Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 28: They Don’t Have the Book I Want

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 After receiving the money for the purchase, I was walking toward the recommended lodging when I noticed a stall selling meat skewers.


 I was hungry, so I decided to buy some meat skewers and eat them with Huey.


 I was told that each meat skewer cost five bronze coins, so I had fifty skewers grilled, thinking that Huey would eat a lot of meat skewers.


 I thought about removing Huey’s portion from the skewers, but then I decided that since slime eats even rocks, it would be fine even if the skewers were still attached, so I took the 50 skewers as they were.



 The taste was only salty, but I could taste the flavor of the meat. Meat is delicious.


 Huey was taking in the meat with gusto.



“Huey, is it delicious?” (Louis)


(Yeah, it’s delicious.) (Huey)



 It’s interesting seeing his cored inside spinning around and quivering every once in a while.


 We ate as we walked, but by the time we were done eating, we arrived at the inn that was recommended to me.



 It’s “Tiger’s Tail Inn”.



 According to the guild, the food is inexpensive and delicious, and the couple, who are former adventurers, run the place, so they have a good reputation among adventurers for their attention to detail.



 When I entered, I found a woman about 40 years old at the counter. The innkeeper, who had chestnut-colored hair and a calm expression, was working as the receptionist.


 When I was about to call out to her, she suddenly looked up and let out a loud voice.



“Polly! Are you done? Let me know when you’re done!” (Innkeeper)



 I was a little surprised, but it’s okay.



“I was referred to you by the guild. I’d like to rent a room for the night.” (Louis)


“Oh, apologies, overnight stay. I am Nancy, the manager of The Tiger’s Tail Inn. You’re a very young customer, you’re about the same as Polly. Oh, we charge 5 silver coins per night, and if you rent for 10 days at a time, you get a one-day discount. Meals are not included in the price, but we do serve breakfast for one silver coin, dinner for one silver coin and five copper coins, and drinks and food in the evening for an extra charge.” (Innkeeper => Nancy)


“Yes. Then, I would like to stay for 10 days. Oh, this guy is with me, is that okay?” (Louis)



Then I pointed to Huey on my shoulder.



“Yes, if it’s already tamed, it’s fine. Please note that if there is an accident, I will ask you to take responsibility. Please also write the child’s name in the ledger.” (Nancy)


“Awesome. Thank you.” (Louis)



 After writing my name and Huey’s name in the guest book, I received the key and was about to go up to my room when Polly, who had apparently been accosted earlier, came downstairs.



“Hello. I’m Polly and you must be a new customer. Let me show you to your room. Are you about my age?” (Polly)


“I’m Louis, nice to meet you. I’m short, but I’m already an adult.” (Louis)


(Can’t I do something about this thing? Or rather, someone tells me how to become taller!) (Louis)



“I’m sorry for being rude. Huh? You don’t have any luggage?” (Polly)


“Yes, all my luggage is in this pouch.” (Louis)


“What? You have a Magic Bag? Amazing! Did you find it in a dungeon?” (Polly)


“I’m sorry. It’s a secret.” (Louis)


“Oh, I see, sorry.” (Polly)



 I told her there was no need to apologize, and she led me to her room.


 When I entered the room, she kept talking to me, so I decided to listen to what she had to say without kicking her out.



 She is a 12-year-old girl, and she is interested in becoming an adventurer, especially a magician.


 Her aptitude has been checked several times, and her magical attribute is water, but she is not improving, so she asks her mother, who also has water magic, to teach her, but she complains that she is forced to work only at the inn and is not taught any magic at all.



“Louis-san is a tamer right? Can’t you use any other magic?” (Polly)


“Yes, I am a tamer. I can use a little [Non-Attribute Magic.] It’s really just a little bit, so I’m going to borrow books from the guild to study it from now on. I envy you that you can use [Water Magic].” (Louis)


“I think I may have met my first adventurer with non-attribute magic. I’d like to see what kind of magic you can do in your free time. If it still does not work, I give up.” (Polly)



 How could I refuse if she stared at me with such sparkling eyes? So I readily agreed.


 I was just on my way to the guild, so I decided to show her my [Non-Attribute Magic] in the garden.


 Polly seemed to be running around and telling her mother.


 I locked myself in my room and went downstairs to talk to them.



“My understanding of magic is just very little, so I can’t be of much help to you.” (Louis)



 Nancy looked at me with the same curious eyes as Polly’s with a hint of gratitude.


 The three of us went out into the yard and I showed her how I juggled three water balls the size of a human head.



 Even if I call it juggling, I only show them me moving the three up and down without using my hands.


 In the end, I moved the water balls in a proper trajectory and launched them into the sky at a high speed, causing them to scatter.


 Both of them raved about the control with sparkling eyes watching the spectacle, and Nancy asked me repeatedly if it wasn’t Water Magic.


 I told her that unfortunately, I had no attributes on fire, water, wind, and earth.


 I told them that I was on my way to the guild before they let me go.



 After leaving the Tiger’s Tail Inn, I asked to see the books at the guild.


 I immediately got an okay and asked if I would be allowed to do anything other than browse, like take notes, but I was not allowed.


 *Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to memorize it by looking at it!



 And the guild’s library, where I was shown around, had only a few books.


 Moreover, there were only about 10 books on magic, and even a short look at them showed that they were all related to the four major attributes of Fire, Water, Wind, and earth, but there were no books on Non-Attribute and Holy.


 But I was super lucky that there was one book on dark magic.



 For example, while Holy Magic can purify evil spirits and the like, Dark Magic can turn evil spirits into familiars.


 I can do both, so I would be able to purify with my right hand and defile with my left hand?


 In this way, the left hand produces evil spirits and the right hand extinguishes them… No, of course, it can’t be done like that, but…



 The book was a bit lacking in specifics, but there were some things in it that I could easily understand.



 It’s summoning magic.



 It says that demons and spirits of the dead can be summoned and controlled by using magic power as the energy for exchange.


 Demons and spirits of the dead are examples, but the point is that it is possible to summon and employ something that has a will.


 I don’t know if I will ever have the chance to use it, but it is important to know that it is possible.


 Let’s remember that, shall we?



 If possible, it would have been easier to have a book with illustrations of plants, animals, and monsters, but there were none.


 Biographies of the great people of the region and other books that I don’t need are not helpful to me.


 Is that it? Could it be that the book collection section is made up of donated books?


 If so, this assortment makes a lot of sense.


 Books are too expensive to buy, but a great person in the community wanted to leave his achievements in a book, so he made one and donated it…and this is the result?



 I gave up and left, talking to the guild staff since it seemed I couldn’t achieve anything more.


 I thought there would be a body check, but it turned out to be a simple process.


 The biographies of local greats, even if stolen, will only amuse the person who has stolen them, and it is obvious that there is no demand for a library with this selection of items.



 After leaving the guild, I decided to go to the bookstore in town.


 I thought that even if the price was a little high, it would be worth it to buy a good book.



 I arrived at the bookstore right away and took a quick look at the books, but these were all books that I didn’t need.



 I asked the owner to show me a book about magic. But it was a drama! Do you want me to learn magic from a screenplay?


 Oh, is the aim to exaggerate magic?


 No, after all, it is no good.


 If it’s being used on stage, we can expect that in this world what is written is based on facts but embellished a lot.


 It would be the very stuff of heroic tales where magic is used.


 It is easy to see that only the four major attributes of fire, water, wind, and earth are commonly written.


 Gosh, that’s not going to work!


 The only other thing I see is something that looks like a book for leisure.



 I had time, so I didn’t head to the inn, but to the river.


 I decided to return to the inn after completing the magic circulation training as usual.


 It was not in the countryside, so it was a slow-flowing creek.


 It smelled bad as if domestic wastewater was being discharged into the river.


 As I had heard from Jupiter-sama, if the pulse is not too close to the stream, it is unlikely to be out of control, and with such a smelly stream, it should be no problem to pour a large amount of clean water down it.



 The first step is to do the magic circulation training as usual until the body warms up.


 After about 30 minutes, the body is also getting warm, so we finish.


 I was able to make 10 golf ball-sized water balls out of Life Magic.


 I am looking forward to seeing how many I can make and move as I train harder and harder.


 I tried to make all 10 balls move differently and was able to move them without any problems within my field of vision.


 I made a water ball about the size of a person’s head and lowered it gently into the river, and I moved it just like a golf ball.


 After doing this, I gently drop it into the river.




 The next step was the main event. I imagined the size of the water ball to be the size of a large bus, and I tried to make it oval-shaped, and the water volume was just as I had imagined.


 I stopped it in mid-air firmly and quietly, quietly divided it into 10 pieces.


 The next step was to only move it up and down, then left and right because of its large size.


 I moved them up and down in order, slowly and carefully.



 As I continued, I realized that the control method was the same as that of the smaller water polo, only the size was bigger.


 No, to put it correctly, the larger ball is easier to control roughly, and the smaller and more numerous ball is more difficult to control.


 On the other hand, as the mass increases, there seems to be a little more sensation of magic power leaving the body.


 I thought about throwing it up high and controlling it in the same way as the smaller water balls, but then I realized that lifting this amount high would increase the possibility of being seen by people around me, so I decided to quietly let it go into the river to finish the workout.



 The creek was clean after I flushed it.


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