Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 24: Praying in the Church

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 The next morning I woke up before I heard the bells.


 As I was getting ready, the bell rang, and when I went down to the dining room, Thomas-san had just arrived as well.


Robert and I had breakfast at the same time, and then we parted onto our three separate business matters.



Thomas-san told me that he would be here until this evening and that I should come to him if I needed anything.


I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me.


I thanked him politely and we separated.



After leaving the inn, I walked around asking people on the street where the church was.


I found that the church was on the west side of the town.


The north and south sides of the town were residential areas, and the east side was a commercial area with stores and Adventurer’s Guilds, etc. It seemed that we had entered the town from Vista Village on the east side.


It was late in the evening when we arrived, but we just went straight to the inn after entering the town, ate a meal, and went to bed. There was no way I could have known.



On the way to the church, we walked around the guild and the buildings of the residential area.


The guild was fairly large, but from the outside, it looked like two convenience stores in the suburbs, with two floors.


It was already crowded from the outside, but since my priority was to go to the church now, I just looked at it from the side and let it pass by.


The houses were two-story wooden houses of similar shape and size, with no particular details to tell.


If there were aristocrats, I would have seen big mansions, but around here, there are only small houses.



After walking for a while, when the line of houses was cut off, I saw a building that looked like a church.


I had heard that it had white walls, so I recognized it even from a distance.


It was obvious because the walls of the other houses were not white.



I wondered if the woman cleaning the grounds was a sister. I called out to them to let me in.


I asked about the etiquette and was told that some people kneel down to pray, but there is no need to be so formal and it is fine to remain standing.


After praying, they usually offer a silver coin as a donation but it is something more like a token of thanks, so it is not mandatory to make a donation.



I stood in front of the altar, folded my hands, and prayed.


As soon as I stood in front of the altar and folded my hands in prayer, I felt a glow around me and recognized that I was in that white space.



“Jupiter-sama?” (Louis)


“Louis-san, you seem to be doing your best.” (Jupiter)


“Thank you for everything. I really appreciate it. There were a few things I wanted to ask you about since my reincarnation, so could you tell me about them?” (Louis)


“Yes, although the time that passes here is slower than outside, I don’t think I have time to answer all of your questions. However, I will try to answer as many as I can.” (Jupiter)


“Then, the first thing I was wondering is, why did my body light up a few times during the magic circulation training?” (Louis)


“I think it must have been connected to the pulse during the magical circulation. There is no such thing as a glowing body during the general magical training that people do. There are three veins on this planet: the dragon vein, the earth vein, and the water vein, all of which are pathways for magical power. When the dragon vein approaches the surface of the earth, if you connect your magical power to the vein in a certain way, your body may glow in rare cases. When you do this, the amount of magic power you possess may increase all at once. Louis-san’s current magic power capacity is about twice the amount of that of Sacred Dragon?” (Jupiter)



I decided to just remember the important keywords and ask the next question.



“Yes. I understand that I have a lot of magic power, what should I do to increase the magic I can use properly?” (Louis)


“You must find something that captures your imagination. Magic is all about imagery. Now Louis-san, you may be stuck in the common sense of your previous life. You should be more free…” (Jupiter)


“Oh, I see, I just have a few more questions…” (Louis)



I seem to have returned from that space in the same posture I was in when I prayed.


The Sister said with a look of seeing strange things, ” You seemed to glow for a moment,” which I thought was probably right, but I answered, “I guess the Sister’s love for God made it look that way,” and with a word of thanks, I contributed one gold coin and left the church.



Thanks to Jupiter-sama, I was convinced of two things.



The first was that my body glowed from the magic circulation training.


It was only in the Vista Village that my body glowed after the magic circulation training.


And after the body glowed, the life magic was difficult to control.


It must have been impossible to control it with the overflowing magic power.


But as a result of unknowingly doing it, I found that I was holding more magic power.


However, I don’t know whether twice as much magic power as the Sacred Dragon has is too much or not.


I don’t know the normal amount of magic power that humans have, and I don’t know the amount of magic power that Sacred Dragons have.



If humans and Sacred Dragons have the same amount of magic power, I would have twice as much.


If I have twice as much as two people, I would be able to use twice as much magic, which would definitely give me an advantage.


This is just an assumption, so I’ll find out how much I have when I get a chance.



Besides, the fact that Jupiter-sama said “when the Dragon Vein is near the surface of the earth” that means that the veins are always moving.


It is probably safe to say that the amount of magic power increased because my other world training method was accidentally performed in Vista Village when the vein was close to the surface.



The second is the type of magic available.


I have the aptitude in Non-Attribute, Holy, Dark, Alchemy, and Blacksmithing magic, and I have a large amount of magic in my possession, but I can’t use it because I don’t have an image that is good enough.


That’s exactly what he said.


I am probably trapped in the common sense of my previous life.


There is no way to get out of the habits and ways of thinking of a previous life in a few days.


It is only natural since we have been living in that common sense for a longer period of time.



But now that I’ve been given the means to resolve them, it’s up to me to decide what I want to do from here on out.


In other words, it may be better to not imagine with the habits and ideas of my previous life.


Maybe it depends on the magic I want to use.



I believe that ideas are created by the fusion of knowledge and knowledge from the past.


As Jupiter said, it is a good stimulus to encounter things that stimulate the imagination.


I may be able to create new magic as needed.


I am a man with a mental age of “60?” years old and learning hands-on. It should be interesting.


Fortunately, I have twice the amount of magical power of “other” people, so I’ll give it a try.




Meeting Jupiter-sama at the church was an eye-opener for me.


Next, I’m going to the Adventurer’s Guild to register as an adventurer.


All right, let’s do it! *Guts pose*.


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