Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 100: How to Use Travel Time

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 Time was fast, so I began to synthesize the [Scorpion Stinger] in my room and made a weapon.


 I think my blacksmithing magic could not only make spears but also try to make many other things.



 I have ingots other than iron in my Infinite Storage, so I combined iron, molybdenum, chromium, and [Scorpion Stinger] needle to form the [Poisoned Needle] I envisioned.


 The color is black, the handle is a brass knuckle, and the needle is attached to the end of the brass knuckle. The needle is about 2 cm long and 5 mm thick at the base and pointed toward the tip.



 The resulting [Poisoned Needle] is too conspicuous to be used as a dark weapon and too unreliable to be used as a normal weapon.


 It would be a good weapon for wizards to use to protect themselves in battle. It is a good weapon for such moments.


 I used one of the two [Scorpion Stinger].



 The result of the appraisal was “Scorpion’s Poison Needle: Weapon for fist-fighting, poisoned when the needle pierces the target”, came out. What? Is that how you use it? That’s a great appraisal. Does this mean it’s basically for fist fighting since the handle is a brass knuckle?



 I decided to try using [Lesser Vampire Fang].


 It is made from the same material as the Poisoned Needle with the addition of the Lesser Vampire’s Fang, but the shape is completely different.


 First, ingots are fused to make an alloy.


 The resulting alloy ingot was fused with the [Lesser Vampire Fang] and the [
Scorpion Stinger] to form a Poisoned Hook.



 The result [Scorpion Poison Hand Hook: a fist-fighting weapon, a dark weapon, and a hook that when used to wound a target, the target is poisoned. It has a cutting effect and is suitable for assassinations, etc.]


 Oh, assassination, yep, I thought I had made something dangerous, but it is a weapon. I thought, but then I thought back to the fact that it was a weapon, so that’s what it was supposed to be.



 The next morning, after finishing our meal and leaving the inn, we first went to a weapons and armor store to pick up my garment.


 It was made from Big Forest Deer leather, which is highly heat-resistant, so it should be resistant to heat and cold.


 I also have a magic shield, although it is said to have low impact resistance, and I feel a little more like an adventurer since I had been wearing ordinary cloth, traveler’s clothes, with a breastplate. Of course, this is subjective.



 Before leaving the store, I showed the owner the Poisoned Needle and the Hand Hook and asked him how much he would pay me for them. I asked. I told him the weapons’ traits, or rather, the functions of the items, and he said he would like to use appraisal, so he appraised the items, and begged me to sell them to him.



 He told me that both the Poisoned Needle and the Hand Hook were considered normal in terms of abilities, but the construction, strength, and materials themselves were A-grade.


 I asked him lightly, “How much can you get for them? He replied, “500 gold coins for the two.”



“Huh? 500 gold?” (Louis)



 The owner seemed to have misunderstood my surprise.



“That’s right, isn’t it? Since this is all, I have, would you be willing to sell them to me for 50 more gold coins on the condition that they come as a set?” (Blacksmith)


“Yes, yes. I will sell them to you.” (Louis)



 I received 550 gold coins and asked, “Just for information, how much would you sell this weapon for?” I was surprised to hear that the Poisoned Needle could be sold for 400 gold coins and the Poisoned Hook for 500 plus gold coins.


 The shopkeeper handed me a bag of gold coins with a smile on his face, so I quickly put the gold coins into my Infinite Storage and left the store. I put the gold coins into storage and left the store. I wondered, but once I received the gold, it was mine.



 What? Could it be that if it’s just materials, it’s not much, but if it’s weapons or armor, the amount of money changes drastically? Or maybe they just happen to be well-made?


 I don’t know, but I feel like I made a huge profit.



 After leaving the weapons and armor store, I headed to the guild and asked Elsa at the reception desk to pick up my Raptor.



“Good morning, Elsa. My Raptor, please.” (Louis)


“I was already on my way to the Kingdom of Ktevr. I’ll just finish all the formalities. I’m sure I don’t have to worry if you’re the kind of guy who can defeat wyverns, but I hope you have a good trip.” (Elsa)


“Thank you very much. I’m going to take it easy. Take care.” (Louis)



 Without any sentimentality, we finished the formalities, received the Raptor, and immediately set off.


 Our goal was the border mountain.



 I was told that it was located about 1,000 kilometers from Valmy, so I put some Physical Enhancement on the Raptor as we proceeded. We defeated the monsters that appeared along the way or avoided them when there were too many of them, which was troublesome.



 Camping was getting faster and more efficient. I took the time to make a large amount of consommé soup on the day we went into the encampment early. At first, I tried to make broth from beef bones, but each time I tried, I found out that it was not the same.


 When I drank that beef tail soup, I remembered something. I remembered that I had to make the broth from the meat, not the bones and that I had to leave it to cool for a day and take out the fat that had hardened and floated to the top.


 After all that hard work, I learned to make a clear, golden broth.



 I also made sure no one was around when we camped and tried everything.


 After all, I’ve become reasonably good at using magic.


 The power of non-attribute attack magic and Magic Arrow became stronger, and I became able to use small tricks such as Magic Bomb, which compresses magic power and makes it explode. Magic Bullet and Magic Arrow are now similar to my stone gravel, and to guide these together with telekinesis and hit the enemy.



 More interestingly for defensive magic, Magic Shield can be created instantly for up to 20 layers, and before I knew it, I had mastered [Poison], which can add a status condition on the opponent, as being poisoned by Dark Magic.



 I have time to train Huey while we are encamped, so he is also improving his combat skills.


 Incidentally, after a long time, I appraised him and found [Huge Slime: Huey, Unique Individual, Mucus, Acid, Alkali, Telepathy, Split, Combine, Binge Eating, Synthesis].


 I can guess that Split, Combine, and Binge Eating are just normal, but what is Synthesis? Can he synthesize?


 I asked Huey, but he replied that he was not sure.



 The good thing about camping out is that you can take a bath without any worries.


 It was really nice to take an open-air bath while looking at unknown constellations. It would have been nice to sleep in a bed, but the inns with baths tend to be high-end inns in large towns, so I would prefer to camp in the open air.



 After several days of camping and staying in villages along the way, I arrived at our destination.


 When I saw the cylindrical and triangular tower I had heard about, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.




“Ahahaha! It sure looks just like the illustration in the book!” (Louis)



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