Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 18: Experiencing Potion Making

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At the sound of the morning bell, I jumped up, prepared myself, and went down to the cafeteria.


I ordered the same breakfast as yesterday and ate it with Huey.


It’s only a couple of days to Lotus Town, but I’ve stocked up on a week’s worth of portable food.


I always like to have a backup supply.


The more prepared you are, the better.



I have prepared pots and pans so that I can cook on the road, but the only seasoning I have is salt, and even if I could get meat locally, I don’t know how to cook it, so the range of dishes I can make is limited.


Even so, in my previous life, I used to cook for my family on weekends and holidays, and it was well-received.


The point is that I even clean up after myself.


It’s a low-class man who cooks and leaves the kitchen a mess.



After finishing breakfast, I remembered my plans for the day.


I would like to greet Camus-san and let me make a potion if she would allow me.


After that, I’ll go to Pete’s place and finally to Thomas’s General Store to buy some more things that I’ll need during the trip.



When I arrived at the Camus Apothecary, I approached the store and said hello.



“Louis, you’ve given me a lot of Hirupo grass and other things that have helped me. Thank you. You’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, right? I hope you have a safe trip.” (Camus)



“Thank you very much for teaching me magic. So, if it won’t be too much trouble, would you be willing to let me try my hand at making potions this time?” (Louis)



When I said that, she gladly allowed me to enter her workshop.



“Do you remember how to make a potion?” (Camus)


“Yes. But I want to make it with fresh Hirupo grass, not dried, can I follow the same procedure?” (Louis)


“What? The Hirupo grass I got from you is already very dry, you know?” (Camus)



What are you talking about? So I took out the Hirupo grass I had collected yesterday from my Magic Bag and showed it to her.


The Magic Bag is in a state comparable to that of a freshly collected bag because of the slow flow of time.


Camus murmured, “I see.”



“The procedure is basically the same, but with dried leaves, you grind them on a plate or in a strainer, while with fresh leaves you use a different vessel because there is a higher chance of the juice splattering if you grind them. You can watch me make one first.” (Camus)



With that, she pushed a few leaves of Hirupo grass into the beaker.


She whispered a chant and finally said, “[Grind].”


Instantly, the Hirupo grass turned into a green lump in the beaker.


She continued to whisper and chanted [Extraction] at the end.


Green juice pools at the bottom of the beaker.


She then transferred the juice from the beaker to a flask of water, it turned into a lighter green color.


As I was remembering that the dried juice looked like oolong tea, I heard a whispered chant, and the moment he said the word [Permeation], the juice changed from green to pale blue and glowed faintly.


It was like a scientific experiment after all.


As soon as I finished transferring it to the vial, the chanting began, [Medicine Fix] and it glowed stronger than before for a moment before disappearing.



“It’s done.”



I confirm the completion of the elementary potion on the identification board.


I thought it was amazing that it could be made from dried or fresh leaves with a simple flowing operation like breathing.


When I honestly praised her, she was a little embarrassed and she asked me to try making it too.


I accepted and placed the leaves of Hirupo grass into the beaker.


I performed [Grind] without chanting, and then immediately chanted [Extraction].


The bottom of the beaker is now filled with green juice, which I transfer to a flask of water.


When I performed [Permeation] on the flask that had turned into green water, it began glowing faintly, just like Camus-san’s, and so I quickly transferred it to the vials.


Finally, I chanted [Medicine Fix] to the small bottles I put together, it glowed stronger than before disappearing.



“It seems to be done.” (Louis)



I looked at Camus-san and she was frozen.



“Umm? Camus-san?” (Louis)


“Hey, how did you manage to not use any chant?” (Camus)


“What? I mean, I can do it without chanting, but please check how well I made mine.” (Louis)


“Oh, oh, yeah. I understand.” (Camus)



The result was definitely a beginner’s potion.


It was my first time, so it was probably something like this.


I was given all the potions I made this time as a memento.


This is just right because she wanted to thank me for the large amount of Hirupo grass I gave her yesterday.


I decided to accept it without any reservation.



After thanking her again, I left Camus Apothecary and went to Pete’s blacksmithing workshop.


I could hear the sound of hammering coming from the workshop, so I went around to the back and quietly watched until the work was finished inside the workshop.



When he finished, Pete greeted me with a smile.



“Hey. I heard from Thomas-san. You’re leaving tomorrow, right? You’re going to be an adventurer, right?” (Pete)


“I don’t know if I’m cut out for it, so I’m thinking of becoming an adventurer to earn money and learn magic and blacksmithing. Pete has helped me a lot, so I thought I’d drop by and see you.” (Louis)



After I said that, I asked Pete if he wanted to become an adventurer with me.


As a person who doesn’t know anything about this world, I was encouraged.


If someone has a burning desire to become an adventurer, even if it’s not with me, I know they’ll have no regrets if they drop everything else and take on the challenge.



His answer was “no”.



“I’m sorry even you asked me out.” (Pete)


“I’m leaving tomorrow morning, but if you change your mind and want to go with me, give me a shout. Thanks for the last few days.” (Louis)


“Yeah, okay. See you later.” (Pete)



And so we parted.


I respected Pete’s feelings without forcing him.


It’s up to Pete whether he regrets it or is glad he didn’t go.


Good luck! was all I could do to reassure him in my heart.



After leaving Pete’s workshop, I went to Thomas’s General Store to buy some things I needed for the trip and told Thomas-san about the exchange between me and Pete.



“Pete thinks that Job Aptitudes are absolute. It can’t be helped. I’ll tell him about it when I get back from town.” (Thomas)


“Thank you very much. If Pete comes tomorrow morning, do you mind if he comes with us?” (Louis)


“Yeah, I’ll support Pete in whatever he wants to do. I’ve been watching him since he was a little boy.” (Thomas)



I consulted with Thomas-san again about what I would need for the trip and decided to buy a tent.


It would be necessary for my future career as an adventurer.


I have a Magic Bag, so I don’t have any problem buying a huge one.

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