Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 22: Monsters of the Night

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No news from Huey, so there must be no bandits or monsters.


I activated [Exploration], but there was no particular response.



Everything is fine.



Holding the dagger in my hand for the first time, I look at the dagger that I am equipped with, the one that Jupiter-sama gave me, and try to reimagine it again.



The shape of the dagger… Probing using my smithing senses…



The ugly dagger squirmed and took the shape of the dagger that Jupiter-sama had given me.


The shape was indeed the same. The shape was the same, but it was not the same.


Is it the shine of the blade? The detailed decoration on the handle? Different. Something like the sense of presence is different, overwhelmingly different.



When I think about it calmly, it is probably strange to compare it to something that was given to me by God.


But if I set it as a goal, I might be able to get closer to it, so I’ll keep working on it.



A telepathic message came from Huey.



(Enemies appeared.) (Huey)



I immediately proceeded to use [Exploration], and two light spots showed up, but they were on strange paths.


I went to the carriage and called out to Thomas-san.



“Thomas-san, I’m sorry, but you have to get up. It’s a monster. I think it’s a bird or bat monster.” (Louis)


“Oh, I understand.” (Thomas)



Thomas-san gets up and prepares for the attack.



“I’m going to kill the monster. Thomas-san, please stand by for the attack.” (Louis)


“I understand.” (Thomas)



I picked up my dagger and sharpened my eyes and ears.



*Kiki, kiki* (Bat Monsters)



I heard faint cries.


It still sounded like bats, but I couldn’t see them.


I heard the sound of wings for a moment, and then a black object fell in front of me.


It spread its wings and flapped and struggled, and when Huey threw acid on it, it stopped moving.


It seemed that Huey had sensed that it was attacking me and was shooting acid at it.


When the battle is over, I will praise him lavishly.


It was bigger than I had imagined.


The body of the bat was 50 centimeters long, and each wing was 50 centimeters long, so it was about 150 centimeters long when fully extended, and it had fangs.



It is a very ugly-looking monster.



Where is the other one?


A search confirmed that they were coming toward us from the direction of ten o’clock.


Thomas-san was right behind me, so it was a good angle for me to telekinetically shoot stone bullets.



“[Psychokinesis]” (Louis)



The surrounding stones rumbled and flew in the ten o’clock direction, but as I was checking with [Exploration], the bat monster’s trajectory suddenly changed to the twelve o’clock direction.


Can you avoid that speed? Huey managed to hit the other with acid very well.



The bat monster retreated and plunged into him.


It sent stone debris flying just like last time.


The bat monster changed its trajectory, but it crashed with a thud.


The fallen bat monster struggled on the ground, just like the first one, but when I sent more stones and gravel at it, it stopped moving.



I thought that it must have sensed my first attack and avoided it because of the ultrasonic waves, like a bat, so I simultaneously fired stones from three directions.


The first was from the front, the second curved to the right, and the third was from below.


I thought it would be difficult to avoid the shots if the direction of the spray was bent, and I am glad that I hit the target.


It was much easier than manipulating six water balls at once because all I had to do was to put the stones and gravels together and attach a direction to them.



I instructed Huey to retrieve them and praised him when he came back.


He deserves a lot of credit for successfully landing the acid on all those movements.


Since this was the first monster I had encountered, I ran an appraisal on the two of them side by side before letting Huey take them in.



What is this? What is the name that came out even though it is the same monster?


One is a [Monster: Bloodsucking Bat, a blood-sucking monster that likes to attack people, hates fire, inedible] and the other is a [Monster: Vampire Bat, a blood and life-sucking monster that likes to attack people and may hunt small animals by turning them into its servant. Averse to fire, has usable parts, inedible] came up.



What is this when they look exactly the same?


I found out that there are monsters that look the same but can be used as material for something and monsters that can’t, but I have no idea what the criteria are. But I could only imagine that they would be active at night, even from their names.



When I told Thomas-san that I was about to give the monsters to Huey after the battle, he begged me to show him the monsters I had defeated. So, I told him that he could see them but they were inedible.


When Thomas-san was looking at the monsters, I also told him the results of my appraisal, and he told me that there are monsters that can be used as materials for weapons, armor, medicine, and magic tools, although I could not tell the difference between them.



Since I had obtained this information, I put the Vampire Bat in my Magic Bag and saved it for later use.


I asked Huey to ingest the remaining Bloodsucking Bat.


Even if I were to use it as a material, I don’t know how to process it or how to use it, in other words, which parts can be used for what, so for now I will just have to save it as it is.


I feel like I have more work to do.



I told Thomas-san to take the rest of the day and I will continue to work the night shift.


I’m too excited from the battle I just fought and I can’t sleep anyway, so that is perfect.


I think about the characteristics of Vampire Bat again.

-It likes to attack people.

-Sucks blood and life force.

-Averse to fire

-Small animals are used as familiars.




The fact that they attack people and are inedible is a given because they are monsters, but the fact that they dislike fire can be ruled out if we consider that their abilities are added to weapons and armor when they are used as materials.


It would be natural to assume that the other two abilities, blood and life-sucking, and the ability to turn small animals into familiars, would be added when making weapons or armor…



Wait? Could it be that they can be used to make you fly, or that they can be used to detect an opponent’s attack using ultrasonic waves?



But it seems inefficient for armor to emit ultrasonic waves to avoid an opponent’s attack or for bat wings to appear in a bang in order to fly.


If that’s the case, then blood and life-sucking and small animals becoming familiars would fall under this category, but which part of the material? Wings? Claws? Perhaps flesh and bone?



I feel like I’m close to making some kind of connection, but I don’t know.



While I was pondering, Thomas-san woke up to take his shift.


I decided to go to sleep since I had three hours until dawn.


I used [Exploration] just to be sure, but got no hits.


Huey fell asleep after absorbing the Bloodsucking Bat, so I instructed him to continue working the night shift with Thomas-san.


Huey can sleep on the move, so I’ll let him hang on a little longer. 


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