Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 118: Party Yuzuriha

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T/N: Yuzuriha (Daphniphyllum macropodum) is a type of shrub native to China, Japan, and Korea.



 Just to be sure, I experimented with using Earth Magic to make holes and see if I could create a Rock Needle, but it didn’t work. No, to put it correctly, if I took the time to knead the magic, I could do a little, but it would be difficult to defeat a monster that requires instantaneous response. I couldn’t even do it in the passage so far, so I need to be careful after this. Is it because my magic is Spirit Magic that I can’t use Earth Magic? I hope to figure it out eventually.



 Following the map, we headed in a straight line to the next level, where we were attacked by ten wolf monsters in a group. This time, I took my short spear out of my Infinite Storage and moved it telekinetically.


 Compared to the first time I encountered the monster, my control had improved dramatically, and I was able to kill them with a single powerful blow.



 The monsters were a type of Rock Wolf, and when I killed them, they dropped a block of meat called Rock Wolf Meat. Ten of them were killed but only two had drops, and when I appraised the meat, it was shown to be very tasty, but the name does not seem to match the quality of the meat.


 I was a little happy because I had been eating only vegetables so far.



 After the battle, I began mapping again and searched, and found three adventurers fighting Rock Wolves about a kilometer off to the right from my direction of travel. There are about twenty Rock Wolves.



 I think I’ll take a look at others’ battles for a little for reference.


 I rushed over to them after applying physical reinforcement and found that one of them was wounded and unable to move. Moreover, the rest of the adventurers are being cornered by the Rock Wolves.



 With the adventurers in front of me, I joined them from behind Rock Wolf.


 I took out a large amount of stone and gravel from my storage and launched it into the adventurers along a controlled trajectory so that they would not be hit.


 Once I had taken down five of them, the Rock Wolves started to circle me from a distance, but I took one look at Rock Wolves and walked normally to approach the adventurers.


 As I walked, the Rock Wolves kept a constant distance and never looked away from me.



“There are fifteen of them left, can you fight?” (Louis)



 When they heard that, one person remained crouched, but the other two showed their fighting spirit.


 I turned back to Rock Wolves and fired off three times the number of rocks I had just fired.



 The adventurers were open-mouthed in amazement as they watched me blast a huge number of rocks without chanting.


 Thirteen Rock Wolves were killed. The remaining two ran away with their tails between their legs.


 After using [Exploration] and making sure there were no monsters around, I called out to the three adventurers.



“Is he alright?” (Louis)


“He was fine. Thanks for saving my life.” (Adventurer)



 As I approached, he raised his right hand with a pale face to show he was okay.



“Can I use Heal? What about potions?” (Louis)


“I couldn’t use magic, and I was out of potions. I guess we’re too early for this level.” (Adventurer)



 One of the men standing there answered.


 It’s not like we’re going to abandon them after I get myself involved.


 I took out four of the potions and told us to use one right away and the rest on the way back if they needed them.



“No, we don’t have the money for these advanced potions…” (Adventurer)


“I don’t need money. I think you should get it before I change my mind. I think they also dropped some Rock Wolf Meat, so hurry up and go get it. Also, the entrance I came in is that way, so don’t hesitate to go straight up.” (Louis)


“Okay. Thank you very much.” (Adventurer)



 The man thanked me and gave a potion to the crouching man to drink. The man who was crouched down instantly recovered and thanked me along with the rest of the men and walked away. They quickly retrieved the three pieces of Rock Wolf Meat.



 Well, I’m going to proceed to the lower level.


 As I used [Exploration] and proceeded straight to the next floor, I wondered if I would be using a tent in the dungeon when I took a break.


 I killed two Giant Boars before the stairs, but there was no drop. I was disappointed.



 The seventh, eighth, and ninth floors were empty and plain, but as the floors progressed, the number of tall trees increased, and by the ninth floor, a forest scene appeared.



 I encountered other adventurers on the ninth floors as well.


 The party of three ahead of me was surrounded by Forest Wolves and pushed in.



 As I approached, I took a closer look and saw three women. The woman acting as the vanguard was a swordsman with bright red hair. The other woman in the vanguard with brown hair was using the same short sword as I was, and she was slashing at the Forest Wolves with fluid swordsmanship. I think she is far better with a sword than I am.


 The other was a blonde-haired magician who was casting wind magic while the vanguard was buying time.


 It must be Wind Cutter, a magic that launches wind blades, quite powerful, but there are many Forest Wolves. There are still thirty of them.



 I approached them from the front, as I had done on the sixth floor, and launched stone and gravel, killing five of them.


 Both the Forest Wolves and the girls noticed me, and I again pelted them with stones and gravel, killing five more.



 When I slowly approached them, the Forest Wolf parted making a path, so I joined them and said,



“I’ll help you. I’ll blast about half at once.” (Louis)



 With that, a large number of rocks instantly appeared and flew.


 I was able to control them so well that they were not only half of them, but all of them were wiped out.


 The drop was listed as Forest Wolf Meat.


 According to the appraisal, the taste was normal.



“I’m sorry. I meant to just turn half to meat, but I killed all of them.” (Louis)



 I turned around with a wry smile and said to them, and they laughed boisterously.



“You’re funny. We are Yuzuriha, we’re a C-rank party, and I am Laura, the leader. Thank you for helping us. You can take all the drops.” (Laura)



 All three of them were about 20 years old. They had semi-long red hair and used slender swords, which I recognized when I got close to them.



“My name is Louis. I work solo and B-rank. I’ll give you the drops, so in exchange can you give me some information about the dungeon?” (Louis)



 I told them that it was my first time in a dungeon, and I was having a bit of trouble finding my way around.



“I’m Amy, and I see that you’re a magician. That was some good Earth Magic you did back there.” (Amy)


“I’m Tamer. This is my familiar, Huey, and that was not earth magic, it was non-attribute magic.” (Louis)



 All three were surprised and the magician asked,



“That’s Non-attribute Magic? Where the hell did you get that rock from? Ah, I’m Mairi. I’m Mairi. I use Wind and Water Magic.” (Mairi)



 I pointed to my waist and told her that I had a large magic bag with a capacity of rocks and stones, which I pulled out when I needed them.



“You have a magic bag? I don’t know why you don’t have anything in there, are you from some aristocratic or rich merchant family?” (Amy)



 Amy asked.



“I was sent away from home with that one magic bag, so I became an adventurer. It was a sort of family tradition.” (Louis)




I think it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my original fake background.



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