Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 29: Dawn Light Party

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 After the scheduled training, I return to the inn for dinner.


 The guild told me that the food was good for the price, so I was looking forward to it.


 After ordering dinner from Polly, I entered the dining room to find that three adventurers had already eaten.



 One was a man with a solid, thick body and beast ears, one was an elf woman with the same ears as Camus-san and a well-shaped face, and the other was a woman in a robe who had the air of a magician.


 Could those beast ears be bears? I looked at him, thinking, “What is he?” and then the man with bear ears called out to me.



“Hey, have you never seen a beastmen?” (Bearman)


“Oh, excuse me. I’ve never met a beastmen before and I just stop myself from staring.” (Louis)


“If it’s your first time, it’s fine, but I don’t like to be stared at too intensely.” (Bearman)


“Yes, I’m sorry.” (Louis)



 When I apologized sincerely, the elf woman helped me out.



“Look, Mirko, he’s apologizing, so you should forgive him. We are Dawn Light, he is Mirko, I am Kate, and this is Judy. Nice to meet you.” (Kate)


“Thank you very much for your kindness. I’m Louis and this is Huey, and I’ve just become an adventurer today. I’m sorry to have intruded.” (Louis)


“Oh? Are you the new guy with the light outfit and slime on his shoulder the one who had the fight with Zadok?” (Mirko)



 Hearing Zadok’s name causes me to raise my guard a bit.



“Well, we had a bit of a scuffle, but I didn’t do anything to hurt him, you know?” (Louis)



 Kate burst into laughter when she heard what I said.



“Hahahaha. Injure them. I don’t care what happened to Zadok, but you brought in a lot of Hirupo grass and Ampo grass afterward, didn’t you? There were rumors circulating in the guild.” (Kate)


“I’m surprised it was in such large enough quantities to cause rumors. I’ll be careful next time.” (Louis)


“No, no, it’s just a rumor that a promising newcomer showed up, so you don’t have to worry about it. If more medicinal herbs and antitoxin herbs are collected, more people will be saved, so please keep up the good work.” (Kate)


“Yes. Thank you. I will do my best.” (Louis)



 While we were conversing, a meal was brought to us, so Huey and I started eating.


 The dinner, which cost one silver coin and five copper coins, consisted of hard bread, vegetable stew, and orc steak.


 The orc meat was delicious, with herbs as well as salt.


 I felt I understood why the guild recommended it.



 As with the “Silver Light” meeting in Vista Village, I decided to treat them to drinks and hear a few stories from the ” Dawn Light” members.


 The drinks were more than welcome, for the most part, and I didn’t mind, they also asked me things they wanted to know more about.


 By the way, Judy was warned by Kate not to drink too much. Apparently, she is not very good at drinking.



 When I told her that I had met Silver Light at Vista Village, she said that they were competing with each other to see who would be promoted to the B rank first.


 It seemed like a small world to me that there must be so many adventurers out there, and yet I could get information about the members of a party just by telling them the name of the party.


 I wondered why the information was so well communicated when there were no good means of communication, so I asked about it and was told that the guild had a means of communication for sending out notices and sharing information about adventurers, especially in times of emergency.


 It consumes a lot of magic power, so it is not used frequently, but it is said that information on high-profile parties is shared within the guild.



 As we proceeded with our conversation, it was pointed out to me that my equipment was poor, and I laughed.


 I am a tamer, an alchemist, and a blacksmith, so it is natural that I am not equipped for battle, but generally speaking, it seems that I am dressed and have the look and feel of someone with “those professions” at first glance.


 Tomorrow, I will try to get my equipment together.



 Mirko is a beastmen warrior leading the vanguard, Kate is an elf archer leading the middle guard, and Judy is a human mage leading the rear guard. As with Silver Light, the party has a front, middle and rear guard, so it must be a well-balanced party.



 Then I asked how Judy learns and trains her magic? I wanted her to tell me what kind of magic I would be able to use if she trains me, but she said she basically never teaches others.



 When I asked her why she does not teach people, she replied that she sometimes fights with other people, and if someone knows how she works, there is a possibility that they will use it against her and it will lead directly to her death. I see, so it is not necessarily that the person being taught will not talk about it.



 So, aside from Judy’s own magic, I asked her if she had ever seen Non-Attribute Magic, and she said she had.


 She said that she had seen a user of Non-Attribute Magic when she had formed a temporary party of about 10 people to defeat a B-rank monster at the urging of the guild in another town before.


 It was, in a word, [Support Magic], which can accelerate the arrows strung by bows, strengthen defenses, improve physical abilities, and so on.


 She said she did not know about their attack capabilities because no magic other than Support Magic was used.



 I recognized it as an important clue.



 Then I asked her how much magic power a dragon has compared to a human being. When I asked, they all told me that it was a strange thing to compare it to and that it would be impossible to measure the amount of magic a dragon possesses.


 That’s right.



 I was told that a dragon’s magic is also its ability to fly.


 I was told that you can easily tell when you see them because their wings are not big enough to fly in relation to their bodies.


 I have never seen a dragon, but when I thought about the dragons we see in manga and anime actually flying, I understood that to be true.


 Unless they have jet engines, there is no reason other than magic for them to be able to fly even if their wings are small.


 It’s that kind of world.


 Demidragons such as wyverns have no magic power, so they fly physically, which is why their bodies are small and their bones are light. Dragons are, as always, beyond common sense.



 Even so, I learned a lot more than I had in the guild’s library section.


 When I was about to go to my room after listening to the whole story, Mirko-san whispered to me, “If you get tangled up with Zadok, you should just beat him up.”


 No, I thought, I’ve already done something close, and said, “Yes, I’ll do my best.” I replied.



 Once in my room, I reflected on the day and thought it had been a long and intense day, mainly because of Zadok.



 For the time being, I would be careful about my surroundings so that I would not be attacked, or if I was attacked, I would be able to repel the attacker.


 I have a ton of rocks and stones in storage just in case, but I’m sure they will run out at some point, so I’d better replenish them when I get the chance.


 I will continue to train in various places in the future.



 Then there is my equipment.


 What is a tamer’s equipment like? I feel that a robe would be better since I am also a magician, but since some melee combat is possible, wouldn’t a robe get in the way? I also think so.


 Well, if I consult with the store, they will provide me with good equipment.



 I also got some valuable information about Non-Attribute Magic.


 I think I can apply the magic to myself as well, such as increasing the speed of my bow, strengthening my defense, and strengthening my body, so I’ll try it after tomorrow’s quest.


 I don’t know the difference between Body Strengthening and Defensive Strengthening, but I think I can create an invisible shield with magic power.


 It’s more like me to be able to defend better than to attack.


 If I can accelerate, I can decelerate, and I never thought that listening to others would be so effective.


 In my previous life, I got my information from the Internet, and when I talked to people, it was mostly about work, and my work conversations were all about negotiations.




 Well, I’m tired today, so I’m going to go to sleep immediately.


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