Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 20: Departure and Camp

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I talked to Thomas-san about what I heard from the adventurers last night.


When we get to Lotus Town, I want you to register as an adventurer and a craftsman.



“That’s right. You can register for blacksmithing and alchemy at the guild and ask them to introduce you to a good mentor, but if you prioritize that, it’s going to be difficult to complete quests, right? Production jobs are fixed in the workshop, and apprentices are supposed to stay in the workshop all the time, you know?” (Thomas)


“Ah! I see. I’ll think about it more.” (Louis)



I realized that I had misunderstood what they said.


I had been thinking of it like studying at a cram school.


Just paying tuition and be taught magic.


Yes, this is not a relationship between a mentor and apprentice, but a teacher and student.



When was the last time I heard that a person had to learn by watching because they were a craftsman? I’d like to say, but it can’t be helped because it’s commonsense of this world.


The first priority is to be an adventurer because I need to earn money to live.


Then there’s alchemy and blacksmithing.


I was foolishly thinking of spending my days as an adventurer and my days off studying alchemy and blacksmithing.


A weekend carpentry lesson? No, a weekend blacksmith or alchemist.



I can’t live without money.


I can’t grow my aptitude if I’m earning money.


I’m torn…


As I thought about this, I suddenly thought, “I can’t live without money.


I can’t be bothered like this if I’m no longer living.



I’ve never thought of this as something that makes one realize that one is alive.


Thomas-san saw me laughing and called out to me.



“Oh? You’re smiling, have you found a path?” (Thomas)


“Yes, I’ve decided to make it a priority. First of all, I will earn money to live. Once I’ve made up my mind, I’ll just go for whatever I want.” (Louis)


“Oh. I thought people around Louis’ age would be more worried. You’re quite bold.” (Thomas)



Yeah. I guess so.


After all, I’ve already experienced life up to the age of 60.



So, how do I make a living as an adventurer?


I just got the information last night, but I may have been a little naive.


First of all, in order to increase my income as an adventurer, I’ll have to move up in rank and do more difficult quests, but that’s too much of a hurdle for someone like me who doesn’t have much fighting ability, to begin with.


And since I don’t have any friends or acquaintances in town, it’s not going to be easy to get a party together. Hahahaha…



No? There are ways.


For example, how about signing up for the Alchemist’s Guild, making a lot of beginner potions, and selling them in bulk at a slightly lower price than the market?


If there are no sales restrictions and if I can get the tools, I can make a lot of potions.


And since I have the advantage of Exploration Magic, I’ll have a slight advantage over others in gathering materials.


Okay, okay, I can do this! I can live in this world.



After thinking about it, I asked Thomas-san about potions and found out that the guild has restrictions on them, so I can’t sell them at a discount.


The other world is tough too.



Huh? I sensed something triggering my [Exploration].



“Thomas-san, there seems to be a monster up ahead.” (Louis)


“You can tell? How far is it?” (Thomas)


“Yes, I think they’re about a kilometer away. There are four of them, can you hold back? I’ll go ahead and defeat them.”


“Are you sure? Can you really do it?” (Thomas)



I told him not to worry, and when the Raptor carriage stopped, I called out to Huey.



“Huey, let’s go!” (Louis)


“Yes.” (Huey)



Huey rode on my shoulder.



I used Exploration Magic while running.


I can see the enemy on the map, or rather, I can already see them.






The enemies spread out as soon as they saw me.


Two to my left, two to my right.


I instructed Huey to return to his original size and leave the two on the left to him, and I decided to take out the two on the right first.


I told Huey not to let them escape toward the Raptor carriage.



I concentrated on the two on the right.


When I looked at the two on the right again, I noticed that they were equipped differently from the goblins I had encountered when I was digging for materials before.


Before, they were just green kobolds with cloth wrapped around their waists, but these guys are wearing leather breastplates and carrying rusty swords.


If they were taken from the adventurers, they might be strong.



I decided to use a combo of Life Magic and Psychokinesis to try and get a head start on them since they were some distance away.


Without chanting, “[Water]!” and keep it up in the air.


The amount of water that came out was about the size of a bucket, and I was able to keep it in the air.


I blast water at one of them.


The water hit one goblin with considerable speed.


The goblin that was hit by the water staggered and fell to all fours.


Seeing what was going on, I shot the stone and debris at the feet of the other goblin, the same time as with [Water].


With a thud, its left arm was torn off and it was hit in several places, including the jaw and stomach, crying with a “Gah” and died instantly.


I was able to knock down the one that was on all fours by blasting it with rocks and stones as well.



Looking at Huey, one was about to run towards the Raptor carriage, so I shot the pebbles near it, hitting its left foot bending it in an unnatural direction


I shot it again with stones and stabbed it to finish it.


Perhaps he was hit with acid from Huey, but it only grazed him and he escaped.


Huey had covered the other one, and already two-thirds of its body has melted.



I let out a breath and took another look around.


There were no discernible hits on [Exploration], so it should be fine.


I asked Huey if he could ingest four, and he reminded me that it would be better if there were more.


Could it be that the amount of food he’s been eating wasn’t enough? I’ll give him a lot of food when I start earning more.



When I returned to the Raptor carriage after confirming that Huey had finished taking in the fourth body, Thomas-san was waiting for me with a tense look on his face, dagger at the ready.



“It’s over. They were just four goblins.” (Louis)


“Good work. You were able to defeat four goblins in such a short time? Louis, you’re pretty strong, aren’t you.”



I replied that it was just perfect they were weak monsters and we hurriedly left the place.


After going a little further, we decided to take a break for lunch.



Both of us ate some of the provisions for lunch.


We gave Raptor some water and let him rest for about half an hour before we started going again.



After two more stops, I realized that we were getting close to the target campsite, so I asked about the campsite.


I was told that there were several, and this time our choice was the riverbank.


It was a little off the road, so we wouldn’t be able to see the fires or the lights of the camp, and there was gravel around us, so if bandits approached, we could tell by the sound of them stepping on the gravel.


The weather had been good for the past few days, so the river hadn’t risen yet, which was good.



We arrived at the planned location in good light, and the first thing we did was to untether the raptor and give it food and water.


The raptor is very friendly with Huey, which is a big help.


If the monster I’m taming is seen as an enemy, it will interfere with our travel.



I help Thomas make a fire pit out of rocks and gravel from the riverbank and gather up some dead branches.


This time, I was to set fire to the dead branches I had collected.


I told Thomas-san to move away from me because I was not good at controlling the fire, and I held both my hands toward the fire pit and said, “[Fire]!”



A blue fire like a gas burner erupted from about 30cm away from my palms.


The fire ignited immediately, and the dead branches in the fire pit began to burn vigorously.


With a stunned look on his face, Thomas-san was surprised that he had never seen anything like this in all his years of seeing Life Magic.


Thomas-san said he would serve us soup today, so I left the rest to him. I told him that I was going to train my magic in a remote place and left.



When I came to the riverbank, I saw the shadow of a fish, thinking that I would do the following in order: circulate magic power, move several water balls, release water cannon, and water bullets towards the riverbank.



Is that Ayu? Iwana? Nijimasu? [T/N: Ayu is Sweetfish, Iwana is Whitespotted Char, and Nijimasu is Rainbow Trout.]

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