who had just gotten off the Red Dragon, ran up to him, and the two of them happily took each other’s hands.



“Thank you, Roses! Now I’m a father too! Hehe, I’m so emotional!” (Saphir)



 The two of them were standing back a bit as the exchange between friends continued. …Eventually, Mr. Saphir spotted Fay, me, and the Celeste siblings, and… his face lit up.



“Oh, those two are… You must be the angels, aren’t you?” (Saphir)



 Lian and Ange, who were called angels, started fidgeting from embarrassment, but eventually, Lian handed out the package he was holding in his hands to Mr. Saphir.



“Congratulations on your baby’s birth!” (Lian)



 When Lian said nervously, Mr. Saphir smiled, thanked him, and accepted the package.



“…Oh, look at this!” (Saphir)



 He then opened the package and his expression brightened up again.


 …Our present to the baby is a blanket. A blue blanket.


 The Luans’ loose hair (…or is it loose feathers?) The blanket is a comforter made by pushing the hairs (or feathers?) directly inside the cloth. It is fluffy, light soft to the touch, and very warm despite its thinness, probably because the texture of the feathers is still there.


 There is a story that the bluebird is a bird that brings happiness, so I hope this blanket will bring happiness to the baby, just as the story says.



“This is wonderful! …is this a blanket made of angel wings?” (Saphir)


“Ah, those are from the wings of these little ones.” (Ange)



 Ange fidgeted and said that. Mr. Saphir then looked at the Luans… And tilted his head with curiosity.



“What kind of birds are they? Roses, are these birds that live with you?” (Saphir)


“No… These birds seem to live in the Spirit Forest.” (Roses)



 Fay’s brother said that with a chuckle and secretly winked at me. Hmm, skillful.



“I see. You guys are like angels riding on such a wonderful bird. I hope you will meet my child and my wife. My wife, in particular, has been looking forward to meeting you.” (Saphir)



 Mr. Saphir might have had some idea of what was going on, but he invited us inside without asking too many questions. I was a little nervous and the angel siblings were even more nervous as we entered the house.



 …And then we met the baby and the baby’s mother.



“Nice to meet you. Are you the one who drew that picture?” (Saphir’s Wife)


“Yes.… Yes, congratulations.” (Tougo)


“Hehe, thank you. …And you must be the angels, right?” (Saphir’s Wife)



 The woman with the soft atmosphere sat on the fluffy sofa with the baby in her arms and looked at the angel siblings with a bright smile.



“It’s amazing. You two really look like angels. It’s a wonder why you don’t have wings. Can I see your face better?” (Saphir’s Wife)


“Oh, um, I…” (Lian)



 Lian is especially nervous and flustered. However, Mr. Saphir’s wife seems to be enjoying this situation. She giggled and patted Lian and Ange on the head.



“I hope he grows up to be a wonderful child, like both of you… For now, as long as he grows up healthy, that’s all that matters.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 Mr. Saphir’s wife says to the baby. The baby looked startled, but I guess she knew that her mother was talking to her. She seems to be happy and moves around.



“…Um, can I touch the baby’s cheeks?” (Ange)



 Ange, who was looking at the baby, asked. Then, Mr. Saphir’s wife said, “Of course,” and lowered the baby a little.


 …And then, Ange gently pecked the baby’s cheek.



“…It’s soft.” (Ange)


“Ufufu. That’s right. It’s so squishy.” (Saphir’s Wife)


“Oh, can I poke him too?” (Lian)


“Yes. Gently.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 Lian continued to poke the baby, and then had a very gentle expression.



“…soft.” (Lian)



 The baby was poked by strangers, but strangely enough, he did not cry. The baby was not crying, just reaching out to the angel siblings, squeezing their fingers together, and squealing.



“Oh, my goodness. He seems to have taken a liking to the angels. He looks so happy.” (Saphir)


“Baby, cute. Very beautiful.” (Lian)


“I see… Even the fairies like him.” (Ange)



 Seeing such a baby, Ange and Lian burst into murmured mumbling.


 …Apparently, the fairies who have settled in the garden of Mr. Saphir’s house seem to have taken an immediate liking to the newborn baby. I looked closely and saw many fairies outside the window. They are looking at the baby. What can I say, they look so happy.



 After looking at the baby to our heart’s content, we were taken on a tour of the Austkaia family’s prized garden, where we were greeted by the fairies and… we decided to leave.


 Then we were escorted to the entrance hall.



“I love this painting.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 Mr. Saphir’s wife says that and laughs when she looks at the painting.


 …It’s scary, but the picture I painted is displayed in the entrance hall. Well, how can I put it, yes, I am afraid is the only word I can use to describe it.



“When I was pregnant with this baby, I often felt frustrated and anxious, but when I look at this painting… I feel at ease. See, the angels in this picture have such beautiful expressions, don’t they? I feel at ease when I look at this painting.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 Mr. Saphir’s wife turned to me, smiling.



“It is hope. This picture shows me a hopeful future. It reminds me that there is a lot of uncertainty… but there is also a lot of good things to hope for.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 …That’s more and more terrifying. That’s a thankful assessment. Yes, it is. It’s gratifying. I’m thankful in the sense that it’s valuable, precious, and more.



“And, you know. This painting seems to be his favorite, too. Even when he cries, he stops crying when I bring him in front of this picture.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 The baby is giggling in Mr. Saphir’s wife’s arms. This may be due to the fairies waiting around this picture, not the power of this picture. Yes, I know. It seems that the fairies are secretly playing with the baby.



“Thank you, young painter. I really love this painting!” (Saphir’s Wife)



 But… It makes me very happy to hear you say this.


 I’m afraid, I’m grateful, and I wonder if it’s all right, but… I’m still very happy.



“Hey, could you please draw me another one? I like your paintings.” (Saphir’s Wife)


“Yes, please. I’ll draw it right away. What kind of picture would you like?” (Tougo)


“Oh, really? I’m so happy! Well, I’d like a picture of a forest. I can’t go out for the time being, just until this child gets somewhat older…” (Saphir’s Wife)



 After listening to Mr. Saphir’s wife’s wishes, I decided to accept the next commission. I feel like I’ve been painting nothing but forests. Well, that’s okay.



“Are you sure? Don’t you have a lot of other commissions?” (Saphir’s Wife)


“Not really. I’m fine.” (Tougo)


“You… I think you could go even higher if you wish. I think you could get a much bigger request than ours… But are you okay with this? I am thankful though.” (Saphir’s Wife)



 Mr. Saphir’s wife says this a little jokingly, but she is worried about me.


 So, I say to reassure her… and above all, to confirm it myself.



“Yes. I don’t really like high places.” (Tougo)



 Yep. After all, if I am going to get a place to stay, it’s better for it to not to be a high place.


 It may be attractive to have something that is special in the eyes of many people, but for me, I would be happier if I could have a place in the corner of someone’s heart.


 Yeah. I like to be in small places. Maybe it’s the same with the recognition I get.



 A few days later.


 We received a letter and a package from Mr. Saphir.


 The contents of the package are a beautiful tea set, tea, and cookies. It seems to be a return gift for the blanket. Ms. Croix immediately made tea using them. I was told that it would be delicious to make it into milk tea, so I added some milk to it. …It tastes like happiness.


 While drinking tea and eating cookies, I remember the contents of the letter from Mr. Saphir… While watching the fairies eating the cookies and discussing how to improve their own cookies.



 …The letter from Mr. Saphir was to thank us for coming to visit and to thank the siblings for the blanket they gave to the baby.


 Apparently, that blanket was popular with the baby. And when they wrapped the baby in it, he fell asleep right away. “The angels gave me a blanket that brings happiness,” wrote Mr. Saphir.


  He also reported that when his wife tried it on, she had better dreams. I see. That’s great. Please keep both mother and child healthy.



 And now, about the commissioned paintings. In addition to the one ordered by his wife, he also ordered another one. This time, it is a picture of a fairy. He said, “I think I saw fairies having a festive party in the garden.”


 Yep. They are there. I’m sure there are a lot of city-dwelling fairies in your garden…





 There was one thing written in the letter from Mr. Saphir that I was concerned about.



“I heard that there is a painter in the Royal Capital who calls himself Tougo Uezora. However, I didn’t have the impression that Tougo was in Royal Capital, so I am writing this letter to confirm it. If you are not painting in Royal Capital… then perhaps an imposter of you has appeared.” (Saphir)



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