Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 23: In Lotus Town

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After waking up in the morning, I washed my face and looked at the place where I had caught fish yesterday, and saw the same number of fish as yesterday.


It takes a little time to process, but shall I catch some fish? When I asked Thomas-san if he wanted the fish, he told me that although he wanted the fish, time was more important and that we should skip it and leave as soon as we ate breakfast.



I think Thomas-san is a very efficient man who never loses sight of his goal.



I quickly take out all the fish from yesterday’s Magic Bag and we all start to eat.


Huey and the Raptor were fed as well, and all the fish caught yesterday were consumed.


Breakfast consisted of grilled fish, hard bread, and a soup with some vegetables floating in it, but I felt that soy sauce would go well with the fish.



After cleaning up the encampment, the Raptor carriage departed for Lotus Town.


If we could reach Lotus Town while remaining vigilant, my goal for the first stage would be achieved.



We continued on with repeated exploration and rest stops, and arrived safely at Lotus Town in the evening.


Unlike Vista Village, the entrance to the town had a large gate, and those who did not have an identification card were required to enter through a checkpoint and pay a fee of 3 silver coins.


We had to pay taxes for entering the town.


Thomas-san presented his ID and I paid the three silver coins to enter the town.



“Thank you for your hard work, Thomas-san.” (Louis)


“Oh, Louis, good work. I suggest getting a place to stay already today. The guild should be crowded in the evening.” (Thomas)


“I see. Then let’s go to the inn. I would like to stay at the same inn that Thomas-san usually uses if it is available.” (Louis)



The Raptor carriage was driven to the inn.


When we arrived at the inn in a few minutes, Thomas-san checked the vacancy of the inn.



“Louis, they have vacancies. Let’s take the carriage around back.” (Thomas)



With that, he pulled the carriage into the stable in the back.



“Thomas-san, is this stable especially made for Raptors?” (Louis)


“Oh, I’m surprised you noticed that. The bait box is a little lower and a little wider for Raptors. It’s an inn used by a lot of merchants, so it looks like they’re making it easier to park the Raptor carriages.” (Thomas)




I would like to give the Raptor a good pat since they have made it possible to complete the schedule as planned.


I patted him on the back, fed him, and let him rest.



I entered the inn with Thomas-san, wrote my name in the inn book, paid the four silver coins for lodging, and completed the formalities.


Huey was able to stay there without any problem.


According to what I heard, many inns refuse to accept tamers who are accompanied by monsters, even if they are tamers by profession.



An hour later, we decided to have dinner together.


Since I didn’t know the town, I couldn’t walk outside, so I just kept working on my magical circulation training in my room.


Again, there was no glowing in my body. What was that all about?



Soon it was time to go, so I went down to the dining room and saw Thomas-san talking with someone.


He looked about 30-35 years old. He has chestnut-colored hair, a good-looking face with strong features, and is dressed like a merchant. He is smiling and talking to Thomas-san, smiling in a friendly way.



I try to enter as casually as possible, so I call out to him.



“Thank you for waiting, Thomas-san.” (Louis)


“Oh, Louis, I’ve been waiting for you. I’ll introduce you before dinner. This is Robert. Robert has taken over the Sinker Trading Company from his father in the Royal Capital and is making it big. He’s an impressive guy.” (Thomas)



Wow, a second-generation business owner, huh? I thought he was a very interesting man and greeted him.



“Nice to meet you, Robert-san. My name is Louis. I am with Thomas-san and I am indebted to him. Please treat me well.” (Louis)



He greeted me back with that friendly smile.



“Oh, my name’s Robert, nice to meet you. You look quite young, how old are you? Let me know anytime if you have anything interesting you’d like me to buy.” (Robert)


“Yes, I’m 15 years old. I just came out of Vista Village, so I don’t have anything with me right now, but I’m registering to become an adventurer tomorrow, so if the opportunity arises, I’d appreciate it.” (Louis)


“Yes, I would. If you ever come to the Royal Capital, please visit me. Thomas, I’ll leave you now. I’ll be in touch when I get some new goods. Louis-kun, being an adventurer is a dream, but it is also a dangerous job, so do your best and don’t get hurt.” (Roberto)



With that, he briskly left his seat.


As soon as we saw him off, Thomas-san told me about his new friend.



“Robert is an honest and down-to-earth man who had inherited his father’s business, and he is struggling to develop it further after he took over. Let him know if you hear of anything new.” (Thomas)



I nodded, thinking that he must be struggling to secure customers with something new and rare because he has to keep selling hit products.



Afterward, I had dinner with Thomas-san and he told me about Robert’s business and the Royal Capital.


It was an enjoyable dinner.



After dinner, we returned to our respective rooms to confirm our plans for the future and tomorrow and decided to go to bed. Tomorrow morning, I will be parting ways with Thomas-san.


Thomas-san has to stay one more night to make a purchase, but I have decided to look for an inn that is not for merchants, but for adventurers, in other words, an inn that is suitable for my size.



I still have a little money to spare, but if I don’t start working and earning an income, I will have no reserves in case something happens to me.


Tomorrow, as planned, I will go to the church to pray and then register as an adventurer. Next, I will register as an alchemist.


The fact that there is an organization to register means that if I am not registered, I could be treated as working illegally.


It would be a bad idea to work illegally, so it is best to do what is necessary first.



If money on hand is a concern, sell some potions. Can I sell the Vampire Bat that’s still in storage?


But if I get injured as soon as I sell all the potions, I’ll be in deep trouble.


I would like to know a little bit about the common sense of this world before I start to act.



I could understand the payment and system used at accommodations as this was the second time I had stayed at one, but I was troubled by the fact that I did not know other social common sense.


I understand that it is different from being just thrown out because I can understand the language.




Thank you to Jupiter-sama.


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