Friendly Reincarnator Chapter 30: Collected in the East Forest

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 The next morning, as I was eating breakfast, I greeted the members of Dawn Light as they entered the dining hall.


 According to what I had heard, they were going to take on a monster subjugation quest in the Western Forest today.


 I was told that the East Forest, where I would be going, is an area where strong monsters rarely appear and where it is easy to gather medicinal herbs and antitoxin herbs. In the West Forest, monsters of class C or higher often appear.


 I left the strong monsters to the veterans, and today, as a beginner, I continued harvesting.



 Today, I decided to stop by the guild first to get a picture of herbs for intermediate and advanced potions, and then go into the East Forest after getting my equipment ready.



 I headed straight for the counter without looking at the quest board because I would be taking the gathering quest again today.


 It was crowded as usual in the morning, so I got in line neatly at the back of the line.


 Of course, the first person in line was cool beauty, Sophia-san.



 When it was my turn, I told her that I wanted to know what herbs are used for advanced potions, so I asked her to show me a picture book.


 Sophia-san showed me a page with a sticky note on it.


 The intermediate and advanced potions were made with the same herbs and were called [Cure Grass].


 I asked her why there were intermediate and advanced levels of the same herb, and she told me that it was because of the amount of magic power and the quality of the magic power at the time of creation.


 I still think Sophia-san is very serious.


 I guess she doesn’t have to take that much responsibility for a beginner’s question.



 After leaving the guild, I headed to the weapon and armor store to get my equipment ready.


 There was a store not far from the guild.


 Of course, the closer to the guild, the better the business. They know what they are doing, don’t they?



 I asked the shopkeeper if he had any standard equipment for tamers. I asked him but he told me that tamers are usually the second or third their profession of adventurers, with their first being either Warrior, Archer, Spearmen, and Magician.


 A tamer is a person who tames monsters and uses them as assistants in battle. If you are going to fight mainly with them, it seems that tamers themselves need to have good foundations in their defense in order to be able to fight.



 Well, in other words, is it common for tamers to be a support profession, not a combat profession?


 It’s the tamer who works by making monsters carry cargo across places…


 So, it was normal for Zadok who thought that his opponent was a tamer to assume I had no combat capabilities.



 However, if you don’t have a certain set of equipment, you will be underestimated by strange people, and you will give them an opportunity to take advantage of you.


 So, a leather breastplate, leather boots, and cuirasses would be appropriate for an adventurer.


 What about weapons?


 I have been practicing aikido for 50 years and am basically unarmed, but I have also trained with a dagger, a staff, and a katana, and if I had to choose a sword for an adventure… it would probably be a katana since I already have a dagger.


 I chose a lightweight, easy-to-handle short sword and scabbard, and purchased them with 20 gold coins, along with the breastplate and other items I had selected earlier.


 It was a bit of an expense, but I like to think it is something necessary.



 As a side note, the sword I have been using is a katana, and it will take me a while to get used to this kind of double-edged sword. I would like to add that although I continued to practice kendo, my aptitude was definitely leaning more on aikido or unarmed martial arts, which can describe me in one phrase: a newbie swordsman.



 I had my equipment ready, so I greeted the guards at the east gate and headed straight for the forest.


 After entering the forest, I went to the back and searched for Cure Grass with Exploration Magic, but I didn’t get any hits.


 After repeating the same process and moving deeper into the forest, I finally found it.


 Unlike Hirupo Grass, I could complete the quest if I had only one Cure Grass, but I wanted to keep it as a material for making intermediate and advanced potions by myself, so I decided to go further into the forest.



 As I proceeded deeper, I found some Cure Grass and was able to keep about 10 plants, so I finished collecting them. And I saw a lot of wild berries on the way here, so I decided to pick them up on the way back. Wild berries can be used to make jam, and the dried leaves can be drunk as tea to strengthen the liver.



 I remember it well because I was getting more and more sensitive to health information as I got older.


 For collecting wild berries, I decided to use the jar-shaped container that I used when I caught river fish for Huey.



 As I expected, the jar was full of wild berries, so I made jam after my lunch break.


 Unfortunately, I did not have any sugar, so I crushed half of the berries in a pot, added water, and boiled them. When the water had evaporated, I added the remaining three-fourths, more water, and a little salt, and boiled it some more. The jam was not as sweet as I had expected.


 It is not sweet enough without sugar.


 Well, I think it is good enough for my own consumption.



 I was able to make more than I expected, so I asked Huey to make small jars with hardening adhesive and stored about 150 small portions in my storage.


 Now I can eat that hard bread without getting tired of it.


 I decided to move on to the wild berries, about a quarter of which remained in the jar, and eat them with Huey as a snack.


 When I let Huey take a handful of wild berries, he responded with a happy shake and a shiver.



 I felt that gathering is not so bad.


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